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New ID Makeover & Photoshoot – NOT the Ideal Gift

Ryan, one of the guys in the office where I work has had some issues with this company, so promised I’d blog about it.

So my loves, here goes:

Ryan bought his girlfriend a gift for her 21st birthday – a ‘Deluxe Fashion Experience’ at New ID Photographic Studios in London – 17-18 Margaret Street, London W1W 8RP.

The experience included a haircut, a makeover and a photoshoot. He paid £50 for the ‘makeover session’, and an additional £50 to put towards any photos which she wanted to purchase.

Initially everything was going really well – the hair and makeup was lovely, and she really enjoyed the photoshoot.

They fully intended to purchase a couple of photos – (as a momento if you will) however, at New ID they employ some fairly sneaky selling tactics.

They rolled out the ‘you should really consider modelling’ line.

Buoyed up with a couple of free glasses of bubbly, seeing the photos, and the photographer’s reaction Ryan and his girlfriend (both 21) were swayed a little.

As Ryan’s girlfriend had previously modelled as a child the idea of going back to it didn’t seem too outrageous.

The staff at New ID then went on to suggest that she’d need a portfolio of pictures if it was something that she wanted to pursue…

That was the clincher.

End game is – they fell for it. At a terrifying cost of around £1,400 they decided to purchase all of the pictures. As you’d expect a couple of 21 year olds don’t have that sort of money knocking about, so they took out a credit agreement.

Come Monday – the realisation dawned that they’d been had.

Having called around a couple of modelling agencies they found out that not only was Ryan’s girlfriend too short to model – even if she was taller – she would not need a portfolio to approach an agency. Typically modelling agencies simply require a couple of photos – and it really doesn’t matter how professional or otherwise they are.

Perhaps unsurprisingly – it seems that New ID make it very difficult to get your money back. They claim that the agreement which Ryan & his girlfriend entered into cannot be cancelled. 

To add insult to injury, they then called up Ryan’s girlfriend to ask permission to use her photos for promotional purposes on their website.


Without wishing to sound like a Daily Mail reader, I think that the policies and indeed the behaviour of this company are reprehensible.

Let’s face it, a couple of 21 year olds, who’ve had a really nice day, who’ve been loosened up with the complimentary bubbly are pretty easy prey.

I’m not a lawyer, but it may be that from a legal standpoint their ‘no cancellation’ policy can be upheld.

But this company’s business practise of encouraging young girls to purchase ‘portfolio pictures’ which they do not even need is, as far as I’m concerned, morally devoid.


  1. throbo says:

    I agree with you and think we have a lawsuit on our hands but from the date of your article our window to file a suit is quickly expiring.

    Please send me your information and I will quickly file the papers. I ask for nothing from you, other than the $1,200 filing fee that I need to pay the court.

    Please wire those funds to Wachovia Bank account number 001023456 with routing number 090231453. the name on my account is Johnny Jupiter Esq..

  2. Ugly American says:

    Sure, the company should be shut down. The operators arrested.

    The couple should be banned from having kids or voting.

  3. Hannah says:

    @throbo – you’re funny, but you’re mean… but mostly funny. Anyhow, thanks for stopping by.

    @Ugly American – you’re pretty funny too… but perhaps even more mean 🙂
    Yep, I agree, they were naive, but nevertheless I think the company’s behaved somewhat unethically. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. Michelle says:

    I remember that name, New ID. Myself and a friend also signed up to that £50 makeover promotion after being hassled for ages in the street by an extremely pushy persistent saleswoman. Said woman would not take ‘not interested’ for an answer, and my friend and I, trying to be polite and not push past her and carry on with our shopping trip, got stuck in a conversation with her…

    Anyway, we ended up signing up, regretted it (too expensive) and couldn’t get our money back. Oh, saleswoman also had us sold by saying that we’d get free haircuts and colours included in the price – so we thought it was a good deal – and then after taking our money, pointed out that costed extra!

    We never made it to the photoshoots even, as we were so embarrassed we got taken in. Just goes to show, some people will even lie to you to make a sale 🙁

  5. Hannah says:


    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience of New ID – really sorry to hear you lost money too.

    It seems like New ID routinely engage in these types of dubious sales practices. Hopefully others will read this and be forewarned.

  6. Debbie says:

    me and my friend also fell for the finance agreement and too realised what we had done and wanted to cancel it. have you managed to cancel the agreement? are you still fighting for it to be cancelled? please contact me to pass on any information that may help us do so
    Thank you

  7. Hannah says:

    Hi Debbie,

    It seems as though New ID aren’t budging – and as I understand it legally, they’re ok.

    Sorry to hear you’re struggling with them too. It’s very disappointing to hear that they do this fairly routinely.

  8. pam says:

    4 had photos taken only ordered the free one we were promised at the newcastle branch 14 feb 2009 still waiting for photos. had 2 hours of pushy sales man trying to talk us into potfolios for the 2 teenage girls total rip of should be shut down

  9. Hannah says:

    Hi Pam,

    Thanks for stopping by – the horror stories are beginning to pile up now.

    There are more reviews (in fairness there are some good reviews, but the bad reviews do outweigh the good) on Qype

  10. willow says:

    you do know they write all the good ones themseleves…. feel free to email me for more info

  11. Hannah says:

    Hi Willow,

    That doesn’t surprise me too much, sadly many companies do. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  12. Maz says:

    Yes New ID are very expensive! We went into the branch inside Mothercare Croydon and were sold 5 photos on a CD-ROM for too much money! I’m sure I could have haggled the price down, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

    Their original prices for giving you the images on CD-ROM are outrageous! 1 image for £100, 5 images for £450. I’m sure they do this on purpose so that the prices they then offer seem a bargain in comparison.

    Also, I had to do some photo editing myself on the background of the photos. When they show you on the computer, they don’t zoom right in, so you miss the imperfections which would show on a large print. Definitely check out independent photographers instead.

  13. jess says:

    me and my cousin went to the manchester one yesterday, had a fab day and free vip night out 🙂
    we bought 55 pics on a cd for 500 quid, which we get after we have paid it, made sure we got a reciept and the guy that was selling it to us to sign it.
    it is a legally binding contract if you sign to pay for it so nearly impossible to back out of it, am 19 and i understand this.
    the sales person was just doing there job, i do it in my job, however no-one is forced to buy anything.
    if she didnt want the portfolio 100% why agree to pay for it.

  14. Kate says:

    I took my friend to the newcastle studios for her birthday, got it really cheap initially! but what they don’t tell u is that wen u pay your deposit u are most likely not getting it back. I agreed£140 sale with them so gave them the money, then they decided to show me a receipt that said £190 and had taken my deposit in payment… they are very sneaky and definately have a set up in the order they do things! i will certainly not be recommending them and will discourage anyone from using them!

  15. Lyn says:

    Thanks for this was about to purchase this as a gift for my daughters 21st birthday. Having read these comments – not a chance. At least one rip off averted. Thanks again

  16. Hannah says:

    Hi Lyn,

    Really glad you found this useful 🙂

  17. Karen says:

    OH NO My sisters, my daughter and I are booked in to go the Newcastle studio this Wed (29th). My mum had purchased these vouchers last Christmas for us and i was looking forward to going…..until now! They have already tried the sales act on the phone but i have told them we have no extra money and will not be taking any on the day. I am glad i read up on this now,I hope we manage to get through the day ok!.
    I will let you know how we get on, you never know it may even be an enjoyable day all round!.

  18. Hannah says:

    Hi Karen,

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy the day – it certainly wasn’t my intention to ruin anyone’s experience!

    I think you just need to be very firm with regard to what you are and are not willing to purchase.

    I’m sure once they see that you’re not in the market to be ‘sold’ to everything will be fine.

    I look forward to hearing how you got on and I hope you have a fantastic time 🙂

  19. Abby says:

    A review I recently left on a website.
    HONEST REVIEW:NEW-ID studios Manchester King street
    To start off, myself and my sister are not the types to get easily impatient but when our 6 hour day (ID studios state it lasts a maximum of 6 hours) turned into a 9 hour day of being rushed around,messed around and made to feel miserable, it wasn’t all that great!
    The staff I must admit were lovely- I couldn’t really fault the receptionists and they seemed more than happy to provide us with drinks at different intervals during the 9 hour day. However, if I’m honest, regarding any other job they had to do- hairdressing, nails and makeup- it was just a mess! The hand massage was a simple squeeze on each hand, the nails were filed down in around 2 minutes- they weren’t even done evenly. around 3 layers of nailpolish were applied again in the space of a few minutes- then I was quickly pushed out of makeup which meant I smudged my nails as they were not left to set.
    Without going on into too much detail and boring you with my rant..basically when it came to the treatments which you paid for it was totally rushed, you didn’t feel pampered at all. The only time you weren’t rushed was when you were waiting for hours on end, honestly it was the most tedious thing ever! I was speaking to some others who seemed to wait 10 hours that day for everything to be sorted- they had the same treatments too.
    I think part of ID studio’s mission statement goes something like this:
    ‘First in last out’- regarding customers coming in for an appointment and then leaving. Myself and my sister saw so many people come in and leave well before us! A lady came in at 1pm had extensions put it, hair cut and treated, makeup, nails and photoshoot in the space of around 3 hours! This is how I understand that some people have a fantastic time, because ID studios are so unorganised it may mean that you get treated more frequently than others during the day so of course you’re going to have a better time- that is at others expenses though, like myself and my sisters 🙁 Basically it could be like taking the lottery (sorta lol), you are probably most likely to lose, like me and my sister, which sucks. If you win its amazing- all the bucks fizz you want, being attended to how they have claimed through adverts, it would be fab, but don’t get your hopes up!
    I personally think it is a waste of money…it costs around £1500 for 20 pictures on a CD which you have to go and print off yourself- you have already paid for the makeover and professional photoshoot so what are you paying for? Well, the copy CD with 20 clips/images on. I saw a comment on here saying get the makeover at ID studios- take the free image (not actually likely you’ll get that either) or get the makeover and drive to a park somewhere, take photos of your own. I’d say the makeover is bareable, after that leave! I just hope that they are more organised for other people who might dare to visit ID studios. My advice, STAY AWAY! :):)

    ID studios have been reported to Trade standards now for hard selling and other stuff, apparently the one in Manchester has never been complained about until this case. My sister and I got bullied into paying nearly £400 over a spread of 12 months to pay for 17 pictures on a CD- I mean seriously what were we paying for? We’ve managed to sort out a cancellation of this contract, although this did take a lot of phone calls and letters being sent out. I would not pay for any photos ff this company, i think everyone seems to realise they’ve made a mistake the next day! Seriously just get your free things and leave!!!!!

  20. Abby says:

    on Jul 19th, 2009 at 11:57 am
    I took my friend to the newcastle studios for her birthday, got it really cheap initially! but what they don’t tell u is that wen u pay your deposit u are most likely not getting it back. I agreed£140 sale with them so gave them the money, then they decided to show me a receipt that said £190 and had taken my deposit in payment… they are very sneaky and definately have a set up in the order they do things! i will certainly not be recommending them and will discourage anyone from using them!

