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Blogging & The Art of Procrastination

Hello my lovelies.

I know, it’s been an awful long time since I wrote you a proper post. And I’m sorry. I have loads of posts (well about ten) languishing in draft form, getting dusty and out of date.

Why? Am I turning into one of those bloggers I’ve read about so often. Those who write for around six months or so before abandoning their blogs?


I really hope not. This post (hopefully) will spur me into action.

Right now, I seem to have procrastination down to a fine art. Believe it or not, this blog’s not the only thing which I’ve been neglecting.

Way back in January I wrote myself some resolutions – wanna see how I’ve been getting on?

Here goes loves – the results are not all that:

1. Attend some kind of writers workshop thing …

Nil point. No writers workshop thingy. Bad Hannah.

However I have received some commissions for some freelance writing – (yep, that’s correct, people have paid me to write stuff for them – it’s ‘madness gone wild’ as my Nanna would say). I’ve had some excellent feedback on my work and things are going really rather well (touch faux wooden desk).

Definitely a good enough reason to attend a writers workshop. I will get on to it – maybe with the money I’ve earned from commissions.

2. Get my dancing shoes back on!

Again, another complete and utter fail. For no good reason. I’ve not been to salsa, not joined a street dance class, nothing.

However I have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about ways I can get just famous enough to be a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing.

3. Finish the play I’ve been writing…

Absolute fail. ‘Nuff said.

4. Audition for a show.

I am the winner. Not only did I audition, I got cast in not one, but two plays AND I’m auditioning for another one on Sunday – cross everything – including your eyes.

5. Attend at least a couple of events at the Dana Centre 

Hmmm, I’ll give myself half a point for this one. I went to one, which was fab. But only one. Currently it looks like there aren’t any events on – boo, hiss… or maybe their calendar’s just borked.

Either way, if they do some more I’m going to bully you into coming – okay?


All in all, a disappointing performance. Bad times.

I *will* do better. Promise.

Please fill the comments section with mean stuff about how rubbish I am, how no one cares about my stupid resolutions (or my stupid life), and don’t I know that unicorns don’t exist.

Cheerful life affirming comments such as ‘I know you can do it’, ‘go Hannah’, ‘you are a star!’ or perhaps if you’re really rich ‘here’s a million pounds – go follow your dreams’ are of course also welcomed.

In my experience both carrots and sticks are equally efficacious 😉


  1. Yoshimi says:

    What about some “just over half way through the year” resolutions, then you can scrap those ones and start again 🙂

  2. Hannah says:

    Nice! Here goes…

    New Resolutions:
    1. Don’t beat yourself up over the old resolutions
    2. Don’t make any more resolutions

    Sorted 🙂

  3. Gavin says:

    Yay on the commissions for freelance writing! *pulls 1 solitary party streamer*

    Maybe I should hire you to help me finish my sitcom spec script. I’ve not so much hit a brick wall, but walked past said wall only for it to topple over and crush me!

    I can only pay in Maltesers though…..

    Hope you continue with the blogs.

  4. Hannah says:

    Sitcom script? Sounds fun.

    And I really like maltesers…

  5. Gavin says:

    I have the concept and the characters mapped out, however things that I think are funny at the time I re-read a few days later and wonder what the hull I was thinking.

    My Mum is a thesp (mainly welsh language soap stuff and the odd BBC drama) and runs her own theatre company so the plan was to get her agent to submit a script on my behalf.

    Oh well, Maltesers are in the post…

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