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With Thanks To…

In addition to harbouring dreams of being a writer I’d also like to be a singer.

Yep, I am a truly pathetic individual.

You will be able to tell from this blog that clearly the writing thang’s likely to be a bit of a non-starter; and from this you may also think that I am unlikely to make it as a singer either. In all probability this is true; but nevertheless – know this… I’d be willing to bet my mortgage on my ability to whoop your ass at SingStar … This no idle threat. Be afraid. Be very afraid.  

But, back to business.

One of the very cool things about being a singer is that you get a little area on the CD insert to give thanks. Clearly I don’t have a CD. Therefore no insert.

But I do have a blog.

Here, on this page I will give thanks to those individuals, without whom none of this would be possible 🙂

Will – thanks for all the geeky-speaky. Keep on pulling shapes and throwing girls baby. It’ll all come good in the end.

Svenyak – I’m pretty sure if you’d murdered me the day we met you’d have served your sentence and been out (with good behaviour) by now. No regrets love? I LIKE YOU!

Lovely Jules – I know I hijacked this honey but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do… Thanks for all the tea, sympathy, love and laughter particularly when my emulsions were flashile.

Mum – It’s a rocky road, but we’ll be jolly hockeysticks all the way lady! Now stop drinking my wine, your glass is over there.

Dad – I know sometimes (er mostly?) I baffle you, but I hope I can also make you proud

Nanny – I’m sure if you could comprehend this, you’d perhaps understand better than anyone… although I doubt you’d approve of all this heart on sleeve stuff. Know that I love you now, as well as I loved the lady you were before

Jez – hey ugly wake up. Oh, and your mother’s tortillas taste like the tongue of a dead dawg…

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