    THIS HAPPENED TO ME AND MY SISTER! CHEEKY AREN’T THEY! They didn’t even let us know that the £400 was when the £100 deposit we had put down got taken off the initial price of the 17 photos (in the end we managed to find out the price was £500!!) In discovering this, they lowered the price again. I understand as some people have said that these people are just doing their jobs, but it does seem unethical…at the end of the day, in hidsight I’m like what was I thinking, but when its been a long day you may like a few pictures you just think whatever! When theres a woman not taking no for an answer its hard to get out of it. In response to Jess, you probably didn’t feel the pressure so much as I get the impression you had every intention to buy the images, so I guess you’re not in the same boat as some people. Myself and my sister were focused on just getting our free prints, however this woman just kept going on and on, probably for around an hour. I don’t know about you but was the viewing room tiny? I felt this totally put even more pressure on when they were trying to get us to buy, I just wanted to get it over and done with, I was like fine whatever man!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hannah says:

    Abby – thank you for commenting, interesting to hear they’ve been reported to trading standards – hopefully this might cause them to rethink the way they sell.

  22. Laura says:

    I just have read all the comments and I’m really confused. I bought the voucher for makeover photoshoot for two in Manchester. I still have few days to cancel it and don’t know if I should do that. I am sure that they would not convince me to buy more pictures, but I’m afraid that I won’t get my free photo. I’m really really confused….

  23. Hannah says:

    Hi Laura,

    Obviously, only you can decide whether or not you want to go ahead with the day.

    If you do go, I’m sure you’ll be fine. You’ve seen here that they do sometimes use pressure tactics to sell, but as long as you firmly say no, they can’t ‘make’ you buy anything.

    In publishing this, and the comments of others, my intention was only to ensure that people were forewarned 🙂

  24. Elizabeth says:

    Ive had 2 of these makeovers done now, and have a third one booked in Birmingham, and have had no problems, found it to be a fab experience. Yes, they do do a hard sales pitch (but so would any business!!) and it is expensive for the photos, but you can actually turn around and say no, and just take the complimentary one. I was only 21 when I had the first one, and I understood it all. I’m sorry, but if you’re silly enough not to read all the small print and check out what you’re doing first beforeyou agree to paying anything, then that is your problem – you can’t blame a company for your naievty.

  25. Laura says:

    If I refuse to buy more photos, I may not get that free photo at all:) ‘cos it looks like who buys more photos, gets them on a CD and who doesn’t – waits it to be sent by pos.t

    Is there somebody who didn’t buy more photos and got the free photo after the photoshoot straight away? Did you get back the deposit?

    If I am going, I’m definitely not going to spend a fortune on photos!!!

  26. Elizabeth says:

    I didn’t buy more photos, and got the free one sent through the post (takes about 6 weeks) and my deposit back

  27. lindsey says:

    my two girl friends and I have just come back from the New Id studio in London. We were sold the deluxe makeover package in Westfield – they were doing a 3 for 2 promotion which meant it was £33 each for a haircut, makeup and photoshoot. To be honest, I normally pay more than that just for a cut and blow dry in London so it was a great deal!

    Apart from the early start on a Sunday morning (we got there at 8.45am), they supplied us with free tea and coffee all morning. The ladies in the salon were lovely. I wouldn’t have said that I felt pampered, as it all seemed a bit rushed. There wasn’t all that much consultation, and I had no idea what they were putting on my face! I was hoping for some advice and ideas as I don’t normally wear makeup but I didn’t really get any of that. I only really got to choose my nail colour (no manicure, no filing or basecoat even!) It was also really busy with lots of other people having makeovers so with all the waiting inbetween, it really felt like a production line.

    The makeover itself was hugely fun. There is nothing like a girly session of changing outfits and taking photos! We all giggled at each other posing and really enjoyed ourselves.

    Up to this point, we were all enjoying ourselves and we were really excited to see what our photos looked like. I had paid an extra £100 and we were expecting to take home 2 photos each for that. Unfortunately, this is where the nice experience ended.

    It all started off pretty well. The guy showed us the photographs which were really nice, we discarded the ones we didn’t like and then the salesman started talking ‘packages’. He told us the normal prices (extortionate price of £70 for an A4 print and £50 for a 5×7) and then explained how it was a fantastic deal if we got a package which included the photos on a CD as well as some prints. Only problem was – after taking the discount and the money I paid upfront, it was still an extra £400 per person!! We looked dubious and he kept the hard sell going until the point where I basically said that I was unemployed, my friends were students and we couldn’t afford to pay that money. The charm and friendliness suddenly disappeared when we said that we just wanted the free prints and a couple of extras. He started hurrying us along and the atmosphere became really unpleasant.

    Now I understand that it was his job to try and sell us photos. I expect that, but it is unacceptable to have to endure this kind of hard sell and attitude when you don’t want to accept their offers. It really spoiled the rest of the morning to leave on that kind of note. In the end, we agreed to forfeit the deposit and the £100 pre-payment to take home 6 photos on CD. Not the best deal I’ve ever made but at least we got some master copies of our day and didn’t have to sign up to 4 years of payments…

    To anyone else thinking of going – you should still go – it is fun if you are in a group and you will still get a haircut and makeup. Just prepare yourself mentally and be very firm when you view the pictures so you don’t sign up for something that you don’t want to spend the next 4 years paying for.

  28. Maria says:


  29. Gill says:

    We had a terrible experience with the NEW id STUDIO which was a voucher from
    Our experience has ended up with us contacting the Trading Standards and the Information Commissioners Office.
    To receive this “gift” we had to pay £25 booking fee and recommended to pay for the photos in advance to get them half price so we paid £50.
    We told them we were looking to have 3 or 4 photos, (one free with the voucher, one paid for in advance) and maybe another one or two.
    They took 100 pictures, and were placed in a hot cramp room to view them whilst subjected to some high pressure sales. The price came down from £2000 to £1000 for 30 photos. We were refused the option of going outside to discuss it in private as there was another person was waiting and refused to reduce the number of photos as it would not affect the cost. We were then bullied into paying an additional £800 to have 32 pictures put on CD or to walk away and loose all the money we had already paid including the gift voucher from BUYAGIFT.COM not to mention a wasted morning.
    We got home and looked the CD and the full impact of what we had been subjected to had hit us.
    We then contacted New id Studios for a refund and found out from the Marketing Manager the viewing of photos is not only filmed but audio recorded without our prior knowledge or permission.
    We contacted TRADING STANDARDS OFFICE who informed us of the following:
    High Pressure Sales is a potential legal offence and they have opened a case on them.
    The filming and audio recording is illegal and suggested we contact the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) as it is in breach of the 1998 Data Protection Act.
    New id Studios have 40 days to supply a copy of the filming and audio recording together with their reasons for doing this. If they do not comply within 40 days the ICO will be taking the matter into their hands.
    We have been offered a 50% refund which we are considering.
    Furthermore, when I complained to they endorsed everything New id Studios do which in my book makes them just as bad.

  30. Alison says:

    Wow, this is scary stuff. I am going with my mum, gran and sister to the Newcastle one in 2 weeks. I was looking forward to getting pictures, but there’s no way I’m signing up to any sort of agreement.

    Sister had a makeover in Glasgow last year and got all 38 pictures on disc for £200, was hoping this would be the same – evidently not.

  31. Natalie Betts says:

    We have also told New ID Studios we are contacting Trading Standards. Which Trading Standards did you contact? New ID have not replied to any of our emails about a very similiar experience to the above – dispite the promise on their website to respond within 24 hours. Also won’t reply to our email query about why they have deducted money from our credit card without agreement!!!!

  32. Gill says:

    Hi Natalie, we contacted the Government Consumer Advice for their help ( who then gave us a reference number for our case and said they were contacting the Croydon Trading Standards Office. I understand the Consumer Advice, were taking the matter very seriously.
    I hope this helps.

  33. Haych says:

    This is awful. Its actually made me feel quite sick. I was going to buy the experience for a friend of mine for her birthday, and another one for me and my husband for our 1st anniversary together. I guess I won’t be now. I can’t believe some of you had such an awful experience with this company.

    Any suggestions on alternative companies I could try??

  34. Camilla says:

    I had a horrible experience with them in London. They promise to much and deliver to little.
    The booking fee that they said they’d pay me back…It’s passed 3 months and I haven’t received it. It was the worst and the most stressful day of my life.

  35. Andrea says:

    My husband booked the deluxe package for 2 in London for me as a gift for having our baby son in July. I’m booked in for next weekend and was thinking of taking photos with my baby but after reading about all the hanging around and hard selling approach, I have been majorly put off. I’m thinking of cancelling the session but worried my husband won’t get a refund of what he has already paid (£50 initially plus a £25 deposit).

    Has anyone cancelled before their photoshoot and got all their money back?

  36. Lorraine says:

    Sorry, but I would have to disagree. I loved my New ID experience. Would happily go back to Margaret Street in London’s West End again to have the same.

    If you want to knock a company then it should be Double Take studios in Farringdon, London. Made a total mess of the day and totally screwed my hair up in the process.

  37. Clare Burton says:

    Its been 4 Months now and i still havent recieved my photos. I have rung numerous times and have been told. Sorry your photos still havent been dipatched. I have left London now to go back to NZ and am having big troubles getting throught to them and they keep passing the buck.
    I have paid over 500quid for these photos and still havent seen any show of them.
    I found the photographer to be quite inexperienced. We never got champagne as advertisered- nor a drink for that matter. We were told a manicure was included also which wasn’t. The airconditioning was cranking. When i said it was freezing and that i had goosebumps she said the aircon is controlled by the whole building (as we were below Selby’s) i said can you plz photoshop me and my skin came out purple and blotchy due to the aircon. She said its 20quid a photos.
    I wouldn’t have posted a public complaint but am very annoyed 4 months down the track i STILL dont have my photos, and am still no where with this company… why arn’t they returning my calls or getting back to me? and why wont they send me my photos which are rightfully mine as i have paid for them!

  38. Anne says:

    Please everyone must report this company to trading standards. I had an awful experience with them which is too complicated to explain. I have reported them to Trading Standards.

  39. L.J says:

    I had an awful experience , same as you all. I went with a friend and when forced into a tiny room for the selling she explained she was bankrupt. they said they’d ”try” my credit rating I was approved and they said they’d put her under my booking. What this actually meant as i found out later was under my credit rating, which at the age of 20 is going to cause me alot of future problems. We were denied being able to confir, or have a moment to think. She would not let me read the contract and I asked her to outline in with anything I need to know which she didn;t nor did she explain the amount of interest we’d be paying. £3000 Later . I contacted their H.O as I was standing outside the studio to cancel, said It is non-cancellable. IT HAD BEEN 20 MINUTES. Apparently this is all processed immiediately. I got no money off. i GOT JACK.

