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May 3rd, 2009:

Do NOT Write Blog Posts When Squiffy

Hello loves,

Well m’dears we have loads to catch up on. Alt-upon-Towers (as┬áhenceforth it shall ever be known) was blurry brilliant. I heart Oblivion, and Rita, and Spinball Whizzer, and Nemesis, and Hex (Air was also quite good, but would be better if it was faster).

So now I really want to go play at Thorpe Park.

I was also a privileged attendee at Lady Anderson-Ford’s soiree ce soir, which was very cool and I drank some wine. I’m therefore writing this squiffy – nil point.

Anywho – back to the point (if there was one – was there?) I want to go to Thorpe Park, and I think you should all come with – even you – yes you, you lovely lurkers who read but don’t comment. So, yes – come one, come all – ride with me on Saw:

I want to play a game…