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The 100th Post

So my loves – this is my 100th post – a landmark if you will.

I’d kinda hoped to be able to write my 100th post on my birthday, but got a bit lax on the blogging front and didn’t quite make it.

I’ve been writing this blog for a little over six months now, and with it being the 100th post I thought I might share a few of the things I’ve learnt.

1) Social media is *really* powerful. I’ve never promoted this blog in any way, but my good friend Rishi (who incidentally is male, despite his avatar) has kindly pimped a few posts on Reddit one of which hit the front page sending 24,000 visitors over the course of two days. To put this in perspective, to date the site’s had 34,500 visitors – so Reddit sent nearly 70% of the total visitors. The balance? Google sent 12.2%; 7.5% came direct and the rest are odds and sods from all sorts of places.

2) Google like blogs. Now clearly, I’ve kept my nose clean on here – there’s no paid for posts, or ads with followed links, or anything that Google don’t like. However, there’s also very few backlinks and yet Google gave the homepage a PR3 – after only six months. Not something I expected to see.

3) The site gets visits for stuff I really didn’t expect it to. I’ve written a few posts about Compare the Meerkat and search terms like ‘compare the meerkat’ (and ones related to the topic) send a surprising amount of traffic. I’m really not sure why users are clicking to read my blog, when surely they want to Compare Meerkats (simples!) – but they do.

4) More people visit than I thought – excluding the Reddit traffic I get an average of 60 visitors per day. Not earth shattering perhaps – but I’m nevertheless surprised.

5) Comments don’t necessarily indicate how much people like a post – interestingly (again excluding the Reddit posts) often the most read posts are the least commented on. 

6) Somewhat unrelated but, I heart flickr – I like to use images in my posts, and flickr allow you to easily search for creative commons licenced images. I could happily waste days of my life looking through stuff on there.

Image credit ‘100 Live & Die’ by Bruce Nauman via Telstar Logistics

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