  40. saffi says:

    i was thinking of going for my birthday and bringing a friend. other friends have experienced it and their pictures look fab! im starting to wonder if i should go. how many pictures do you get on a free cd and are they good quality? are they thumbnails? do you get a choice of make up and photo sets or do you do what they tell you? overall is it a good experience and would you recomend the fashion shoot for 2?

  41. Veer says:

    Cut your loss now. The day was a complete waste of time.

  42. Haych says:

    Anyone have any alternative recommendations?? Any other companies with a good reputation??

  43. anne says:

    google photshot and do alot of research between companies

  44. kelly says:

    really worried now after readin these comments, got a session booked for december with my best friend that my boyfriend bought as an offer £50 for the day make up, hair etc an a complementry pic, sounds to good to be true now. anyone got there pics so i can see an make up my mind my email is kelly (underscore) e85 (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk or anyone with anything good to say? 🙁 was really lookin forward to it but not anymore.

  45. sam says:

    double take studios ,clerkenwell close london are exactly the same. my friend is having serious issues with them they will not cancel her contract and have lied about the installments being interest free… years back i had photoshoot at covershots..they were fantastic and the price was not bad…..government should lay down some rights to cancel… the staff are paid to be sly…sad lives they must have…xx

  46. Haych says:

    Anybody heard of They’re based in Manchester. I couldn’t find and reviews on them online, good or bad. Which maybe is a good thing.
    I’ve spoken to them and they’ve only been open a year, which may explain the lack of reviews. But their website does look good.
    I’m thinking of going with them now. They’ve offered me a free couples makeover and shoot with a complimentary free photo, and the opportunity to buy more on the day. Sounds pretty good so far. And they’ve assured me I would have a great experience as I stressed I would be coming with my husband on our (first) anniversary. Fingers crossed. X

  47. Manda says:

    I recently received a voucher as a birthday gift to attend a makeover and photoshoot with my mam at these studios, which my partner paid £50.00 for. Before attending the studios I also had to pay a deposit of £50.00 to secure the booking which I was told was fully refundable within 7 days after attendance or could be used against any products we may have wished to purchase. After a long day at the studios (about 6 hours in total) we purchased 11 photographs on CD after a long viewing with an advisor who was adament to sell us more than £1000.00 worth of products. We ended up paying £800.00 for 11 photos in total on CD and were expecting to also receive 2 A4 prints for free as stated on the vouchers. On leaving the premises we realised the order confirmation stated that the £50.00 deposit would not be refunded and had been added to the total along with 11 A4 prints, which we had not asked for, a total of £850.00.

    After realising this I have tried contacting the customer services, who gave me a phone number to call which is a disconnected number, and on trying to call customer services again for over a week could not get through to anyone. I also emailed the company via their website which states they will reply within 24 hours, and am still to receive a reply. I have searched the internet and cannot find a direct phone number for the Newcastle Studios. I also re visited the studios on 28/10/09 and spoke to the advisor who has sold us the products. She said the extra £50.00 was used for the extra prints which we did not want and that I would not receive any refund of the deposit and was realy quite rude to me, funny she was the nicest person in the world when she was trying to get money out of us!

    The whols day was like living in an advert…every product used is practically forced upon you to buy and the sales advisors make it very hard to say no to expensive photos!

    AVOID at all costs…………

    I am reporting these to trading standards.

  48. Christina says:

    I have just been to a makeover photo shoot in New Id studios inside Debenhams, Westfield. I paid £50 deposit for me and my sister and £50 rollover for 2 small prints. Our voucher entitled us for free refreshments, hand treatment, hair and makeup done and an A4 print each.
    Everything ran smoothly till the end when a middle aged man took us into the viewing room. I didn’t like most of my pictures except about ten of them and the same goes for my sister. He tried to sell them all by putting a lot of pressure on us. I have never been subjected to something like that before. His first offer was that he would give me all the pictures on CD + large photo frame, on top of that he would throw in free retouching of all images for £2000 (half price) I explained it was a bit too much so he quickly jumped to calculating how much it would cost me monthly for 48 months if he took all the money I had originally paid as a deposit. It came to £50 a month and I was thinking “no way”. Again I explained it’s too much so he cut it down to £20 pounds a month. I was not happy with the deal and I knew I would never be paying that much. He then started filling in credit forms online to check my credit history by asking for all my personal details including bank details. I hesitated but he reassured me that it was just to check if I am eligible for monthly payments or not. I then told him “I don’t want you to waste your time as I’m not sure about this deal” I was trying to say it in the nicest possible way. He then went on to say that it didn’t matter if I wanted it or not, he was just checking if I was eligible. I didn’t have a job therefore he pretended I had a job “just for the computers sake” but he included I worked 0 years with that made up company. My bank balance was very low and I was rejected. That was a relief for me. He then tried it on my sister (she’s only just turned 18 for gods sake) although she did not bring her bank details with her he insisted she went online on her online banking just to get her account details for the credit history check. Luckily she gave a false name therefore she was rejected too. He was very pushy and I started to get very agitated and wanted to be out of there ASAP. It had already been a long day for us and we just wanted to go home. It was nearly 8.30pm by then and he finally came to ask how much we were willing to pay. I said £200 pounds was the maximum so he went along with that and gave us 10 images on the CD making it seem like he was giving us a great deal. I think the original prices are all made up so they can charge whatever they like. I did not realise that my deposit and rollover money would be included in the price and I would not be getting my free prints until after the deal had already been agreed. All in all, I paid £300 for 10 images on a CD. It was one of the most horrible experiences I have experienced, being grilled in that room and feeling like there was no way out. At the end, the receptionist told me to sign a contract and he only explained that it was to prove that I was 18 or over. I signed it but when I got home and looked at the CD, it had only hit me then that I was probably ripped off. I then read the contract which stated that after signing, I agreed I would not be able to get a refund on the CD. It ruined the whole experience.

  49. Manda says:

    Wow Christina! Look like you got off lightly only paying £200 for 10 pics! We paid £800 for 11!!! I’m sure I have “Mug” stamped on my forhead now.
    I’ve spoken to Consumer Direct (08454040506) and they have said to write a letter of complaint to the company and see where this gets me.
    I urge all of you who have had a bad experiance with these to report them to watchdog: and also to your local trading standards.
    Also, if you would like the address of there head office (Which I’m not 100% sure is the correct address yet as it was given over the phone from their contact number and they have been known to lie) it is:
    2 Lacemaker Court
    London Road
    Old Amersham
    HP7 0HS

    The more people complain and report this company, hopefully the less people will get ripped off!!!

  50. Hannah says:

    I’ve highlighted this blog post and your collective comments to Watchdog – hopefully they’ll decide to go ahead with the story.

    In the meantime thank you so much for sharing your experiences with this company – it’s cold comfort, but if nothing else I’m hoping others are forewarned and forearmed.

    Hannah xxx

  51. Kitty says:

    I had a similar experience with my friend last year at the one in London. My friend was visiting so i thought it would be a nice day out. There was alot of waiting around between make-up, hair and photo shoot which wasnt a big deal but then we got in and the actualy photo shoot was very rushed and a little stressfull.

    The it came to the viewing: we were ushered into a small room with a very rude woman. We looked through pictures and picked the free one we wanted that i had already paid for. Then came the hard sale she said we could have 10 photos for 900 quid. I straight up told her i was a student and couldn’t afford it so they she began on my friend who is not as firm as me. She bullied her for about 5 miniutes with different prices and effects they could put on the photos i knew my friend was going to decline but she didnt want to be rude.

    after another 10 minutes i couldnt take it and took the lady we had somewhere else to be.

    I’m so glad u started this blog as I thought it was a off with me and i was going to book it again for some other friends that are coming to visit me but after reading all this no bloody way !!

    I feel bad for your friends cause it really does ruin your whole experience and it should be something fun and different to do.

    I hope all your complaints go well ! X

  52. Phillipa says:

    I have had a totally different experience with this company and I thought my feedback might be useful to you. I went to the Birmingham branch and found everybody there, especially James the manager, to be really friendly and kind and welcoming and yes I admit I was not prepared for the cost of the pictures but I had a really nice day and I never at any time felt like I was under any pressure to buy more than I wanted to. Yeah I did by more than I could really afford but the pictures were so good it seemed a shame not to have as many as possible. It seems to me there are a few people out there that have had a really good experience with this company and as much as I feel really sorry for people that have had a bad time I think it’s worth a mention that some people have found it to be a great experience. What I have decided to do as it is not cheap is to save up for another make over next year and give what I have saved as a full deposit before I go and then they match that once you are there so that way you can get all of your pictures and its half price and works out to be a good deal. When you consider what you pay out each week or even day on other stuff its not actually that expensive and you get to keep the photos for life. Compared to what my husband spends on smoking its really actually very cheap! I don’t know if the staff have changed or what but from my end it was a great day out and I really enjoyed it and feel sorry that the people that made my day so great are getting really bad press.
    Just thought it was worth sharing with you

  53. Cx says:

    I have had the same problems with no resolve as yet and I have been waiting months for my photographs.

    The added insult is that I have been sent someone else’s photographs. To my disgust, I am now worried that my photographs could be anywhere and other people looking at them. When I called to report this they didn’t seem too interested that I was looking at someone else’s (some partially nude) pictures. This worries me as they also do family portraits and what happens if pictures of your children are sent out into the wrong hands!!!

    I still have the photos so if you had a photo shoot with your mother and have red hair, please get in touch as I would be happy to sort out some sort of joint complaint for breech of privacy?

  54. Jenny says:

    I went to New ID today for a photoshoot session. I had a great day and great pics taken. At first the sales man was offering me photos for £1400 on a cd. These guys are only doing there job. If you don’t want to buy just say no. Quite simple really. I actually found the free bubbly made me feel less worried about saying no lol.

    You need to improve your haggling skills. In the end I got 5 pictures for £200 which is a bargain at £40 each. They were on a cd and retouched so they would have normally been £110 each. Professional photos do generally cost a lot of money. Nothing good comes for free or heavily reduced. It is worth haggling as they want you to part with some money so you might as well get a good deal on it.

  55. nicola says:

    omg i cannot believe what i am reading!!!!! i went yesterday to the one in london…. it was a loooong day we waited round for ages for the make up to be done and to actually get the photoshot done, it didnt really bother ne because i just thought that they was busy, when i finally got to do my photoshoot i thought it was done very quickly but i still had fun!!! hen we had to wait ages to see the photos but i did understand why because you have to see all your photos and then decise which ones you want which is a long process! when i saw my photos i thought they was absolutley brilliant i loves them and wanted them all!!! after abit of thinking and getting the best ones i got 23 photos on cd for 800 which i thought that it isnt that bad 35 a photo only so much a moonth thought brilliant……. when i got home the cd is blank!!! i am so annoyed i rang them up and now i am waiting for them to get back to me! if they have skammed me i wil be going back to london to speak to them in person i cannot believe this i feel like a rite mug i am 20 and got this present from my mum for my birthday!!! i just hope that i havent been robbed i really dont =(

  56. kay says:

    We had a photoshoot in which my two sisters and I were told that we were allowed upto four outfit changes. However as soon as the photographer saw the asian outfits we had brought along he refused to photograph us in them. After much persuasion from my twin sister and I, he allowed the two of us to have our final outfit change but did not allow my elder sister.. We did not like any of the images but the assistant told us she would retouch images as we liked for additional charges. She was very persistaent and even showed us an example of a retouch in front of us on how it would be done. Seeing as we did want some mementos we agreed to it. The images arrived on a cd a month later and NONE of the images had been altered,apart from the one shown to us on the day. The reason we agreed to buy any of the images in the first place was on the conditions that the images would be retouched. We paid approx £600 in total for 18 images and only 1 was retouched. We complained to them and asked for a refund but have been completely ignored. Can anyone help plz?

    (Abby i read ur comments..please could you help me with what I have to do!)
    (sorry hannah!)
    thanksssssssssssssssssssss x

  57. Hannah says:

    Hello my dears – New ID contacted me directly and asked me to post the following comment:

    “In the last 12 months, New ID Studios has undergone a massive development and repositioning in order to be more transparent to our clients, better manage their expectations, avoid mis-selling our services and improve our customer service.

    We shut down the Margaret Street studio in Feb 09 and have relaunched our website with lawyer-certified terms and conditions, print and product sizing with retail prices and demonstration video’s of what a day at our studios entails – as much info as we could put forward to ensure our clients are fully informed before they come to our studios.

    We truly value our reputation and client feedback (good and bad) and have methods in place such as our Customer Satisfaction Surveys to ensure that we fulfil our aim of ‘Constant and Never-Ending Improvement’ across our business.

    We thank all our clients for their honest feedback and have a dedicated customer services team which aim to repair or replace any unsatisfactory products and ensure that all feedback is filtered back to the studio managers to improve on.

    Please feel free to contact us on or our direct customer care lines 0121 634 6621/22/24 should you have any concerns you’d like us to address.

    Take care, the New ID Studios team.”

  58. Steve, Suffolk says:

    Hi, I just wanted to share my thoughts in view of all the negative reviews posted. I must admit, I read the reviews before I went (only by chance however as I googled it to find out where it was and saw the links to the reviews). On reading the reviews I was horrified. This was a present for my wife, who due to a couple of major family crises needed a good experience. We arrived slightly apprehensively but her experience was fantastic. Freindly greeting, very pleasant staff, no waiting around, excellent hair cut and make up, good photoshoot and the sales guy was not pushy about selling the photos at the end. Sure, his job is to sell you those expensive packages but we never were made to feel pressured at all. In fact, we left with the best photo on CD having spent no more than we had budgeted for. Would I do it again…based on our experience – yes without doubt.

  59. Sarah says:

    I am so glad to have read the reviews on here about New Id Studios. I too got sucked into buying a package for £50 (2 for the price of 1, so £25 each) but thought it was a really good deal as my haircut costs around the same price anyway and I was getting all the extras for that price. After booking, I wished I hadn’t as the thing I was dreading was the photos but looking forward to having my hair done, etc.
    A friend of mine said she would come along with me but has heard about a really bad experience from a friend of hers. My sister has also informed me of a work colleague having a bad experience. Rather than feeling pressured and intimidated I think I’m going to cancel the experience and lose the cost of the package but hope to get my deposit back! Wish me luck ….

  60. kelly says:

    Went to london holloway branch, paid additional £50 for photos and were supposed to receive an additional 2 complimentary pics. Yet to receive anything at all. Pushy sales staff, when they realised we weren’t intending to top up any extra cash we were promptly hurried out. In tim from croydon’s words (who was in london branch that day) ” we have other customers here spending a lot of money who take priority!” Complained to head office, calls never returned. Awful company.

  61. rr says:

    hi all, i ordered 2 vouchers off buyagift as they were free, just had to pay p&p. i wouldn’t be buying any prints, just getting the one free a4 one offered. i would have to pay the £25 each deposit though, if I didn’t buy any extra prints would I be forced to forfeit this deposit in exchange for one even though it says it’s just to prevent cancellation? also has anyone had a particularly good or bad experience recently with either the oxford circus or the westfield branch as i need to choose between these two? thanks

  62. Emma says:

    I have been reading the posts on here and i thought i shall put my comment on.
    both myself and my sister have been to NewID in Birmingham. My sister went on 25/07/2009 and she only recieved her photos at the start of 2010 so 5 months waiting! She has been trying so hard to cancel her order but because she went for the credit agreement she was told she couldn’t cancel and they took money from her bank before the album arrived. The album arrived and the photos are terrible! they arent set out correctly and they look stretched!

    I had my photos taken with my boyfriend on 10/10/2009 and i am still waiting for my photos and i am in a dispute with them at this very moment trying to get a delivery date! The customer services manager Emily is rude and doesn’t want to help. I have been waiting for many phone calls from them. I feel there is no one to contact to get it solved and i feel so stuck! Also from looking at my sisters photos i dont think i want my photos anymore!

    its terrible and i don’t think they should be getting away with it!!

    my rant over :o)

  63. june says:

    I went to the NewID London studio last September 09. The sales man was very pushy and convincing and I ended up paying far more than I really wanted for a set of prints and a CD. The CD arrived fairly quickly in the end of October however the prints did not arrive. Since the day the CD arrived I have tried contacting their customer services department with no success. Every time I called the number I was on hold for over half an hour. When I tried calling the sales number and got through straight away (what a surprise), here I was told someone would get back to me. No one got back to me. I called over 5 times and received the same answer however no one ever got back to me no matter what I said to them on the phone.

    Finally I managed to get through to them via email and was told I only paid for the CD. I was fuming. I emailed them a copy of the order form I had which the sales man had written ‘CD & prints’ in is handwriting. I was then told it was not valid as it was not typed! I emailed them back again and was told the matter would be pas on to a manager. After chasing them up 3 times I have still received a reply from the managers. It is now the end of January!! I have paid for both the CD and prints so expect to get what I paid for. They do whatever they can to get your money, then they don’t care about you. The after care is crap.

  64. Louise says:

    My daughter and her friend went to New ID in Birmingham recently, they had the most fantastic day. They are 14 and 15. The photos came out really well, we had an A4 photo included in the price and I paid an extra £50.00 upfront which then paid for another two photos, so my daughter has three wonderful photos (although it was hard for her to pick 3). My daughter and I are going together to have a photo shoot at Birmingham as she really wants me to experience it with her. Just remember to look for the best deals on line 1st – thinkbubble are currently doing a good offer, decide on a budget before you go and pay upfront as that doubles your money (much better value).

  65. Amanda says:


    Maybe a little late to comment, but I am a professional photographer who once worked in the same building under a different name(12 years ago!)
    I know it has changed its name at least three times, but is very likely to be run by the same money-grabbing brothers that owned it then.
    It was the worst job I ever had, but I did learn a lot about posing people!
    Photographers, Stylists and make-up artists were paid a low wage whilst sales staff were paid huge commissions & could work towards holidays abroad etc.
    I can say that running a photographic business is very expensive and it is unfortunate for professionals who are expected to charge so little, as consumers get confused between taking a few pictures to the high st. from their compact camera or mobile phone.
    The business model of this company is not terrible because it’s hard to get any customers if you charge them what you need to run a viable business up front. However, they use extreme and under-hand tactics and they are over-priced if all you get these days is a disc most of the time.
    Please support your local photographers where you can!

  66. MARIE says:

    hi, i have been on 7 of these new id photo shoots and on all except one it was a great day, yes a long day but they do look after you. On one i got 62 photos on cd plus 4 a4 size photos for £450, INCLUDING MY DEPOIT i think the guy was wanting to get off home, so said he would put all the pics taken good and bad on the cd for £450.Yes they do try to get you to purchase more which was my bad experience only because i did not want any other pics and the women relised this got very shirty so i got shirty back and told the manger she was rude. I was with my 3 nieces who felt awkward which made me angry. but except for that one women i can not fault them.All i will suggest is to stick by your guns and only buy what you want. remember you have payed for a service when you bought your voucher and it does not state you HAVE to buy more prints.

  67. lisa says:

    they took 700 pounds from me, they prey on people!

    depending on how you look to them, “poor study aspiring to be model to make some cash” or” desperate women looking for assurance in those pretty shots before she age or being dump recently”, or using “teenage’s so desperately like the pictures so the mom will fork out the cash” types.

    YES THEY DID the oh u look so good, keep some for good memories/ u can look back, so the men how good you look. And BANG, THERE goes my money!

    they are disgusting! they did not bothered to explain on the spot the 14 day money back guarantee dont apply to them so everyone sign it on the spot. only to regret later but cant do anything!


    IT IS ILLEGAL, new id has no right to misled their customer to signing a one way agreement that favor them and disadvantage the buyer.

    Under any circumstance, this agreement is a FRAUD in itself.

    WE SHOULD SUE THIS COMPANY, as it con its customers to sign into a contract to give them money

  68. umi says:

    i wished i have read the reviews before going. now after paying a deposit which i was convinced to spent on the pictures and 800 quid on a cd.

    Upon reaching home, then i realised how expensive it was, but being exhuasted after a day of hair, makeup photoshoot and grilling by the salesman. I really just want my pictures and leave for a rest. when they drop the price from 2000 quid for the 20-30 picctures to 800 quid, i thought i had a great deal.

    Looking back, they are really playing your mind, make u buy things under unfortunately your weakest frame of mind. Its a scam dont go. Still waitng for my cd.

  69. anne says:

    Please, Please, Please everyone who have had a bad experience with this company complain to consumer direct, trading standards watchdog, the citizen advice bureau and the newspapers. The more of us who report this comany owned by Clive and Kelly Coleman then then something might happen to this comany.

  70. Hannah says:

    Hello my dears.

    I’d also highlight that you can also complain directly to the company: or via the customer care lines 0121 634 6621/22/24.

    If you’re not getting anywhere with a specific complaint, let me know – I have a contact there whose address I’ll not post here (because that’s just mean) but I’d be happy to pass your complaint directly on to them.

    You can email me on tzeitelhannahsmith (at) googlemail (dot) (com)


  71. Sandra says:

    Not surprised to hear about eveyone’s bad experiences i’m afraid.
    I worked for New id a few years ago and I did hair and make-up. It was just a conveyer belt and we had a set amount of time to do people in, so it was all very rushed and sometimes I would do up to fifteen people in a day with 10 min lunch break.
    You can hardly do a good job when you are very rushed and the sales people are normally on commision only wages so are very pushy!

    I encourage you to go to a local photographer and they can book a make-up artist and you will have a whole or half day in a studio to yourself and a reasonable priced CD at the end of it.

