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The One Which Ben Moore Didn’t Find *That* Funny

I think Ben Moore is wrong. But I’m going to let the people decide… By people, I mean you, dear readers. Don’t be shy now.

Tip: If like me you hate this song, watch with your speakers switched off.

Turf Dancing in the Rain

Amazing, awesome & other stuff that begins with ‘A’…

Have You Ever Seen Me Dancing? No, Really Dancing…

This week (largely thanks to the wonderfully well organised Tara) I signed up for a Street Dance class.

I am *very* excited.

Unhappily for those who know us, chances are, that the very next party we go to, (after a certain point in the evening)¬†we’ll be doing the routine we’ve learned.

We’ll be *just* like these guys, but like, older, clunkier and less polished; oh and probably holding wine glasses: