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New ID Studios Reviews & Reputation Management

New ID Studios are a company with a problem.

Way back in 2009 I wrote a post about their business practices – which essentially amount to bullying/pressurising people into paying around £1,400 a set of photos. That post continues to attract traffic and comments from disgruntled customers today.

There have also been posts like this from the Mirror – Maddened by New ID Studios

Their review SERP ain’t too pretty as a result (click to enlarge):

ruh roh

It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that New ID might seek to repair their damaged reputation… Sadly their quest doesn’t seem to be so much about making amends with those customers they’ve upset, or changing their business practices.


I’ve been receiving fake comments on my post.

How do I know they’re fake? They’re pretty easy to recognise. All the fake comments come from either a hushmail or gmx email account which is kind of unusual. Then I noticed that some of the comments originated from the same IP address.

Another *sigh*

I decided to check out some of the review sites too.

First up – their Qype reviews all look fabulously positive… At first glance – then I saw this (click to enlarge):

Yep – that’s the same review from the same reviewer for two different New ID locations… Spooky, huh? What are the chances?

With the exception of the user above, out of the remaining 37 reviews of the Manchester New ID on Qype – only one reviewer has reviewed more than one company. Everyone else just reviewed New ID Manchester.

It’s a similar story on Review Centre – lots of reviews from people who have only written one review. Wahanda? Same again.

I wonder what that could mean?



Should anyone from New ID Studios happen upon this post, I’m truly delighted that you seem to have an issue with your reputation online. You deserve it.


Hannah x

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Would You Go to Bed With Me?

Having recently written a post entitled spam for affirmation I was tickled pink to find this lovely bit of spam awaiting moderation today, (click on the image to enlarge, or use an old fashioned magnifying glass):






Sadly, they forgot to submit “Um” and “I’ve noticed you around” prior to this message.


Spam for Affirmation

Dear readers, of late I’ve been treated to whole new kind of spam.

It seems that across the globe, spammers are trying to appeal to my massive ego (and indeed the egos of others like me) and are trying to persuade me to publish their comments via flattery.

Mae West (I think) said

“Flattery will get you everywhere”.

Not on this blog baby.

I’m gonna get biblical (hold onto your hats) psalm 5:9 says:

“For there is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wickedness; their throat is an open sepulchre; they flatter with their tongue.”

Yep. I, a nonbeliever, just quoted the bible. But in this instance I’m definitely erring towards the teachings of the good book.

Beware the flatterer.

Does this mean I think that all forms of flattery are inherently evil? Nope, not at all; but spammers are…

…Erm, OK they’re not actually evil. Just a bit grubby. And perhaps a bit annoying.

But, back to the point – was there a point? (This post is meandering like… erm a bendy, winding, meandering thing.) Sometimes, I like to look at some of the totally insincere, automated spam comments and give myself a little pat on the back.

Vanity, huh? But all bloggers are a teensy tiny bit vain. Well, perhaps not all, but I am 🙂

Here’s some of the lovely things people spammers have said:

“You write so well, you have a wonderfully engaging style; please write more.”

“Are you a journalist? The quality of your writing is amazing.”

“Have you lost weight? You look great.”*


*I made that one up. If you’d like to leave a comment like that it would make me very happy.


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