  72. Hi, I am a Photographer and started my own business called ‘Photo Studio at Home’ last May in Coventry. It was just such an experience that most of the subscribers to this blog seem to have had that inspired me to start my own business offering a fair price for Quality Photography, no over paid salesmen are used to harrass people into buying more than they want ! The customer gets days, even weeks to choose their images online and Print prices approx 80% lower than ‘ID’
    I paid for a experience day with the Birmingham studio for my Partner and luckily I got back to meet her at the end of the day just as she was being taken in for the hard sell, she told me at the start of the day that she was quite happy to just take the one photo that was included in the offer.
    I could not believe how manipulative the salesman was, after refusing one package after another he said ‘ look, don’t you think you should consider buying more prints, after all the time and effort we have put in to produce them’ like it was some sort of freebie we had or something. I could not believe that he managed to persuade my partner to part with another £60 for a 10″x8″ print, in fact when we got home she was bemused as to how she had spent such a sum on 1 print, and then to cap it all it took 12 weeks for the prints to arrive and nothing too impressive about them either, in fact 18 months on and they are still in the package.
    So, take it from me and book one of your local photographers who will give you a much better service, cost a lot less, and you will treasure the photographs forever !

  73. Elizabeth says:

    My friend and I were conned this month, I paid the initial £50 for two of us to get the works. I then paid the REFUNDABLE £50 deposit and we pre pair another £50 (which would be doubled to use on the day for £100). We did not receive a free print, were bullied and harassed to try and set up a direct debit to pay for the photos on CD. We were forced to pay an additional £50 on the day (NO refund on the deposit) and a CD with 4 photos on and NO free prints.

    Has anyone had luck trying to complain? I am going to go to the ends of the earth to get compensation, this has to be illegal!

  74. anne says:

    I wish you luck getting compensation. I did not
    get it after an awful experience with New ID
    who is owned by Clive and Kelly Colman. They employ people to misrepresent their services and products and grab as much money as possible from customers. Then, the after care from customer services is disgusting. Once they have your money, they treat people with no respect.

    May I suggest you telephone consumer direct on 0845 404 05 06, write the letters they advise you to do and send recorded delivery to New ID Experiences, 2 Lacemaker Court, London Road, Old Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP7 0HS. If you have no reply from New ID, go to the citizen advice bureau who can help you with the small claims court form. In the mean time, write to your trading standards, watchdog and the newspapers.
    The more people who complain and report New ID to the above, hopefully, they will be named and shamed on TV and in the newspapers to warn other people they may get ripped off like ourselves!!!

    Look at the bad reviews on New id experiences on Face book.
    If you google ‘photo shoot companies in London’ you can see more bad reviews on New ID. It is a shame New ID are taking the custom away from the GOOD companies with the GOOD reviews which you can also see.

  75. Michelle says:

    I’m going to sue them! This is ridiculous! Has anyone got any money back!? My order arrived incorrect (wrong pictures) and apparently it’s not their fault! I paid thousands for them! They will not get away with this!!!

  76. Mary says:

    18th June
    I went to a New Id Studio. I was kept waiting 4 hours for the photo shoot after the makeover and spent over 8 hours there. They offered me a free make over in way of an apology and I rebooked with my mother and sister, but was required to pay £25 deposit for each of us. On the day of the appointment I phoned to say that I would be a little late (20 min) and was reassured that this would be fine, On arrival I was told that I would have to rebook. On calling customer services to re-book and spending nearly an hour waiting on the phone, she was told that the deposit would be refunded within 7 days. 2 weeks later and many hours and upset on the phone the deposit still has not been refunded.

    If you are not put off using New ID Studios then only do so if you are content to lose your deposit, they are disorganised, rude and will look for any excuse to add to costs and take your deposit.

    I have been very restrained in my writing here I think the company is the worst I have dealt with.

  77. Lisa says:


    I have had an absolute nightmare with New ID Studios.

    I booked an appointment for myself and a friend; it was already paid for from last, at £10 each I thought it was a steal. I booked our appointment for Sunday 6th June at the Wimbledon studios. When I booked I was told they needed a £50 refundable booking fee and that I had the chance to purchase a double money offer. The lady on the phone, Aneesa, said that I will get this refunded to me on the day if I did not like the photos. I asked her 3 times this question and she always said ‘yes, you will get it refunded to you on the day’. At this point it all seemed to be going very well.

    A week or so before my appointment I received a voicemail saying that the studio I had booked my appointment for had been shut and they were relocating me to another studio. I called them back and they said that the original time I had it booked it for also had gone and they only had really early or late bookings available and it would be at Oxford Circus. I found this very inconvenient and could not do another weekend as my friend was going travelling the week after and this was a fun girly day out for both of us. I do not live in London so this was very inconvenient. In the end I settled for very early booking and decided to drive up to save the hassle of an hour and half train journey.

    When I got to the studio the sales lady, Natalie, was very pushy. I then told her what Aneesa said and she laughed at me and said I don’t think that would be the case. She then got very annoyed and left the room very rudely. I then spoke to the manager (or so he said he was the manager there) Patrick. He was very polite and friendly and said that they do not do refunds at the studio and that the only way of me receiving a refund was to call customer services. I have only just had time to call the customer services line as I called them on a Saturday and they said that they are only available during the week from 9am to 5pm, these are the times I am at work. I have also been away with work. I spoke to Nadia or Madia Zasar and she informed me that there is no way I would be getting a refund on this as it is company policy that thee roll over is only refundable after 7 days. I asked to speak with her manager who she said was Emily several times and she said different things on different occasions. She finally decided that Emily was in meeting, I then asked for Emily’s direct line and she gave me 0121 634 66 22. I called this number on several occasions and Nadia answered. I hung up the phone every time Nadia answered. I then tried about 10 mins later and Emily answered. I explained my story to Emily and she told me that again there is no way they can refund me. I said that I wasn’t told that it was only refunded after 7 days and that I had been told a completely different thing.

    Also they still have not refunded my £50 refundable booking deposit. Emily informed me that this will be refunded to me this afternoon but somehow I do not believe her.

    I believe that New Id Studios are giving out false information to its customers and taking them for all they have. I am at my wits end with New Id and really don’t know where else to take this. Please can you help me or point me in the right direction!!!!!!!!!

  78. Joanna says:

    It’s a relief to read all these comments. I had a really bad experience a few weeks ago.

    As with most people who’ve written here to complain, I was bullied into buying photos I didn’t want, signed a direct debit which they didn’t tell me was a credit loan agreement and gave me a cd which I can’t return.

    I only wanted 4 pictures which I paid for in advance and ended up buying 20 which I didn’t want.

    I’ve contacted Consumer Direct and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, as well as writing to New ID whose only response has been ‘you can’t cancel your contract’.

    Any suggestions as to where I go from here? I do not want to pay for photos and neither wanted or could afford – and I did mention this at the viewing appointment. That’s when they tell you how reasonable £15 a month for the next 4 years is!

    I would strongly recommend you do not go to New ID for a makeover or photoshoot. It’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll certainly never forget.

  79. Fooled says:

    I had the same issue. They used some really harsh tactics and made me purchase the photos for £500. I was not able to come out of that contract. I also got the original copy before they “claimed” to photo shop it. There was no difference in the two. I feel like a fool for buying it and regret every moment of it! i could have used that money for better things. P.S. the make was rubbish. i could have done a better job on it. so pls pls pls think twice before you go with them..

  80. NEW ID CRAP says:

    I agree with all the above New ID Studios STINK. voucher ordered through Nectar points. Worse decision I ever made and am £400 poorer. A session in November 2009 and Ive still yet to receive photos that Im happy with. Report them to trading standards. biggest crooks going

  81. citizens helper says:

    To post numbers 75 – 80
    like Anne wrote in post 74:-

    May I suggest you all telephone consumer direct on 0845 404 05 06, write the letters they advise you to do and send recorded delivery to New ID Experiences, 2 Lacemaker Court, London Road, Old Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP7 0HS. If you have no reply from New ID, go to the citizen advice bureau who can help you with the small claims court form. In the mean time, write to your trading standards, watchdog and the newspapers.
    The more people who complain and report New ID to the above, hopefully, they will be named and shamed on TV and in the newspapers to warn other people they may get ripped off like ourselves.

  82. Ula says:

    I had my photoshot done in New Id Studios based in Westfield Shopping Centre in London. I bought a voucher for 25 pounds and supposed to have a haircut and hairstyle, professional make-up and then pictures taken. 1 printed picture was in that deal.
    When I went there, I was greeted by my “hairstylist” – unfriendly, miserable man, that hardly touched my hair at all. after his professional haircut and hairstyle my hair looked like I’ve washed them 2 days ago, and then I just turned up like this after waking up. I have naturally curly hair, not extra extra curly, but still curly and when I complained to him about what he has done, he answered that my hair just aren’t curly on the top. he left them still a bit wet, saying that if he dries them they’ll get frizzy, what is absolute nonsense and told me that if I’m still unhappy after my make-up being done I can come back and he would do something more. What exactly could he do when they got dry and he turned them into wavy hair. Anyway, I was really upset about that.
    Then time for my make-up came, and lady after asking me what kind of make up I want, started to put foundation on my face. What they do is really unhygienic, she put foundation on back of her hand and then put it on my face. When it came to applying mascara, she had no clue how to do it. I have long eyelashes, and when I do it by myself home every day they’re always up,curled and not clumped. The way she apply mascara was putting in from top to bottom, putting my eyelashes down, it looked like i didnt have eyelashes at all, they were all clumped together, and when I told her that it’s not really nice, she told me it’s my eyelashes that go this way. Really? have you ever seen eyelashes going down on your eyes? I haven’t! Definitely not my one. Photoshot itself was nice, photographer was a nice person and knew what to do, and how to do it. But still I was really unhappy with all experience. If you want ur photos done in there hairstyle ur hair first and do your one make up first!

    When I was booking my appointment on the phone, lady suggested that I should pay some money then, so they can be doubled on the day, giving me more pics. I did that, and after I had to buy pictures that I didn’t like, because they wouldn’t refund that money. Even tho I told them I wasn’t satisfied with my hairstyle and make up, and because of that those pictures looked like a normal every day pictures, instead of pictures from professional photoshot.

    New Id Studios in Westfield is definitely a huge NO NO!

  83. Sharon says:

    Hi – trying to get the issues with NewID studios known about in the big wide world. Have started a group on Facebook called “Experiences @ NewID Studios”, please add your experiences!

  84. Anne says:

    Hi Sharon
    New ID Experiences was on facebook with ALOT of complaints to warn people what could happen if they decide to go there. After I had mentioned about it (re number 74) someone deleted the facebook page.

  85. Nat says:


    I have a fashion makeover photoshoot booked for 29/09/10 so wish me luck.It was a leaving present from work so I unfortunately could not refuse. So far I have paid the £25 booking feed and £50 deposit both of which i have been informed can contribute to the cost of my photos on the day. I am intending to pay £120 before the day so I can have £240 in total on the day.

