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February, 2010:

Geek Love

A love song (of sorts) for Valentine’s Day…

Perhaps I’m not dead inside after all ūüėČ

Random Musings of the Busy Brained

Hello loves.

It’s been ages, huh? I’ve missed you.

Unhappily I’ve been trying to do too much and as a direct consequence I’ve been failing at pretty much everything. I wanted to write¬†something on Sunday, but I was hungover thanks to the lovely Jules’s birthday bash *and*¬†I¬†stupidly decided that I really ought to moderate¬†the 800-odd comments on here¬†first. The¬†spammyness I was exposed to made me hate the interwebz a bit so I shut down the pooter and had a bath instead.

I’ve been out of the loop in virtually every sense – I can’t remember the last SEO-related post I read; and twitter… well, twitter and I are on a break. We’ve both agreed that it’s ok for us to sleep with other people without fear of recrimination.

So… what’s new?

Well apparently Apple are launching the iPad. A charming piece of technical gadgetry which sounds¬†like¬†some sort of feminine hygiene product… Or possibly¬†some sort of incontinence product.¬†(I know, I know it’s been said… but I wasn’t there to read it so it doesn’t count… or something).

What else? I’ve been delighted by the fabulous Jane Copland’s Google Streetview Divers¬†– seriously – click that damn link. You’ll wet yourself then wish you’d¬†had the foresight to get an¬†iPad to save your blushes.

I’ve also ventured back to the damn dating websites. Well actually, website singular. It’s ok – ish. I’ve met someone who is very nice and normal, but currently¬†‘sans’ spark, so I’ll probably need to knock it on the head. I’m guessing that I need to do that like a grown up this time. Which seems kind of unfair given that I’m actually a teenager trapped in a 30-somethings body…

Speaking of immaturity, I keep getting what I believe to be a form of dating website tourettes. Rather than sending¬†normal messages to people, I’m fighting the urge to randomly send hideously inappropriate comments like: ‘you wan’ sucky sucky?’ … or perhaps ‘Are you the Keymaster?’ (well at least that’s cleaner).

… NB, to date I have managed to keep myself in check. But it doesn’t bode well.

What else?¬†If you’re not watching Glee then you should be. FACT. Here’s just one reason: dancing footballers. But there are many.

But enough of this… Write me a comment and tell me that you still love me… even though I’m behaving like a needy little madam, I’m a sucky blogger, something of a waster and I really need to grow up.

Me love you long time xxx