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New ID Studios Reviews & Reputation Management

New ID Studios are a company with a problem.

Way back in 2009 I wrote a post about their business practices – which essentially amount to bullying/pressurising people into paying around £1,400 a set of photos. That post continues to attract traffic and comments from disgruntled customers today.

There have also been posts like this from the Mirror – Maddened by New ID Studios

Their review SERP ain’t too pretty as a result (click to enlarge):

ruh roh

It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that New ID might seek to repair their damaged reputation… Sadly their quest doesn’t seem to be so much about making amends with those customers they’ve upset, or changing their business practices.


I’ve been receiving fake comments on my post.

How do I know they’re fake? They’re pretty easy to recognise. All the fake comments come from either a hushmail or gmx email account which is kind of unusual. Then I noticed that some of the comments originated from the same IP address.

Another *sigh*

I decided to check out some of the review sites too.

First up – their Qype reviews all look fabulously positive… At first glance – then I saw this (click to enlarge):

Yep – that’s the same review from the same reviewer for two different New ID locations… Spooky, huh? What are the chances?

With the exception of the user above, out of the remaining 37 reviews of the Manchester New ID on Qype – only one reviewer has reviewed more than one company. Everyone else just reviewed New ID Manchester.

It’s a similar story on Review Centre – lots of reviews from people who have only written one review. Wahanda? Same again.

I wonder what that could mean?



Should anyone from New ID Studios happen upon this post, I’m truly delighted that you seem to have an issue with your reputation online. You deserve it.


Hannah x

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I used to work for them and was instructed by their Director Marcus Boustouller, his sister and the owners Kelly and Clive Colman to fake positive reviews to push bad ones down. Anyone who questioned them throughout the time I was there suddenly disappeared, after which rumours circulated about them doing something wrong – that was their way of getting rid of anyone who challenged their greed. VERY bad ethics.

  2. Lydia says:

    I agree, these people should be shut down, they have no photography experience and no hair and make-up skills what so ever.
    I would never pay to go on a photo shoot anyway but one one for me and a friend. I took my mum as we thought it might be fun and it was free.

    Turns out it was the worst experience ever! We were meant to served champagne and breakfast on arrival, instead we got instant coffee. We waited ages to be seen then had hair and makeup done by people with no skill what so ever.

    I actually work for a magazine and go on photo shoots all the time, I was expecting something along those lines…The makeup people cake on orange foundation, black eye makeup and bright lipstick making you look more like a clown! They made my mum look 10 years older than she really is. My 3 year old niece could have done makeup better. Don’t get me started on the hair dresses. Not sure any of them have been trained at all.

    The photographer was a young boy with cliched poses, we couldn’t do them. I was terrible.

    They tried their hardest to sell us the photos, we hated them all so no chance. About an hour of trying to sell to us. I would never recommend this place. Just don’t bother, they need shutting down.

  3. stupidwomaniam says:

    I bought Groupon voucher for £19 which included a haircut, makeup makeover and photoshoot. When I phoned to book my appointment they said I could bring another person but they did not tell me that they will take a deposit of £50. I then told them that I am going alone so there was only myself.
    After the photos were taken, I was quoted £2400 for an album and on a CD for 20 airbrushed photos. I said I did not have that sort of money because I am retired and have been unemployed for the past two years and also I have colon cancer.
    The man then reduced to £1400 for photos on CD only but I still said I can not afford it. He then said that he could do it for £800 for 20 photo prints on A4 and airbrushed photos on CD. He said that don’t tell his boss or he will be sacked (very common sentence used by many sales people). He said that he will discuss with his boss about giving me the prints and on CD BUT he started the credit agreement right away without speaking to anyone, he never left the room so it was his very own discretion to make me sign the deal. I felt cornered and trapped that I signed up for this deal He was supposed to check with his superior first to agree on the price with my deal but instead he started the finance agreement right away. He asked for my driver’s licence and account details. I hesitated at least five times telling him that I can’t afford the money because I simply don’t have that type of money. But he ignored my plea when I said that I still could not afford it whatever the price. I asked for time to think about it because it was a lot of money and that I will come back later to tell them of my decision but he would not have it.
    He said that all my photos will be deleted from the computer when I leave the studio without making my order. I asked that he keeps the photos until I come back with my decision but he refused.
    He kept pressuring me and put me under a lot of stress and I felt so cornered and trapped that I signed up for this deal
    He lied to me that should I decide to pay off the whole loan earlier OR increase my repayment, I will not be penalised (48 payments for the balance of £720 at 20% interest). He said that I could make varying amounts each time with penalty. I have just now read the small prints of the finance agreement and it said that I have to keep the same repayment and should not fall into arrears.
    With the 20% interest charge, I eventually decided to pay £60 per month for twelve months without any interest.
    I note on the finance agreement that I have a 14 days cooling off period to cancel the finance agreement and I will do it on Monday because today is Saturday and being a weekend I could not contact the finance company.
    I contacted New ID using their online form informing them of what I said here and that I will be cancelling the finance agreement and also cancel my direct debit with my bank.
    My plan was to only to utilise the Groupon Voucher of £19 which was all I could afford.

  4. Tanya says:

    You need to get a life or a job! Stop wasting your time tying to bring down this company. Just write a review, not an essay.

  5. Sophie says:


    I am absolutely devastated. As a University student, money is an issue for me! Today should have been a fun, happy day. It was my sister’s idea, and the package appeared to be a £50 deposit, including TWO complimentary small photographs. This was at the New ID Studios in London West End.