    Having read this I am somewhat scared but can not back out now so here is my plan:

    1. Pay the £120 before attending
    2. Move all money out of my debit account so the balance reads £0. Reason being I will take it just in case they refuse me my photos coz I do not have the card used.
    3. During viewing session say point blank what i do not like and then when she starts offering me the packages- take the one i want and insist that I do not want anymore and that if she continues to threaten I WILL contact the consumer direct and report erm to watchdog.
    4. READ document all documentation passed onto me before signing.
    5. Get what I want then run a.s.a.p

    WISH ME LUCK GUYS!!!! I will keep you posted on the coming events and how my photoshoot goes.xxxx nnm

  86. Julie says:

    I am really quite shocked to read about all of these dreadful experiences because I had a really lovely time with New ID and didn’t experience any of this awful hard sales thing at all. My friend had used them previously and told me how much she enjoyed it and I went to see her picture and was so impressed with them that I was quite happy to put down a 250 pounds deposit because the deposit doubles on the day and you have twice as much to spend on the picture and I knew I was going to want them anyway.
    I don’t know if I am just different to other people but I don’t really understand how you can be forced into buying anything that you don’t want. It seems to me that a lot of people just give in and pay and then come away looking for a way to get their money back. Would it have not been better to simply stick to your guns and not pay up in the first place?
    I do understand that some people can get intimidated by sales people but they are only doing their job at the end of the day and if you just keep saying No I don’t know where they can go with that.
    The lady that showed me my pictures was lovely, she went through them and I gave a yes or no to each of them until I got it down to the ones I wanted to buy. She gave me options of being able to buy more on different deals but I knew how much I had to spend, I told her that I would not go over and above what I had budgeted for and that was that. I think you just need to be firm and stick to what you can afford.
    If you really don’t have enough money to buy pictures and got pushed into paying more than you could afford because you really wanted the pictures then that is a different matter and again I don’t think the sales staff are to blame.
    I feel really sorry that so many people have not enjoyed their makeovers, I really enjoyed mine and found all of the staff to be very helpful and friendly and they day went according to plan and the pictures turned up when they said they would. I used the Birmingham branch as was more than happy with the experience and the way I was treated.

  87. Noname says:

    I’m really sorry you guys had a bad experience but you want to try working for them. I worked for thinkbubble who are promotional people for New ID with extra’s, but it’s more or less the same price. They are the worst company I have ever worked for. They sold me the job on the basis that they have proper stalls in shopping centre’s but literally all you do is turn up at shopping centre’s and uni’s and try to grab people to buy off you. I felt awful like I was begging and because the company had no license to sell without a stall we often got kicked off site because it’s illegal and I felt like I was lying to people needless to say I didn’t stay long. Plus the fact the sales people are on 100% commission and if you don’t hit your daily target in a day then you had to go all the way to Sutton Coldfield that day to explain why, that’s why they are so pushy! Awful crooks, plus they owe me money! Don’t Buy from these people, if your serious about modelling then join sites like and get your photo’s done for free on a time for print basis. No make up all hair done but a bit of experimenting you can master it yourself or drag a friend along. I agree with you all, take them dowwwwnnn!!!!!!! 🙂 x

  88. Disgusted! says:


  89. Unsure :/ says:

    Ummm i brought a package from the Uni that i go to, and for £50 i got a makeover day (with newID studios (manchester), a Vip Night Out and a paintball day. im now (after reading all the bad comments) im worried that i will not get the deposit back (wen i pay it wen i book) – i havent booked yet.. and im worried bout not getting the free photo. i will not be buying any photos cuz i cant afford it ( i couldnt really afford buying this but the sales woman kept talking, and i dont know why but i cuddnt say no lol)…so basically im just worried, and is there any point in me going???

  90. Abbie says:

    @ Unsure i actually had a makeover with new ID 2 weeks ago and i had a great time however my mom payed for it using vouchers that you can get with tesco clubcard points. but the year before a woman from thinkbubble stopped me and my friend in the street and she offered us the same package as what you have mentioned (VIP night out, paintball and makeover etc) and bing a bit niave we took her up on it. she told us that we could cancel if we decided we werent interested and after a week my friend phoned up to cancel and they said that was fine then a month later they sent a letter to my friend threatening her that they would take her to court if she didnt pay the money. In the end my friends dad ended up getting involved because he works for the local council and they didnt have a license to be selling on the street and also me and my friend were only 17 so it wasnt actually legal. the makeover was great but if you want to do it i would go straight through the website rathr than off someone in the street. me and my friend almost ended up paying £200 each because of the scam.

  91. Miss B says:

    I worked for New ID as a nail technician. As Sandra has said, we were given very little time to complete each client (10 mins for file, hand and arm massage and polish). I hated it as I had been trained to always be thorough and meticulous and left after 11 months. I had the misfortune to deal with Clive Coleman just after I left as I had an issue with the studio, and believe me, the guy is an prize idiot! Maybe the fake tan got into his bloodstream……

  92. Susan says:

    What a joke! My friend and I were expecting a great day out but were kept waiting for the entire day and only offered one drink at the very start of our visit!

    We were happy with the photos that were taken (although they are well over priced) we purchased a CD containing 11photos for £250! Three months later we still haven’t received these photos. Customer services have been extremely unhelpful and all they could offer was sending me the CD out again (how many times have they told me this though).

    If you are thinking of going to any of these studios, THINK AGAIN!!! Not worth the stress or money!!!

  93. Linda says:

    I am so glad i found this site as i was about to book one of these makeover sessions for my daughter.Many thanks to all of you and i hope these crooks get sorted once and for all.

  94. Helen says:

    I am really doubting using this company now! I’ve got a free makeover and photo shoot session with 1 free print using 02 top-up surprises. When I called, a man assured me that the day would be fun and that I need to leave a £30 deposit that will be given back to me if I do attend the photo-shoot. I chickened out at the last minute of booking because I really didn’t feel comfortable given my credit card details to them. Do you think they will actually give me back the £30? And also do you think it would be easier to visit the Oxford st. branch myself and book manually? Thanks, these accounts really show what crooks some companies are!

  95. Sally K says:

    Awful company, awful staff. Apparently re-branding at the moment to hide thieir bad reputation.

  96. Boneo says:

    Just to add insult to injury, it appears the Manchester based company have resorted to barging there way into local businesses , mainly offices, hunting down women who maybe looking for a special day bargain! So they say. I work in chorley and we had a visit today from one of their sales girls. She must of thought it was Xmas when she opened the office door to find 6 women for her to pounce on! She started talking very quickly and emphersising every buzz word to try and hook one of us in. Gve out her little brochure she brought along too which stated various ‘special offers’ it all sounded great, I was even asking questions and was mildly interested myself. Until I aske the question ‘ is there a website or number I can call to pre-book?’ to which she replied ‘ well what I need to do I’d fill this form with your card details or take the cash from you today!’
    NEedless to say she got showed to the door very quikly indeed, one word for this company….. Dodgy!

  97. Kelly says:

    The photo shoot went fine until the VIEWING when this is where things got tricky. We were put in a small room with a computer and saleswoman. We were shown the photos and told to pick our favourites, the lady edited them as we went through them, putting special effects and brushing out spots and background imperfections. We got it down to 55 images to which the sales started: two images are free! Ok, we would prefer a cd with the images on to use in the future as well. She replied: ‘erm, its £100 PER IMAGE on cd’ Yes I was shocked to say the least thats £5,500 for these 55 images on a cd which will take them 5mins to produce!!!!! Needless to say thats when i laughed and said to my partner ‘this is a con, lets go!’ to which the sales lady replied: ‘we delete these images if they are not purchased now’ My partner was gutted. Sales lady then explained that she could do it for £2,200 and said for that if you want photos too you can buy this frame that fits 14 photos, and the one in the middle is a usb digital one that shows them all one by one, and then u can have the cd for free. It takes 8 weeks max for delivery so you will even have them before xmas for your family! (it was the end of October). My partner insisted he was happy with this and wanted this cd, and he would pay the £50 a week finance, and i was to use my money and the £50 booking fee as a cash deposit. We walked out after signing a contract for £2000. NOW 10 weeks later: no Frame or photos just the CD. Phoned the customer services (JOKE more like ‘customer fob off services’) who said they are sorry and they will sort it and they will let me know when the item is despatched. I phoned Trading Standards who explained to me they breached their own contract by not delivering within their stated time, and i was entitled to cancel and get a refund for the £2000 frame. Phoned customer services again and explained that due to the xmas present not ariving by xmas we want to cancel the order as it is too late to be an xmas present. The customer services just kept repeating ‘you cannot cancel it is against our terms and conditions of contract and we will not cancel and you must pay anyway’ I explained that they breached their own contract so i have every right to cancel and deserve a refund according to trading standards. I will take legal action as I still have not recieved my frame despite email saying it has been despatched.
    PRINTED ELSE WHERE re following prices:-
    5″x5″ £0.24
    8″x6″, 9″x6″ £0.35
    10″x7″, 10″x8″ £1.19
    A4, 12″x8″ £2.49
    8″x8″ £1.35
    12″x5″ £0.99
    12″x10″, 15″x10″ £2.99

    Also photo frames cost £5.50 in shops.
    CD on a disc from other photograpic companies cost £10.

  98. Gemma says:

    visited new id studios myself and partner , i have read all the terrible reviews and i can HONERSTLY say i think these people have just had a change of heart after paying ! from the time i arrived at the front door i was greeted by a lovely recpetionist who took me and explained about the full expereince and about what was happening, i then went in to hair and my cut was FAB !! atmosphere with all staff and clients was amazing i felt so special, iam now booking in as a regualer client ! i have never known a salon to be as welcoming as these this is what u call a service with a smile and brill;iant attitude! HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THE STAFF IN NEWCASTLE ! I WILL DEFFO BE BACK !

  99. Robert says:

    Unfortunately a lot of this goes on in photography. This is due to folks not wanting to pay a professional photographer their true rate. Everyone wants a bargain understandably.

    To do a proper service as above you would need, say, 1 hour each for makeover, photography, selling, image preparation and delivery. That’s 5 hours, then you need to add overheads; equipment, premises, advertising, book keeping, vat, insurance and all the other things needed. These all have to be paid for, that cannot be done on a £25 sitting fee – everyone needs to make a living.

    5 hours at say £25 is £125 and then add in the overheads, so the session above is probably a true cost of £200. The cost of printing these days is minimal, so you are not paying for prints, its the time and overheads. It’s the same as when you get your car serviced, the parts very often are minimal cost, it’s the time and overheads you pay for, you pay £2-300 for a service that takes an hour and has parts that cost around £35 to the garage.

    Now how many of you would have signed up to the session at £200, knowing this up front, not many I guess. This is why they use these tactics and quote a low offer price, to get people in to sell to. The offer is also too good to be true.

