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Pepsi Max Advert – Truly Scary Dancing

Dear readers, I’ve been loving Pepsi Max ad which is currently running on TV in the UK. The basic premise is a group of friends who collude to ensure one of their number is successful in a job interview.

To be honest, the whole job interview sequence is pretty unremarkable (or perhaps I just don’t find that sort of thing funny).

What really tickles me is the truly scary, hideously awful dancing said group of friends break into right at the end. It happens at around 43 seconds – see for yourself:

In my head, the director says something like ‘show us your moves, guys’ or maybe ‘throw some shapes’ (or maybe that’s just what I would say).

The guys bust some truly awful moves, and the rest my loves is history.

I’m kinda pleased they didn’t cut the ‘dancing’ – it makes me giggle everytime I see it.

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  1. Man, that guy in the right cracks me up every single time! I need an animated .gif of just him! 🙂

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