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About is the brainchild of Hannah Smith & Julie Lawrence.

On the wrong side of a couple of bottles of Pinot we had a fabulous idea. We were going to start our own website. It was going to be truly brilliant and make us millions.

Unhappily with our wine goggles on we mistakenly purchased this domain believing it to be a snippet of the lyrics to Nina Simone’s Feelin’ Good. In reality she sings – ‘It’s a new dawn, a new day (a new life for me yeah, and I’m feelin’ good)’.

As a result this site is now going to be repository for whatever might be rattling around in my mind. I hope you enjoy, please comment, interact etc and in the unlikely event that you’ve found what I’ve written to be meaningful / useful / funny then kindly email my mother and tell her so.


PS The banner (or as I like to call it, the Hannah Bo Banner*) which graces the top of each page on the site was created by me, using the images from Pink Sherbet, fixed up so it was the right size (iamstupid) and uploaded by Will.
*See what I did there? Someone should give me a book deal / comedy show / record deal / let me on Strictly Come Dancing, right? I mean, with material like that…

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  1. Will says:

    wrong again luv… it’s “it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me”. Atleast one of us is reading this blog!

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