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Ten Things I Loves About The Wales

This post is dedicated to the frankly really rather marvellous couple – Dom & Trudes – they live in the Wales, see? 

Anyhow – Dom stumbled across my blog (via Facebook – I think a dropped a link to it) – and has politely asked if he could be in it.

Well here we go – in honor of Dom and Trudes (my ‘other’ Mum & Dad) here are ten things I loves about the Wales:

  1. We wear trainers, they wear daps
  2. When you go for a curry, they offer you ‘half and half’ – it means half a portion of rice and half a portion of chips
  3. In some pubs you can buy a ploughmans in a bag – it consists of crackers – some kind of ‘cheese’ which despite not being refrigerated won’t kill you and a couple of pickled onions
  4. Barry Island Ice Tea – a ‘cocktail’ served in a pint glass which includes a shot of every white spirit they have behind the bar and a drop of coca cola (just for colour)
  5. ‘Now, then’ is said a lot
  6. They *love* a nickname – my particular favourite is ‘the racing snake’ – I’d explain, but the ‘taffia’ might get me
  7. Everyone knows everyone… Catherine Zeta Jones is known by the far less exotic moniker of ‘Katie’; and Bonnie ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ Tyler is just good old Gaynor.
  8. Merlin the Magician was born there – way cooler than Paul Daniels or that fool David Blaine
  9. Julien MacDonald – (mmm lovely clothes) he’s worked for Givenchy and Chanel – not bad for a lad who started out knitting eh?
  10. Dom and Trudes live there!
Image credit David Reece via flickr
Souvenir of Barry Island
Souvenir of Barry Island

Give Me Shelter

So I was browsing a website called weheartstuff today, and came across this seriously lovely hotel in Paris called Mama Shelter

It looks aching cool. Designed by Philippe Starck, the 172 rooms are a geeks wet dream (well as long as you’re a Mac rather than a PC).

Room at Mama Shelter

Room at Mama Shelter

Image credit Mama Shelter Hotel


It also claims to be affordable – room prices range from 89 to 209 euros for a single night’s stay on my birthday (27th April).

So… anyone wanna take me for a birthday treat?

You’ll get soooo lucky* if you do 😉

*Your chances of getting lucky will be greatly improved if you are male, straight and I fancy you, although to be honest I’ll be 31 and I can’t remain this picky forever.