    When we arrived, the two make up artists seemed extremely complimenting, basically talking rubbish. To sell the New ID make up, they literally put every single product on your face, regardless of you selecting the ‘natural’ make up look. By the time she had finished I looked like a clown. Hair was a disaster, done by the same unqualified woman. Asked for an ‘up do’ which ended up just being curls with hair pinned back- outrageous I could do a better job!

    I can only describe the final look as hilarious- I looked like a Goldilocks prostitute! I asked for ‘smokey and sultry’ not ‘cheap and slutty’.

    Then as you waited for the photographer, the girls who appeared kind initially stand there staring you down, pushing you into buying all the products troweled onto your face, it’s like they remove the word ‘no’ from their vocabulary.

    The only positive thing that came out of this experience is the photographer, he was very enthusiastic. Quite frankly he should do himself a favor and leave that rubbish place!

    Now for the final part of the experience, the viewing of the photographs. If you are reading this prior to you photo shoot. DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THEM BULLIES. Loretta, an Irish woman appeared to be very kind and sincere. After we both explained we only wanted the COMPLIMENTARY photographs she then answered back rudely that apparently these cost £20 for postage and packaging- they are having a bubble!

    How anyone can work for this company is beyond me. In my opinion, the thought of being employed to pressurize and lie to clients is a very tragic vocation.


    I feel a little bit better writing this, I hope it can inform people who are considering this disgusting company. Do yourself a favor and buy a SLR camera and do it yourself. Much better result.

  6. cath loyns says:

    This company has gone into liquidation. the new owners are colour unique.
    We found this out when we turned up for an appointment only to find the company wasn’t there. we were told write could still redeem the vouchers in London or Manchester. not much good to me as i live in cardiff. trying to claim money back now.

  7. Missy says:

    I recently booked over the telephone a celebrity makeover and photoshoot for £25 for my niece. She attended the session at 14 John Princes Street in London. She loved the experience especially the professionalism of the actual makeover and photoshoot. However, the nightmare began at the end of the photoshoot when after viewing the photos and selecting her favourite ones, my niece was told that she had to pay for the prints she’d selected, a total which came to about £1400.00 – (only fourteen hundred, as the sales woman put it!!).

    Firstly, the prices charged for a print of of the digital images are extortionate but, I guess New ID providing financing options may help. But it is the agressive and threatening behaviour of their sales persons that my niece (my brother-in-law who accompanied her) and I found unacceptable. The sales lady put so much pressure on my niece and haggled so much to get her to pay at least £800. The worst thing was that I was also roped in by phone and had the unfortunate experience of the pressurised sales tactics. My niece was even threatened that the pictures would be deleted if she did not purchase any of the images before she left. She felt so pressured and frustrated that despite being told she’d get one free photo print, she opted to walk away without her free single print in desperation and on the agreed condition that her images would be saved until she returned the next day after having a chance for us to discuss and think about all the charges the final part of her experience would cost. The sales lady, even gave my niece a personal contact number with her full name written on it (I have retained it for our records) for us to call and discuss the price of the photos promising that she’d hold off the deletion of the images from the database until our call. We tried to call the number several times the next day but got no response.

    The online advert specified that for the price of £25 she’d receive:
    •a CD with View ID software installed
    •Welcome & Consultation
    •Professional Make-up Application using NEW CID Cosmetics
    •Dry Hair Styling
    •Professional Photoshoot
    •View your Photoshoot
    •Complimentary drinks

    However, when it came to getting the CD, she was told she’d had to pay for it. I had enquired about the CD after warnings from a friend who’d been duped in the recent past by another studio. I was told by New ID’s sales person that my niece would be given a CD with view-only images and that if she wanted to print or do anything else with the images, she’d have to contact New ID and purchase the images (for the rights to print or do anything with the images other than view). I (and my niece on the day) was further informed that my niece would get a single photo print free. My niece was told that the free printed image would take three to four weeks to deliver, (yes, just a single print of a digital image)!!
    In an effort not to have my niece’s photo images deleted and the promised free CD and photo print out issued before “the deletion” I contacted and complained to New ID’s Customer Solutions via their online web form and via email. Whilst they have gotten back to me, they have asked questions which answers could clearly be ascertained from my complaints, and which I answered anyway, and have since gone quiet – no doubt buying time or adding to their target quota of “answered costomer queries/complaints” – how efficient of them (not!). I am left very disappointed and £25 short for a contract that has not been fully delivered on. My niece is extremely devasted!!!

    The sad fact is when I did some research online, I was terribly devasted and disappointed to find that there have been numerous compalints about New ID over recent months/years….I really didn’t expect to be in the position I’m in now especially after the many enquiries and details I sought over the phone.

  8. Elaine Welsh says:

    I visited yesterday where my friend, who suffers from a rare illness felt quite unwell after having her hair cut and really needed to leave. I also had an allergic reaction to the mascara used. I was refused a refund of my £50 and told I would have to come back for a dry style and make over and have my photos taken. I told them I actually purchased this for the hair cut and wasn’t worried about any photos. This was also stated on the numerous phone calls received prior to appointment trying to sell me photo packages. Obviously this is the BIG CATCH! you will not leave there without being harassed into buying make up and photos and you will never see that £50 again. The girl who spoke to me from the reception desk was less than classy and to be honest it’s not really the type of establishment that I would choose to visit so be warned when that over tanned young man approaches you with a too good to be true offer. IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

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