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Coppafeel Regularly

So we’re doing some pro-bono work with an amazing charity – Coppafeel.

They would love it if you could:

Fundraise & help spread the word


Take part in Hundred Hooters 2012

But most importantly, remember to check your boobs – it could save your life.


Hello there ūüôā

First and foremost – sorry I’ve not¬†written¬†in a week. I suck. I’ve been really busy with the play¬†– but it’s really no excuse. I am a bad blogger.

In an attempt to assuage my guilt, this post, my loves is for charidee.

Today is Red Nose day.

Unhappily, this means some truly piss poor TV tonight, but the cause is great even if the programming schedule sucks. I heartily recommend calling up, pledging your pennies, then hiring a DVD or heading off down the pub.

However,¬†via Twitter¬†I’ve found another way… you can purchase a really rather marvellous book:

TwitterTitters, is collection of comedy writing created via Twitter, the social networking site. All proceeds from the book, which costs £4.99 to download or £9 in print, are to be donated to Red Nose Day by the creators of the project.

The TwitterTitters project, which was founded by Linda Jones and Louise Bolotin, invited comic writers to submit their work to raise money for Comic Relief.

The finished book boasts exclusive new writing from Phoenix Nights co-creator Dave Spikey and a foreword from Nat Coombs whose comedy Chelsey: OMG! is an online phenomenon.

Buy it! No seriously Рbuy it! 

Or else you’ll lead a horrible life, you’ll be miserable, unfulfilled, bitter, twisted, alone… Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Give a Little Something Back This Christmas

This¬†Christmas is launching its first Feed A Need project. Instead of asking for¬†cash money, they’re asking people to donate a few hours of their skills & energy.

So if you are a programmer, designer, artist, lawyer, geology professor, bacon cooker, or anyone else with a few hours to spend for a good cause please consider participating in this year’s Feed a Need charity drive.

As I firmly believe in practising what I preach, I’ve signed up, and you should too!

It’s easy-peasy-japanesy-wash-your-face-in-lemon-squeezy! Just complete the form¬†

Oh, and if philanthropy just ain’t your thang, then volunteer¬†because you can win some lovely prizes – like an Xbox 360, DVD box sets – ooooo that’s lovely!