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October, 2011:

a4uexpo Bavarian Beer and Sausage on Stand 50

I heart Bavarian Beer.

I heart sausages.

50 isn’t my favourite number, but as stand numbers go, stand 50 is pretty darn lovely because it has Bavarian Beer and sausages.

Bavarian beer is pretty nice because of the Reinheitsgebot Order which only permits the use of water, hops and malt as ingredients… Or at least that used to be the case, until it was repealed in favour of the rather more boringly named Provisional German Beer Law which now allows loads of other crap to go into Bavarian beer. Progress. Grumble. Moan. In my day blah blah blah.

What do you need to go with your Bavarian beer? Sausages my friends, sausages.

In Germany they love sausage long time. They have tons of varieties of sausage including Wurste, Frankfurters, Wieners (wieners is a word which will always cause me to giggle), Bratwurste, Rindswurste, Knackwurste and Bockwurst…

What’s the wurst that could happen eh? (D’ya see what I did there?)

Wondering why the fuck I’m blethering on like some weird automaton? It’s Paddy’s fault. Read all about it here – a4uexpo Bavarian Beer and Sausage on Stand 50