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London is Full of Dicks

Hello loves.

I was going to write you an intelligent post…  

But then my brother sent me this picture:

I thought you’d like it more.

Happy Monday xxx


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Posh with a Capital P

The peeps at Kiki James have been promising to send me a little something, and it arrived this week.

Woo hoo!

Who are Kiki James? Well they make really rather lovely nonsense that you don’t really need, but totally want. Namely, photo albums, wallets, journals, passport covers etc, etc.

Now those of you who know me will attest the fact that I love stuff like that. Therefore you can well imagine my smug expression when the package arrived for me at the office…

I ripped open the outer packaging and was impressed to see a swish looking gift box. Snuggled within, wrapped in tissue paper was black bridle leather photo album:


Shonky it ain’t.

It’s a proper grown up article 🙂


Inside, the album has heavy weight card pages interleaved with parchment paper to protect the photographs.

Plus, you can get them personalised so it would make a lovely gift (and of course it is wedding time of year).

Of course, stuff like this doesn’t come cheap – the version they sent retails at £70 – before personalisation (prices for which range from £8 – £35).

But (hopefully at least) your best mate isn’t gonna get married every day of the week; so you might just decide it’s worth it.

In the meantime, I might just become addicted to Kiki James stuff – I’ve now got my eye on a purple leather journal:

Gorgeous, hand bag sized purple loveliness.

What will I use it for? Erm I’d love to say jotting down my thoughts, artistic sketches, poetry etc.

In reality though, I’d probably mostly use it to write ridiculously long to do lists.

Whatever makes me happy, right?

You’ve Been Tango-ed

Seen the latest tango ads? (Hmmm perhaps they’re not really that recent, I’m ‘so 2000 and late’ – sorry loves)

Anyways, I heart them. I think they should sell the posters so I can paper them walls of my flat with them…


Images shamelessly thieved from the tango website

The Ideal ‘Shooting for Mediocrity’ Guitar…

So I was messing around on flickr and I found the perfect guitar for Shooting for Mediocrity:

Geddit Jules? It’s a guitar, but it’s shaped like a gun, and the band’s called Shooting for Mediocrity…


Why not?



Image credit JoelJohnson

Off With His Head!… And Put it on a Hoodie

Well looky what we have here!

Elvis ain’t dead!
Elvis Head Hoodie

Elvis Head Hoodie


Dancing Legoman…

Legoman Head Hoodie

Legoman Head Hoodie


Frankly a brilliant idea, ‘Headhoods’ is the brainchild of Clinton Van Gemert.  Figuring the regular hoodies were just too dull, Clinton figured that with these quirky hoodies he might just be on to a winner. I for one, think he’s right.

Based in Brooklyn, he hand prints these babies – click the link to see all the headhood styles 

Anyone wanna buy me one? 🙂

Image credit Headhoods Website

Hat tip to WeHeartStuff