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Ear Maggot

Ear Maggot VII

Today’s ear maggot comes courtesy of Debbi, who on Friday night introduced me to Heidi Vogel – she’s amazing:

Heidi Vogel is a 26 year old singer, songwriter from North London and is currently working on an album. Anyone wanna come with me and see her live?

Ear Maggot VI

Hello loves,

I feel like I’ve been woefully neglecting this blog of late – for this I apologise – trouble is I’ve been doing a LOT of writing at work recently – all on oh so dry subjects like double glazing, insurance and so on – consequently I’ve been feeling like I’d sooner gouge my own eyes out with a spoon than write a word more.

Therefore my loves rather than continue to moan about my complete lack of motivation, I thought instead that I’d share with you an ear maggot.

I heart this:

It’s by Marmaduke Duke, and it’s called Rubber Lover.

Marmaduke Duke is a side project for Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro and JP Reid of Sucioperro. The pair perform under the pseudonyms The Atmosphere and The Dragon.

I love this track, not least because ‘rubber lover’ is kinda hard to say, so often I sing ‘rubber lubber’ which makes me giggle.

Funky all the way home, funky all the way home…

Ear Maggot V

So, it’s Bank Holiday Monday, and feeling rather chuffed with myself having written my last post, I decided to indulge in the guilty pleasure that is Loose Women (I know, I know – it’s really not OK).

Anyhow, guest-wise they had Gazza and Su Pollard, and then my loves – Imelda May was their musical guest. Speaking of which, musical guests get a bit of a rough ride on Loose Women – they just play out the end of the show, they don’t seem to get to talk or anything. Unless of course the guest is Ronan Keating (no he’s not getting a link, you know who he is, and if you don’t – well be grateful that you don’t).

But back to the point – I heart Imelda May – have a listen and tell me what you think:

Ear Maggot IV

Well my loves I promised you some less ranty content, so here we go…

As Spring seems to have sprung (here in Hampton Hill at least), for your listening pleasure I present to you Finley Quaye:

Makes you wanna move, your dancin’ feet

Enjoy xxx

Ear Maggot III

Today is an ear maggot day.

I heart this song. I was reminded just how much on Saturday night as Maddy and I danced around her living room, whilst others looked on slightly bemused…

It’s by M.I.A. (erm be warned loves, that’s the link to her official site – but it’s hectic in the extreme and may cause you to have a seizure) – and the song’s called Paper Planes…

I’m dancing now… on my own… in my living room… half singing along, half getting the words wrong.

I really am very cool, very hip, very down with the kids…

…I’m thinking this is ok, for the time being, but I really ought to stop it before I hit middle age. Perhaps it’s a blessing I have no offspring to embarrass.