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The One That Got Away…

Sometimes, dear hearts, you’ll see the one that got away…

Then realise…

That fate dealt you a fucking awesome hand.

That bitch is fickle sure, but sometimes, sometimes baby, she’s wise xxx

Can We Date?

Ah modern etiquette. It’s a minefield.

Ever wondered if it’s ok to date your therapist/landlord/second cousin/adopted child?

Wonder no more dear hearts. The Morning News has compiled this handy infographic (click to enlarge).

Why not print it out and keep it in your handbag/manbag* as a handy reference guide?

*If you have a manbag you probably won’t need this as no self respecting person will date you anyway.

Hat tip to the ever awesome Kate Morris

Thought for the Day

This weekend has officially been a good ‘un.

Today I’ve somehow managed to shop, go for lunch (which incorporated both a glass of Cava (mmm bubbles) AND an expresso martini). Nice little alcohol buzz = win.

I also caught up with my ickle bro (albeit briefly) and I’ve managed to do some work.

Anywho that’s an aside, I’ve also been thinking about – well stuff.

And my thought for the day? Here goes (remember my little alcohol buzz – be kind loves):

Love is… knowing someone would do anything for you; and yet you wouldn’t dream of asking them to.

Idealistic? Yes. Unrealistic? Undoubtedly.

But it’s a lovely thought, no?


You know what?

Sometimes you might be sad…

Somedays you’ll wish and hope and think and maybe even pray.

But maybe, because you’ve never been god fearing… He won’t hear you.

Don’t worry.

I can hear it.

I feel sad too.

Keep your pecker up baby. I’m listening,

Not that I think I’m God or nothin’. I’m just sad like you x

This just might be the stage they call anger. Well, I’m cross. Bring it.

Snake Oil

Where have all the young girls gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the young girls gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the young girls gone?
Online dating, every one
When will they ever learn… When will they ever learn?


I know that apparently *most* of the couples of who got married in the USA last year, met through e-harmony. I also know people who met via online dating and have since married and are very happy.

I’m just not sure that online dating is the solution which it purports to be.

In fact I think it’s snake oil.

On paper online dating looks pretty good, right? I’m very busy, I don’t really meet people, all my friends are coupled up – blah, blah blah (incidentally I’m quoting myself here). Also, it’s quite fun searching through the profiles with your mates, especially if you’ve had some wine.

Unfortunately, when you wake up the next morning, it’s, well not quite as fun… and actually it sucks.

You spend an hour or so trawling through boring profiles, trying to remember how fun it was the night before. You figure you really *ought* to make contact with some people.

So you do. You try to find a commonality between the two of you. You try to be witty, engaging, fun, lively, bubbly, intelligent etc.

Language fails you.

You decide to go shower, because you figure it’s just the hangover. You come back, look at a few more profiles and decide that you really need coffee. You drink coffee, come back… 


it’s not the hangover, it’s not the coffee,









It’s no fun at all. It’s soul destroying.

You start looking at some girls profiles because you’ve not tortured yourself enough just yet. Everyone else, looks younger, fresher, more fun, more appealing. You realise that you are old, fat and don’t photograph very well.

You eat some toast (because hangovers need carbs) and curse the joining fee which you could have spent on shoes (or more sensibly your council tax).


Maybe it’s just that particular dating site?

… Damn those salesmen are good 😉


Image credit gapingvoid