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July, 2010:

Just Because It’s Friday, I’m a Massive Geek

… and because I heart frogger.

Turf Dancing in the Rain

Amazing, awesome & other stuff that begins with ‘A’…

Big Up The Wales

This is all kinds of awesome.

Bad Romance – Thirty Seconds to Mars

I heart this.

Oh and I also heart Jared Leto (anyone else old enough to remember My So Called Life? *swoons*)

Mate, Don’t *Make* Me Like Something In Order to See It

Social media is the new black y’know.

In my pathetic attempt to remain down with the kids I occasionally (and only very occasionally mind) do something other than play lexulous on Facebook and hit up my ‘Home’ page.

By the by, for my money the ‘home’ page should be called something like ‘timeline’ or possibly more accurately ‘place where you stalk peeps and get more annoyed than is strictly necessary¬†at the farmville (or whatever the latest game is) updates polluting your feed’

But I guess they might struggle to fit that in the top navigation.

Anyways – today I saw this: (click to enlarge, innit?)

It says:

[My mate likes] 94% of people CAN’T READ this sentence without making a MISTAKE! Click to Try.

Well as someone who vacillates between being fairly certain she’s smarter than the average bear, to believing she’s several sandwiches short of a picnic I wanted to play too. Keen to find out just how good I was at reading and comprehension I did indeed click to try…

Dear reader, it occurred to me, whilst reading this back that I really didn’t need to complete the test… I am definitely several sandwiches short of a picnic… But I digress.

I clicked… and this is what I hit: (and again, click to enlarge – yes Mummy that is for your benefit)

Did you read it?

Woah there! What’s going on here?

“Step 1 – Click on the like button below”

But I don’t know if I ‘like’ it yet. I’ve not seen it. It might be totally crappy. Then all my friends will know I do totally crappy stuff on Facebook. I’ll be mocked and shunned… Or worse – befriended by Farmville players.


So why would they do that? Huh? Huh?

Well, obviously they want their message to spread (virus-like) amongst people’s feeds – and this is one way to do it. Make peeps ‘like it’ even before they access it.

Or – and this is just an idea loves – you could make something so kick-ass awesome that people actually *want* to share it AFTER they’ve accessed it.

Because now I think you’re an asshat. And I don’t want to do your stupid test anymore. And I hate you. I’m thinking the planet might be a better place without you*.

And it could of been the start of something beautiful baby**.