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Posts on ‘April 22nd, 2009’

Spanky New Compare the Meerkat Ad - with Sergei from IT

Hello loves,
What’s that I hear you cry? Two posts in one day? - You’re spoiling us! I know, I know - I’m too good to you.
Anywho, a wee social media meerkat update - Aleksandr tweeted this today:
“Sneak Preview of brand new TV advertisement is here! See IT genius Sergei for first time here”
Well, click [...]

Pepsi Max Advert - Truly Scary Dancing

Dear readers, I’ve been loving Pepsi Max ad which is currently running on TV in the UK. The basic premise is a group of friends who collude to ensure one of their number is successful in a job interview.
To be honest, the whole job interview sequence is pretty unremarkable (or perhaps I just don’t find that [...]