    I am not condoning their tactics at all; they are not what I would like to subject folks to or recieve. I think that they abhorrent.

    I have been a photographer for 25 years, I quote how much someone has to pay right at the start, so I know I will get what I need to earn a living, pay my costs and the potential client knows they can afford it and want and are willing and able to pay that amount. In fact clients pay me in advance.

    A similar service from us to the above, in Newcastle area, without the makeover, but with 25 images on CD, five 10×8 and one 15 x 12 enlargement from a two hour sitting all included is £160. There is about four hours work in this for me, the two hours is just the start. When I worked in London the price was 50% higher due to the higher overheads.

    Many potential clients when they realise what the costs are will not go ahead. However then they go to these offer places and get carried along with the hype and then pay far more than they can afford or would have paid with a reputable photographer and paying them properly. A reputable photographer will always give a quotation and inform you of the costs upfront, if they don’t or won’t, beware.

    My advice when seeking photography; know what you are going to get for your money up front and if it seems like too much of a bargain, be suspicious and expect the heavy intense hard sell afterwards. Don’t assume anything is included.

    I wish everyone on this post good luck in getting your money back – you deserve it, you have been misled.

  100. Louise says:

    I have to say I agree the experience can be quite horrible on certain days, especially weekends, I would recommend visiting on a weekday at the begining of the month. When it comes to the viewers stand your ground, it’s their job to sell and they have that job because they are very good at mulipulation. Everyone has bad days and the people working at new I’d aren’t any different, the employees are treated as bad as the clients, they have fixed up recently with their clients tho

  101. Jen says:

    Overpriced is a real understatement. My friend recieved this as a gift so we went along thinking it’ll be a fun day and we’ll get 1 nice photo of the two of us (we’re both strapped for cash so intended to be strict). turns out the free photo isn’t allowed to be of both people so another £50 went on two more photos’ so we could have one each and one together (that was haggled to half price)….I must admit the photos were fantastic and we had a great day, but spent the next 2 months feeling sick after spending £750 for 18 on disk, I’m torn, I love the experience and having the pictures id wonderful but I’m so angry that it costs so much money, they know that when an average person see’s themselves looking like that it’s easy to persuade

  102. Stacey says:

    Please DO NOT DEAL with this company. They steal your deposit. I had my appointment on 20/3/11 and it has been 2 months since they promised to refund mine within 10 days of appointment. It is our choice to say NO to expensive photographs but for them to not refund our money back as they stated they will, is stealing. I had spent countless phone calls to be told same line “2-3 business days” and to just be frustrated that no money has been returned. I have given up now but I do wish when this happen to them or their children in the even of money being taken away, they will not sleep well at night. Karma. Clive and Kelly the owner should really be ashamed of themselves and their staff disgraceful.

  103. connie li says:

    ive been the new id manchester once. my experience was really bad. one of the main reasons was i felt the staff was pushing me to spend money there especially when selecting the photo in front of the computer with ‘photoshop’. the women was pushing me to take her deals even if i was continued to say no. myself is skilled of photoshop, i really don’t think those photos wealth that much money! at the end, i still ‘have to’ spend like £10 for one of my photos by post which was supposed to be free. but i did not received my photo at the end.

    my experience of hair cut was nice, i like that style very much! but i forgot the stylish name :((((

  104. Dawn says:

    I wish I had seen your website before I had this awful experience with New id studios at debenhams in westfield shopping centre.It looks like this has been going on for a long time reading this blog.Its about time they were stopped.
    I was shopping at Westfield Shopping Centre in Jan 2011 whilst in the store I was approached by a young man who worked for New id studios.I was offered a Deluxe makeover photo shoot for £30 which sounded exciting to have my hair, makeup and photo taken so treated myself to it. in May2011 I had the appointment so was very excited as it was going to be my birthday treat the week before, well it turned out to be a nightmare of expense I didn’t expect. When I booked the appointment I had to pay a deposit of £25 to secure my appointment in case I cancelled.
    I had my hair cut by a nice girl but she wasn’t very professional, an average haircut that my hairdresser does a better job of, than for the makeup, I had some makeup on which the girl said looked very nice and wasn’t really going to take it off but I insisted, so she took it off except my eye makeup as she thought I did it so nicely she just enhanced it, then came the photo shoots, I had to change in the same room 4 times whilst the photographer kept going out to give me privacy. no proper changing rooms.
    She took about 45 photo’s, then came the viewing….I had initially told them I only want a free print which was the offer as I am currently unemployed, the girl kept showing me all my photo’s and kept saying I looked good in all of them and did some air brushing on few with a click. she whittled it down to 30 for me and went on to some kind of credit site and worked out that I pay £13.28 for 48 months I was absolutely shocked but she carried on saying its only £13 a month and was cornered into agreeing with it despite my financial situation. The details she entered on the credit company about my employment was for my previous employer which in itself is fraud to obtain credit for me, The company I worked for was 11years ago and few years ago went into liqidation and it was in the news, I clearly said to her I am unemployed and she told me that the finance company will not check and she does this all the time…. and was rushed into signing the agreement to something for which I wasn’t given time read,explain or think about. I asked her about my £25 deposit and was told I owe her another £25 as they require 10% deposit for the photo which were £500.I had to pay another £25.00 before I left.She quickly printed out the disc and gave it to me. I can’t believe how Debenhams allow a company who take advantage of their customers being duped into signing a long term credit agreement contract, I feel I have been conned by New id studios into something I will regret paying for the next 4 years. I am struggling to pay my bills as it is and have been taken advantage despite my telling them I am unemployed and this was meant to be a treat for me, it turned out to be a nightmare.
    The company used is Creation Consumer Finance them and read more horror stories about them too.
    I have been in touch with debenhams as I was their customer, consumers direct,citizens advice bureau,office of fair trading,financial ombudsman,watchdog and will be writing to media to stop this company operating for so long,taking advantage of getting them to sign into contract to give them money and get into debt with finance company who are in it together.
    I tried to cancel my credit agreement within 14 days in writing to the finance company, they have refused to cancel and denied receiving my letters which were sent recorded delivery, I cancelled my direct debit and now had threatening letter that if I don’t reinstate my direct debit they will debit my account with £30 admin fee, I have reported this to Financial Ombudman…they are looking into it, Wrote letter of complaint to New id Studios someone by the name of Nadia called me saying I cannot cancel my order as i had agreed to their terms and conditions when I signed the agreement and offered me a free voucher for makeup to con me again, so told her not interested.
    Its important that all people affected by this company should take action and report them don’t give into them, they are bullies we all need to stop other people getting conned.

  105. Emma says:


    I noticed you have stated that other companies offer photos on a cd for much cheaper, can you recommend any?? I have one of the vouchers for me and my friend but I’m thinking twice about going now 🙁

  106. Khan says:

    Nope, they haven’t changed!!

    We went to New ID Birmingham on Sunday 5th June 2011 and I can confirm they are still using the tiny sales rooms. The same sales pitch about arranging an installment of £3000 between students and unemployed people. The sales woman turned nasty as soon as she realised our budget and refused to airbrush my pictures, which she initially offered to do.

    We bought 12 pics on CD for £350, because we were told there was copyright on the prints and the CD would give us full flexibility with the pictures. We brought the CD home, pics looked lovely even at home. Then went to get the CD pictures printed, but find that there is copyright on the CD!!!!!!! and we need a copyright certificate before we can print, which apparently costs extra :-S.

    Im going today to get half my original package completed, the haircut and hair dye was left out on the 5th because of their mistake, which is long story, so annoying that I have been up all night reading reviews on New ID and I spent an hour writing a long review on this website, which I accidently deleted a few minutes ago, so now your getting a summary version so that anyone that thinks they have changed, knows that they haven’t! My sleep is precious, so imagine now much they have annoyed me to be doing this at 6am!

  107. kat says:

    I have had a bit of a time with this so called “reputable company” and I haven’t even stepped foot in their studio yet!
    I initially bought 2 vouchers for £60 from one of their street reps as a gift for my friends birthday, after going on-line and seeing the same deal for £50 I had a feeling the sales man had ripped me off. Secondly I received a phone call from one of their agents prompting me to make my booking as they were filling up pretty quickly, she told me there would be no available appointments until October. I told her as these were a gift for a friend I could not confirm a date but I would call her back. On returning her call, she informed me that I had been entered into a draw and won 4 places for the makeover.. which of course I was over the moon with (at the time!). She told me there would be a £25 booking fee and any money I put down for photos would be doubled on the day. To this I replied, no thanks to giving unnecessary money but was reassured the £25 booking fee is fully refundable 7-10 days after I visit the studio.
    A few days later I received a letter from my bank saying because of a direct debit of £100 made, my account was now over drawn and was being charged £60. Straight away I phoned their offices and made a complaint as I was told it was £25.. not £25 per person otherwise I would not have made the booking at that time as I knew I didn’t have £100 in my account. The silly inexperienced customer service girl could not understand why I was furious at being charged money for someone else’s negligence or disability to do their job properly. I asked for head office’s address, which she gave, but now I’m starting to think she made it up as it was a po box address. I wrote a very angry letter of complaint, but now after reading these comments I know I will not get anywhere with them. Some people have had a much worse experience than mine and nothing has been done. It makes me sick to think there are such dishonest people in the world, who deliberately prey on young women, knowing if they hit the right buttons they will get what they want.

    My booking has been made for 30th june, so I then need to wait until mid July to get my £100 back that was wrongly taken from my account?! If I ever get it back that is! I have never felt more cheated in my life and I truly don’t even want to go for my makeover now. I will not rest until I get every penny back. Has anyone else had any luck getting justice over these con merchants?

  108. Shaz says:

    Hey everyone.

    Iv not had time to read every review on here but I have had a difficult situation with New Id – Glasgow. We had a great wee day, purchased photos. For the past 3 weeks + I have been arguing with them as they sent me photos of young girls partially naked!! I have still to receive photos of me. I am horrified. Any idea what I can do – anybody else discussed this company with Trading Standards?

  109. Mark says:

    Gosh, I wished my wife had known about this site before she was pressurised in the Manchester store to buy £500 worth of photos that frankly aren’t very good – retouching not done properly.

    Her story is much the same as others on here so I won’t go over all the details again. But having complained and been told effectively to go away I decided to take direct action so to speak.

    This morning (Saturday) I arrived, suited and booted outside the Manchester store at the crack of 10:40, so undoubtedly some customers were already in there. I had pre-printed leaflets pointing people to both this site and another prominent one and managed to speak to four of the five customers who went in over a two hour spell (not much footfall but at the prices they charge/extort I suppose there doesn’t have to be). Generally it was Mum and daughter together or two younger girls together; they were easily distinguishable by the fact they had large bags with them for the change of clothes they had been told to bring. All were there having paid £50 via Red Letter Days etc for two haircuts and one photo. None suspected what was about to hit them, so appreciated the time I was taking on my Consumer Advice duties!

