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Bah Humbug

Because Christmas Shopping Sucks

Christmas shopping… Bah humbug.

Every year I promise myself that I’ll have all my shopping done before December, and every year I fail utterly and completely.

If the idea of wandering around crowded shopping centres brings you out in hives… Or because like me you’ve previously sustained real injuries whilst out Christmas shopping (thanks to the crazed parents wielding 4×4 style  buggies) you’re probably doing as much as you can online.

Mmmm online. At home. No crappy Christmas compilation CDs assaulting your ear drums…

Anyways if you like shopping online, but hate paying delivery charges you should probably check out the Free Delivery Day site. Shop on Friday 9th December and pay nowt for delivery. Nice, huh?

They’ve already got loads of retailers on board including TopShop, L’Occitane, Apple, and Lego.

The idea is the creation of founder Luke Knowles, who developed the American Free Shipping Day in 2008. The idea took off and in 2010, the event became the third-heaviest day of online shopping in U.S. history with $942 million spent across the Internet – an increase of almost 60% over 2009.

Fill your boots… Or, erm stockings…

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