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March, 2009:

Oven Pride Ads – Surely We’re Better Than This?

Firstly dear readers, an apology. I feel like I’ve been ranting a lot of late. I’m kinda hoping this will be the last rant for a little while (I’m *really* going to try, ok?).

So, anyways, back to the rant.

There’s an advert which has been driving me loopy-la-la of late.

It’s for a product called Oven Pride.

Now, of course it could be that the makers of Oven Pride are actually very smart, and figure that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. As such they’ve created a dreadful, sexist (and incidentally hideously low budget ad) in order to provoke a bloggers into responding just like I’m about to. If so, I take my hat off to them – they are bloody geniuses.

However, if (as I rather suspect), their creative agency, alongwith their frighteningly inept marketing department figure that this ad is an excellent way to sell products to women – then they are sorely mistaken.

For those of you fortunate enough never to have seen the ad – here you go:

So, lets break this down:

The Product

If the ad is to be believed, then it actually looks pretty good. I’m always a little suspicious of these types of ads. You see, I *really* like cleaning. (Yes, I know, I really need to get out more.) Anyways, as such I have in the past been sorely disappointed by cleaning products which just don’t deliver… Sucks to be me. (Or not, I mean if a poorly performing cleaning product is the biggest thing I have to worry about, then I guess my life is altogether dandy).

Anyhow, back to the point. It looks like the product works pretty well.

I also happen to know someone who purchased it, and they say that it works really well. Nice.


The Ad

The basic premise of the ad, is that men are inadequate, useless, stupid little creatures. Hmmm. Now that’s just offensive, right? Arguably you should be offended no matter which sex you are – because:

– if you’re a man, then you lack the faculties required to clean an oven – and you are beyond stupid


– if you are a woman, then the makers of this product also think that you are stupid – because your teeny tiny mind can only truly appreciate the value of said product by belittling men 


It’s a bloody nonsense.  The product might work, but I’ll NOT be buying it. And neither should you.

The Correct Way to Hang Toilet Paper

Happy Monday my loves!

Today’s handy post is all about the correct way to hang toilet paper. Those of you who know me will attest that I have OCD tendancies, and a particular pet hate of mine is when people replace toilet rolls the wrong way round. 

(Bizarrely this upsets me more than when people fail to replace the toilet roll, but that’s an aside).

Therefore you can well imagine my delight when today, whilst browsing Digg I stumbled upon an exceedingly helpful article complete with illustrations clearly extolling the benefits of correct toilet paper hanging.

Where? Where? I hear you cry! Here my loves is a link 

For those of you too lazy to click on said link here’s the image, which for me really drives the point home:

Image credit Guaxin 

See now, if you hang the toilet paper so that loose end is going over the front of the roll – happy days. When you go to get yourself some toilet paper you can tear off the right amount without fear of half the roll ending up on the floor.

If you’re foolish enough to hang the toilet paper so that the loose end is falling behind the roll – well you’re gonna find yourself with half the roll on the floor when all you wanted were a couple of sheets. More fool you.

Here endeth the lesson.

Extreme Sheep LED Art

This my loves, comes courtesy of Ciaran, who tweeted about this video earlier today.

Prepare yourselves for some amazing art created out of sheep with LEDs strapped to their backs. Just Genius…

The Early Bird Sits Bored Out of Her Brain

So, yesterday I found myself sat in the Starbucks opposite Victoria Station, because, as usual I’d arrived early for an ‘Agency Day’ at Google’s offices in Victoria.

I annoy myself by being consistently early for all businessy stuff, and yet terminally late for my family and friends.

As a result of my terminal earlyness, I sat in Starbucks wondering what I could usefully do with my time. I ended up writing out a list of possible keywords for an upcoming Landlords Insurance PPC campaign. However, halfway through my (really rather impressive) list, someone decided to sit far too close to me, and proceeded to try to read what the hell I was writing.

Bloody nose ache. I was tempted to launch into a tirade of abuse, but instead figured I might as well head to Google’s offices instead.

Upon my arrival at the offices, there’s a minor kerfuffle as my name badge isn’t there. Naturally I blush from my cheek bones to my waist, even though I’ve nothing to blush about. Excellent start.

They decide that writing my name on a sticky white label will surfice. I feel like a complete loser.

Then someone escorts me to the appropriate floor. I feel like some kind of criminal. Sucks to be me. Anyways, I’m in.

I would, (of course) reveal all Google’s dirty little secrets but I’m afraid they might hire a contract killer to take me out if I do. They make you sign a non-disclosure agreement before you go in… The thing is I didn’t actually read the non-disclosure agreement, so may life may still yet be in danger due to me disclosing the non-disclosure agreement.


So anyways, the other reason that I can’t disclose anything, is because, well, they didn’t really tell us anything new… heigh ho.

However, for those that care – I did notice the following (and I’m guessing it’s ok to disclose this – but if I go missing, you’ll know why – I’ll have been taken out of the game for revealing too much*):

They name their meeting rooms after tube stations.

I think this is lame at best, and a bit patronising – I could imagine the blurry yanks (sorry Brittany – not you) coming on over to ‘Lunden’ spotting a tube map and thinking:

“How quaint!”

“You know what would be really cool? Let’s call all the meeting rooms after these tube stations, then the Lundeners will like totally see we’ve embraced their culture!”

I’m being mean, I know.

But it also strikes me as being potentially confusing – imagine the emails going round:

Dear All,

We’ve a meeting in Green Park at 10am on Tuesday – please RSVP.

Kind regards

Longtime Google Worker


Dear Longtime Google Worker,

I can make Tuesday’s meeting.

Whereabouts in Green Park? Are we meeting in a cafe or something? Sorry I’m new!

Kind regards

Newbie Google Worker

But perhaps we should move on…

They have a replica old style red telephone box, but it says ‘Googlebox’ rather than ‘Telephone Box’

Erm… Googlebox sounds rude to me… And again they (yep I mean yanks but again not you Brittany) rip off our culture.

Nuff said.

*Tell my family and friends I love them.

Compare the Meerkat – The Bloopers

Hello loves!

Thomas from WordsAboutThings kindly dropped me a link to the latest installment from the Compare the Meerkat campaign – it’s the ‘out takes’ from the ad:

Nice touch, huh?

I have to say, I really think they’ve done well with this campaign. I particularly like the final clip wherein, yet again Sergei – the IT geek at Compare the Meerkat gets the blame. It’s pretty cute, not least because Aleksandr often mentions Sergei when he uses twitter.

Two hours ago he ‘tweeted’:

“Sergei has apologize for looking at naughty website and making me look foolish on my blooper reel. I have password protect my computer now.”

That my loves is how to ‘do’ social media.

Right, I’m now going to go before I disappear up my own social media obsessed backside…