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July, 2009:

The Annotated Weekender

Joe List rocks.

He’s an illustrator and he doodles all over the Guardian’s Weekend magazine. Here are the results:

He’s a blurry genius and no mistake. See more here and/or join the facebook fan page.

Laters potatoes x

Posh with a Capital P

The peeps at Kiki James have been promising to send me a little something, and it arrived this week.

Woo hoo!

Who are Kiki James? Well they make really rather lovely nonsense that you don’t really need, but totally want. Namely, photo albums, wallets, journals, passport covers etc, etc.

Now those of you who know me will attest the fact that I love stuff like that. Therefore you can well imagine my smug expression when the package arrived for me at the office…

I ripped open the outer packaging and was impressed to see a swish looking gift box. Snuggled within, wrapped in tissue paper was black bridle leather photo album:


Shonky it ain’t.

It’s a proper grown up article 🙂


Inside, the album has heavy weight card pages interleaved with parchment paper to protect the photographs.

Plus, you can get them personalised so it would make a lovely gift (and of course it is wedding time of year).

Of course, stuff like this doesn’t come cheap – the version they sent retails at £70 – before personalisation (prices for which range from £8 – £35).

But (hopefully at least) your best mate isn’t gonna get married every day of the week; so you might just decide it’s worth it.

In the meantime, I might just become addicted to Kiki James stuff – I’ve now got my eye on a purple leather journal:

Gorgeous, hand bag sized purple loveliness.

What will I use it for? Erm I’d love to say jotting down my thoughts, artistic sketches, poetry etc.

In reality though, I’d probably mostly use it to write ridiculously long to do lists.

Whatever makes me happy, right?


Hello my lovelies.

This week the peeps at Leeds SEO asked me to do an SEO BIO – (gobsmacked just doesn’t cover it).

Anyways, if you’ve always wondered how on earth I take my tea, or which Simpsons character I’m most like it’s essential reading – here’s the link – Hannah Smith SEO.BIO 

Happy Saturday 😉



Image credit Pink Sherbet Photography

Carrot Shank

I heart this.

“Mushin is basically fuckin’ you up wiv peas”

The creators are hoping to highlight that it’s not just a case of taking away weapons, but tackling the mentality of those involved in knife crime in UK.

Bloody genius 🙂

An Eye for an Eye?

I’m sure at some point in all of our lives, we have all felt that an injustice was done to us. Not to put to finer point on it, it sucks. But, we all have choices. Sometimes, despite the strong sense of injustice you feel, it’s better just to let it go.

Some of you may (or may not) be surprised to hear that I was fired once. It’s a long and involved story, and those involved shall remain nameless.

Up until that point (and indeed since) I’ve had a blemish-free employment record. 

I’m a little older now, and perhaps a little wiser. In retrospect I think that whilst the circumstances surrounding the termination of my employment were nothing short of a nonsense; I have to take responsibility for my part in it.

I also have to think about what this episode says about me.

Whichever way I twist and turn it, I was fired from a job. It’s not something I can hide. Sadly, for some potential employers that one black mark against my name renders me a poor prospective employee. I disagree of course, but nevertheless understand their point of view.

So, what should I have done? This company (potentially at least) irrevocably damaged my future career. Should I have sought vengeance? Damaged their brand? Dispensed my own kind of justice – an eye for an eye?

I elected not to do anything. Despite being offered various ‘solutions’ 😉

I think I’m a better person as a result. I’ve survived with my morals completely intact.

Oh, and at night….I sleep like a baby.


Image credit lostintheredwoods