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The Correct Way to Hang Toilet Paper

Happy Monday my loves!

Today’s handy post is all about the correct way to hang toilet paper. Those of you who know me will attest that I have OCD tendancies, and a particular pet hate of mine is when people replace toilet rolls the wrong way round. 

(Bizarrely this upsets me more than when people fail to replace the toilet roll, but that’s an aside).

Therefore you can well imagine my delight when today, whilst browsing Digg I stumbled upon an exceedingly helpful article complete with illustrations clearly extolling the benefits of correct toilet paper hanging.

Where? Where? I hear you cry! Here my loves is a link 

For those of you too lazy to click on said link here’s the image, which for me really drives the point home:

Image credit Guaxin 

See now, if you hang the toilet paper so that loose end is going over the front of the roll – happy days. When you go to get yourself some toilet paper you can tear off the right amount without fear of half the roll ending up on the floor.

If you’re foolish enough to hang the toilet paper so that the loose end is falling behind the roll – well you’re gonna find yourself with half the roll on the floor when all you wanted were a couple of sheets. More fool you.

Here endeth the lesson.

Handy Hint No. 1 – If You Don’t Know What a Consultant Does, You’re Probably Not Qualified to Be One

I love listening in to other people’s telephone conversations.

Whilst on my way to see Cirque du Soleil with my Mum, I overheard the half a conversation which a young guy was having with (I’m guessing) a recruitment consultant.

The guy clearly wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box… He seemed to be talking about various IT type jobs, but I’m not convinced he had any real skills or experience. I got the feeling that the recruitment consultant was trying to wind up the conversation and get the guy off the phone.

He then said (and I quote)

“Yeah I’m quite interested in getting into consultancy… erm but I don’t really know what a consultant does”


Love, if by some freakish chance of fate you’re reading this – let me tell you straight (as I know the recruitment consultant was trying to let you down easy):

At this point in your career you are not qualified to be a consultant… Not least because you don’t know what they do. kthanxbai x

PS – see this picture? That’s you, that is.



Image credit Pictr 30D via flickr


Dear readers, I would love to hear about any conversations you’ve overheard – hit up those comments and make me smile.