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Actors Needed!

Hello my loves!

What follows is a cheeky little shout out on behalf of the Green Theatre Company, New Malden who are desperately seeking male and female actors to take part in an exciting new show.

The Green Theatre is a not for profit theatre company based in New Malden. As a youth theatre our members are primarily between the ages of 16-25. However, there are members such as myself, who are a little longer in the tooth 🙂

We’ll be auditioning our latest show – ‘One Acts’ (four short plays) on Wednesday 25th March from 7.45pm at the theatre – Barton Green, Elm Road, New Malden, KT3 3HU.

A short synopsis of each of the plays are shown below:

Fags by Gary Owen- directed by Brittany Rex
You’re twenty-four hours from death, then someone walks in and says, “I’ve got a bone to pick with you”.
A black comedy about a mother and son confronting each other about issues in the past over a pack of fags.
(Cast – one male, one female).

The New Bathroom by Sue Gordon- directed by Maria Saunders.
Comedy about a couple waiting for bathroom fitters to arrive. The play builds with the husband getting more and more annoyed, checking his watch constantly and threatening to phone them to find out where they are. The wife tries to calm her husband down, how much longer can they be?
(Cast – one male, one female).

Fugue by Laura Elizabeth Miller- directed by Seth Cheek
A dark, retelling of three little girls and the stranger that murdered them. Adult themes.
(Cast – one male, 3 females)

The Weed Dreams by Eric Kaiser- directed by Brittany Rex
Black comedy/drama. It’s the future. The air is very tense. The citizens must show their loyalty to The Leader. Any wrong thing said or done could result in immediate, death or imprisonment, and everyone knows it. However, everyone also knows that the more nervous you are the more you are scrutinized by those higher than you.
(Cast – one male, two females OR two males, one female)

If you’re keen to tread the boards, or know someone else who might be, please ask them to come along to the audition on Wednesday 25th March at 7.45pm or contact us via the website.


Image shamelessly stolen from Oxfam International via flickr. It’s a photo of Bill Nighy, an Oxfam Ambassador, at the G8 Summit in Japan with Oxfam to try to get the world leaders to ACT NOW and make good on the aid, climate change and health care promises they made in 2005. I’d like that too and everything, don’t get me wrong, but I’d also like to get some great new actors down at the Green…

Crave – The Photos

Well my loves – the play is this week!

Wanna come see me?

Book some tickets – it will make you a better human being, and prevent a poor, innocent puppy from being tortured*.

Wanna see some piccies? These were all taken by our very talented director Brittany Rex…


The Set for Crave - Gloomy, huh?

The Set for Crave - gloomy, huh?


The Cast of Crave

The Cast of Crave


The Album Cover Artwork

The Album Cover Artwork


Well, there’s no album actually – but I think this photo looks a bit like an album cover… No? …I’ll get me coat.


Laters potatoes xxx


*NB we do not torture puppies. Or kittens, or anything else. I lied. But buy some tickets anyway.

The Green Theatre Advertise Their Latest Production on Local Buses!

GTC's Bus Advert

GTC's Bus Advert

We’ve hit the big time baby!

GTC have taken out some fantastic ads on local buses* to promote our truly brilliant production of Crave.

Book now, or the puppy** gets it.


*This post is pure fantasy – we’re a charity – we can barely afford to turn the heating on let alone taking out adverts on buses. I created this using a fantastic widget which I found on John Kell’s really rather marvellous blog

**No puppies were harmed in the writing of this post. But they might be – if you don’t come see the show…

Songs for Crave

I’ve been blogging about getting cast in Crave; and the rehearsal process at Barton Green Theatre.

In today’s rehearsal we were asked to put forward a couple of songs for consideration to be included either within the performance / for use before or after the play etc.

As I’ve mentioned before, the play is *very* dark – and deals with some very strong subject matter – rape, child abuse, mental illness etc.

So – here are the songs which I’m putting forward (in no particular order):

The band’s called HTRK, and one of their tracks was playing on the radio on the drive home from rehearsal, and it just seems in the spirit of the play.

Ida Maria – Oh My God – “So you think I’m in control? So you think it’s all for fun”… and I just love her 🙂

How to fight loneliness by Wilco. This was used in Girl Interrupted…


Does anyone else have any suggestions? Be sure an’ post ’em in the comments y’all xxx

Rehearsing Crave – Part 1

You may have seen that I’ve been cast in a production of Crave

I’m hoping (by hoping, I mean I hope I organise myself sufficiently) to document some of the rehearsal process – so here’s how rehearsal one went.

Since being cast I’ve read through the play several times, and of course panicked about how on earth I’m going to learn the lines.

Wednesday saw our first rehearsal, and I’m getting very excited.

Brittany’s (our director) has got some amazing ideas for the set (which of course I’m not gonna give away just yet). We’ll performing on the floor of the theatre, and the audience will be sitting on the stage. We’ve also been promised that we’ll be blinded by spotlights, so I won’t have the terror of looking into the audience and seeing my Dad’s grinning face giving me the two thumbs up (bless).

As is traditional, in the first rehearsal we simply read through the play; holed up in the relative comfort and warmth of the dressing room. (The rest of the theatre is blurry freezing, as although we have heating, the building is exceedingly draughty and consequently most of the heat escapes).

On paper Crave is a little hard to make sense of. The characters seemingly spew out a stream of conciousness rather than conversing.

However when read aloud, you can start to see sections of the play where the characters seem to be talking and relating to each other, rather than being lost in their own seperate worlds.

It was also interesting to notice how some of the characters echo each others lines – for example both ‘C’ and ‘B’ often say ‘Nothing, I feel nothing’ – something which I hadn’t noticed when I’d been reading it by myself.

The play deals with a lot of dark subject matter; including – losing a child, child abuse, the inability to have a child, mother-daughter relationships, rape, relationships more generally, depression and feeling suicidal.

The author, Sarah Kane suffered from mental health problems, which culminated in her taking her own life when she was just 28. Whilst it would be naive to suggest that the play is entirely autobiographical, it certainly feels very personal. It’s certainly going to be challenging to be a part of; and indeed challenging for the audience to watch.

Next rehearsal in on Sunday, and we’ll be starting the blocking (that’s theatre-speak for plotting where we’ll be standing on the stage); so expect another post soon.