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This is a test –

Move along now, there’s nothing to see here.

I promise I’ll write you a proper post soon. With hactual words, and erm pictures and things. I’ve been busy.

Don’t look at me like that. Only my Mother gets to look at me like that. And you are not my Mother… Unless you are and you’re reading this.


*slams bedroom door*

Google is a Friend of Dorothy

The bestest Google Doodle to date.

Just Because It’s Friday, I’m a Massive Geek

… and because I heart frogger.

The Infographics Are Taking Over…

Click to enlarge… Or get a *really* mahoosive screen, press your nose right up against it and squint a lot.

I heart this long time.

Nice work ThinkBrilliant (for making it); and Jaamit (for tweeting).

I’m Glad I’m a Girl, But Then Again…

Today, whilst wondering what the devil I ought to write about, I was looking through one of the many draft posts which litter this blog. The title sucked, so I won’t share it with you, but I’d written one sentence:

“A man gets killed by a biro in the Bourne Identity…”

That’s all I’d written. I may have been drunk. Maybe I was leading on to some sort of witty comment about the pen being mightier than the sword… who knows.

Anyway, I’ve never seen the Bourne Identity and I was wondering if some poor soul does indeed get killed by a biro in the film. I decided to hit up big G and see.

I began to type ‘man gets’ and got this:







Hmmm – unsavoury.

Kinda made me glad I was a girl… until I repeated the search replacing man with woman:







On balance, I think it’s marginally better to be a girl. There seems to be less in the way of violent death… but there’s not much in it.

Sometimes I forget how odd the interwebz are.