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May, 2009:

Lisztomania – The Brat Pack Mashup

Hello loves.

I’ve got a new favourite song. It’s called Lisztomania, and it’s by a group called Phoenix.

Phoenix are from French France, Versailles to be precise.  

According to Wikipedia, Phoenix started as the backing band for a remix of Air’s “Kelly Watch the Stars” single. Phoenix released their debum album in 2000.

Fast forward to 2009, and they’ve released this fabulously catchy little number.

Plus, joy of joys a YouTube member called avoidantconsumer decided to create a brat pack mashup as an alternative video for the song. So, not only do I get to listen to a fabulously kitsch piece of pop perfection, it’s accompanied by some of my favourite film snippets. I spied (with my little eye) The Breakfast Club, Mannequin, Pretty in Pink and Footloose (well I think it’s Footloose – if not, I’m sure y’all will hit up the comments to tell me what an idiot I am).

Enjoy xxx

Grammar & Punctuation – That’s How I Roll

Today I was moaning (once again) about how there are far too many people on the planet who use ‘your’ when they mean ‘you are’ or ‘you’re’ and vice versa. It’s one of those things that just makes my blood boil (yep, I should get out more).

Anyways, as a result I was delighted when I spotted this over on Ciaran’s blog.

The orignal cartoon is by the Rut.

I also found out that there is an apostrophe protection society… I’m tempted to join. Feel free to abuse me in the comments loves.

Spam Illustrated – Elliott Burford

Hello my loves.

I’m sorry it’s been so long. Hopefully this post will make up for it.

Unhappily I can’t remember who dropped me this link – whoever you are, you are a genius and I love you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to Elliott Burford a designer. He’s done tons of stuff, but most recently has been working on a project illustrating the titles of emails which can normally be found in your spam/junk box.

You can view the whole set here – and a couple of my favourites are shown below… enjoy xxx

Remember When?

So, today I woke up irritatingly early. Saturday morning, 7am – wide awake. After watching Breakfast News on the BBC for a while (and quickly getting bored because the programme is only comprised of 15 minutes of content repeated over and over again) I got to thinking.

For some reason the song Two Princes by the Spin Doctors popped into my head. It came out in 1993 (I was 14 or 15) and back then I thought I was *very* grown up.

Of course, I wasn’t. But, in my head, I had it all sorted.

I’m now 31, and strangely, the older I get, the less I think I know.

They say life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. I’m not sure I’ve ever been much of planner – but, nonetheless I think it’s somewhat snuck up on me.

So today I was thinking a little about who I was back then, what I thought/believed in etc. Now, obviously I don’t know what you were like aged 14, but I’m wondering if you were anything like me?

Remember when?

  1. You secretly thought you might end up marrying your first boyfriend/girlfriend (delete as appropriate)
  2. You thought you were a bit fat even though you only weighed 7 and a half stone (or 44 kilos)
  3. You wondered if your spots would ever clear up
  4. Having an older boyfriend was the coolest thing ever – and it didn’t occur to you to wonder what a twenty-something man would want with a 15 year old
  5. You’d kiss for hours and wind up with an ugly rash around your mouth
  6. It was perfectly acceptable to ‘pop upstairs’ with your boyfriend at parties – then share the sordid details with your friends
  7. You’d steal booze from your parents liquor cabinet and then top up the spirit bottles with water so they wouldn’t notice what was missing
  8. Martini and lemonade was sophisticated
  9. You’d pretend to like lager or beer even though it tasted rancid to you
  10. You thought that your parents were really unreasonable because they wouldn’t let you go out dressed like a lap dancer
  11. You never wore a coat – even in the middle of Winter
  12. You threw up, but then carried on kissing anyway
  13. Fidelity really wasn’t in your vocabulary
  14. Menthol cigarettes made your head spin
  15. You’d get home drunk but try to pretend you were sober in front of your parents
  16. You’d spend hours making mix tapes and/or trying to record songs off of the radio
  17. You thought you’d never recover from your broken heart
  18. You’d spend hours at Kensington Market trying to figure out how to best spend your £20
  19. You’d make yourself a new fake id at least once per month
  20. You were certain that no one (particularly not your parents) could possibly understand you

So my loves – sound anything like you? Hit up the comments 🙂

Who Owns a Photo?

This post is perhaps a little off-topic, (but then as this blog doesn’t really have a topic per se) I figured it was fine to pop it on here.

I suppose I ought to add the disclaimer here and now that I’m not a lawyer, and I have no experience whatsoever of the law and indeed how the law differs from country to country.

Right, enough procrastinating, let’s do this.

You may be surprised to know (well I was) that the owner of a photo (in most instances) is the person who took the photo.

Sounds obvious, right? In the same way that a person ‘owns’ anything they write (e.g. I own this blog post); the person who takes the photo owns it.

There are however exceptions to this – for instance if an employee of a company takes a photo on behalf of the company, then the company owns the photo.


What I find a little troubling is that, for the most part, the subject of the photo has no rights. So if your friend takes a photo of you, they can do whatever they like with it – you don’t get a say. Now, hopefully your friends are lovely and wouldn’t ever do anything mean.

But what about your ‘better half’? They might have some photos of you that, well let’s just say you wouldn’t want broadcast.

So what if your significant other becomes an ex? Hell hath no fury and all that. Just sayin’ 😉


So, what do you think? Is this fair? Or should the subject of a photo also have some rights about how their photographic image is distributed? Lemme know in the comments, loves.