    I was careful just to give them facts rather than opinions and pointed them in the direction of the two websites. Those with smart phones could read the reviews in the shop whilst waiting to be dealt with!

    All said they would not be bullied or harassed into buying additional photographs, no matter what was said. At a conservative estimate this is going to cost the shop at least two grand this morning alone.

    When the shop owner realises how much his takings are down tonight he will wonder what is going on. Well he won’t actually because I left my poster blutacked over his nameplate outside! So who is behind this he’ll think and why? I’ll mess with his head (and his wallet) for a bit.

    I don’t expect them to rip the contract up and refund additional monies paid (that boat has long since gone). But whilst I won’t win, New ID won’t either, because they’ll already be considerably down on what they took off us and I can keep it going for a while yet!

    Economic terrorism they might call it. The consumer bites back I say. For all those who’ve suffered at New ID’s hands, try it – it’s therapeutic!

    I’ll ring complaints again on Monday and tell them I’ve done what I said I would do, and will do it again at random times to suit me until I get fed up. As nobody else protects us we consumers have to protect ourselves.

  110. Mark says:

    In fact I decided to send them an e-mail instead, which read:

    Dear Ms Zafar,

    I was very surprised you did not even acknowledge receipt of my previous e-mail of 1 June 2011, which appears below. Anyway I felt it appropriate to give you an update of things from my perspective.

    I spent a couple of hours outside and around your Manchester shop this morning and was able to talk to a number of your prospective customers. Three in particular thanked me for the information I was able to relay to them based on my family’s experiences which, they felt, enabled them to make a more informed choice as to whether they should pay for additional things over and above the £50 package for which they had already paid. As a consequence I suspect today’s shop takings in Manchester will not be as much as would have been normally expected.

    For my part, I have been able to help three people who, were it not for my intervention would, I believe have been corralled into making a purchase they did not want to make. In fact I enjoyed helping people so much I have decided to do it again. I just haven’t decided when yet.

    One thing that struck me from speaking to your customers and from reading about their experiences from online forums is just how much your business model appears to be based on the £50 packages which entice people into your shops. These seem to be linked and by implication endorsed by such stellar names as Tesco, Nectar points and Red Letter Days, which, I believe relaxes prospective customers to the extent they have no idea of what I would describe as the hard-selling onslaught they are about to be subjected to. When I have a moment I will write to the aforestated organisations to advice them of the experiences that I, and others have had at the hands of your company. So as not to appear underhand in any way I will copy you into these letters in due course.

  111. Funby says:

    New Id studios in Cardiff had a nasty suprise today when a BBC film crew turned up, see these robbers finally get their just rewards on Fake Britain BBC 1 on Monday 7.30, you might get to see Mr Clive Colman driving around in his Bentley too….. the one you’ve all paid for!

  112. As a professional photographer I HATE to see our industry tarnished by shoddy workmanship and overbearing selling.

    There is help at hand though…..I am opening a studio near Tesco’s in Stockport as I want to be able to offer quality images and products but without the horrendous selling practices.

    I will be able to keep the overheads down by not having receptionists and sales people and allowing you to purchase in a much more civilised manner.

    Just one point on the image prices that the previous poster has put up….my lab does not even give me these prices! If you want a quality print that is not going to fade in a year then it needs to be printed on archival quality paper using an ink set with longevity and you don’t get that at those prices.

    The studio also needs paying for as do the bills so you cannot expect to get something for nothing. There is a reason a £20 note is worth more than a £10 note, it’s the picture on it!

    But bear with me while I sort the lease on the studio and get it kitted out, then come and see me instead 🙂

  113. in the know says:

    take my advice and keep well away they have been recently been in the daily mirror for there con tricks to people. so as for previous comments on people being nieve i would seriously check your bank accounts!!
    new id have NEVER given VIP nights to anyone especially there customers! they have a hard job refunding deposits!

  114. Vickie says:

    Myself and colleagues booked a makeover and photoshoot as a team-building day at the Debenhams Bristol branch in June 2011. We went in as two small groups.
    Unfortunately we were not happy with the overall experience we had at New ID Studios for a number of reasons. The staff were unprofessional (for example, when welcoming us, one staff member said “oh bloody hell, we’ll be here all night”) and the techniques used during the hairdressing were shocking. One of my colleagues is a qualified hairdresser and she ended up styling her own hair as the standard set on the other girls’ hair was appalling and the only stylist then went home halfway through. We were generally very unimpressed with the whole day, with the exception of the make-up which was the only good part.
    I paid a £200 deposit for our booking, however on the day I was told by the staff at Bristol that they were not able to refund me the money for the deposit as the booking was in my colleagues name not mine. I was told that I would have to phone an 0844 number to discuss it to see if I could get my money refunded.

    On the day, a number of problems occurred.
    • On arrival at the salon, everyone was asked to fill out a form with their requirements for their hair, make-up and photography style. These were completed, however they were never acknowledged during the day. As such, we then had to go through everything again with each staff member that saw us.
    • A couple of girls had put that they were unsure of how they wanted their hair and make-up. No support was given by the staff with regards to suggestions and the staff generally seemed disinterested.
    • Despite being booked in the 12noon slot, I did not even have my hair washed until 12.55pm, despite everyone else in my group having been seen quite quickly. It is not nice to be kept waiting for nearly an hour on your own without anyone explaining why I was the only one being made to wait.
    • We believe the salon was understaffed on the day, and they had agency staff in. The lady from the agency hardly spoke English, and completely drenched us when washing our hair. She then took me over to the hairdressing area and proceeded to start work on my hair, and had to be stopped by another staff member as she was not a qualified hairdresser.
    • One of my colleagues asked for her hair to be put up with some curls. The staff curled it then tied the top section back, leaving most of it down. When my colleague said she didn’t like it and asked for it to be changed to how she had asked, the stylist adjusted the section which was tied back slightly, making little difference.
    • When I was seen by a qualified hairdresser, she asked if I would like my fringe cut. I told her I liked my fringe long, but would like it tidied. She then cut it dead straight and very short. I told her I did not like it like that, and she feathered it a bit, however it is still very short and will take a while to grow back. This is not ideal as obviously my fringe is a very noticeable part of my appearance.
    • She cut me a graduated bob as I had asked, however on returning home, my mother who has been a hairdresser for over 20 years told me that the graduation is not level and she will have to re-cut it.
    • The hairdressers dried everyone’s hair flat with no volume. In my case, I suggested backcombing to add volume, and the hairdresser did this on 3 small areas of my hair so it made very little difference.
    • One staff member complained very loudly about us in front of us whilst doing our hair. She complained that it was 1.55pm and she was due to leave at 2pm as she was being collected from work, but how was she meant to do that when there was still five of us to do. This made us feel unwelcome and we felt this was very unprofessional – it would have been better to take the manager to one side, for example in the viewing room, rather than in the middle of the salon floor.
    • Every photograph taken was in the same sort of pose – a head shot with us looking slightly to the side. In some photos we were looking down. There was no variation, for example in a previous experience at a competitors salon in Bristol, they ask you to lie down, sit on a chair, use props and take a variety of full length shots, head shots and waist-up shots from different angles giving a variety of photographs to choose from.
    • One group was invited into the viewing room to see the photographs. It was close to closing time, and we were rushed through the viewing with responses from the staff such as ‘just pick one of those photos, I haven’t got time’
    • The second group were told they could not view their photos as there wasn’t time. They were not even allowed to change out of their outfits before being forced out of the door. They felt this was a complete waste of a day if they could not see the end result. They were told that small thumbnail versions of each photo would be posted to them to view and choose, but this has not yet happened.
    • The first group paid £335 for 12 photographs to be burnt onto three CDs (including the free prints each), however after making payment, they were told the CD burner had broken and the salon would post them to our work’s address first thing the following day so we would receive them the day after. It has been 10 days, the post has been and gone, and there is no sign of the CDs.
    • The first group were not asked which of their photographs they would like to be their complimentary print. If the prints arrive and it is not our preferred photo, we can obviously go to a photo shop and pay to have a photo from our CD enlarged, but we don’t see why we should have to do this when we should have been asked which one we would like.
    • After paying, we were told ‘you didn’t want any airbrushing did you, as it’s a bit late now’ despite discussing airbrushing in our viewing. Luckily we have a staff member at work who can airbrush, but this is not the point.
    • One of my colleagues chose not to purchase any photographs for the sole reason that she was not happy with her hair despite complaining. She felt she did not want to part with any money as it was not what she liked and as such, the salon lost business.
    • I was asked by my auntie to obtain prices for a makeover she wishes to purchase for my cousin’s 30th birthday. I did not ask the salon for any prices as I would be embarrassed to recommend New ID Studios after this experience.

    Unfortunately after contacting New ID’s customer services department, we have had little luck. They refunded the deposit to me, then thought the matter was closed. They did not mention any of the other complaints we made (there was over 15 separate complaints in the three-page letter we emailed to them). After considerable complaining, we have been offered one more free print, which probably costs the company about £1. Considering we didnt even really want the original free print as all of our photos were the same pose and our hair was awful, we don’t really want another free photo as a reminder of our awful day! The customer services lady is sticking by her offer though. I will happily tell everyone I can about how awful they are, and recommend nearby competitors such as Clifton Photographic Studios in Bristol or Venture in Cheltenham instead as the experience is 100x better!

  115. Devi says:

    I used to work on dodgy marketing firm in Glasgow who sells “gift vouchers” for the New ID Studio that just opened up in St. Enoch Square. I only lasted 4 days on the job and had to quit.

    It’s a commission based work so if you don’t sell, you get nothing at the end of the day despite the fact that we are expected to work from 8am to 6.30pm for six days a week. Ironically, nobody in the office thinks we are pushy. I was taught the basic pitch and was shown the studio for about 2mins and was shoved on the street to pitch (grab) people. I don’t even know anything about the makeover process or the pricing for the photographs, but I was told by my team leader to tell people that they’re getting £500 worth of pampering session for £60 for 2 people. It’s all professional haircut, makeup, photoshoot and free A4 print. Nobody told me that the deposit nor the complimentary photo is near impossible to get which makes me feel bad after reading these comments. I was told to tell people that they aren’t oblige to buy the pictures if they don’t want to but I wasn’t aware that there’s hard selling involved after the photoshoot. I honestly didn’t even know that they charge as much as £2000 for pictures on CD! I was told to tell people that the top stylist Zak Coldicutt just won the Male British Stylist of the Year Award and found out after researching that he only won the Male Stylist of the Year in the Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards last month. I was told to tell people that he did celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna and Alicia Keys which all turned out to be false.

    I feel harassed while I was doing job. I was told to say “white lies” or be “cheeky” as the people we were selling the vouchers probably won’t see us again. I was told to “flirt and batt my eyelashes” on guys to get a sale. I’ve had creepy men following me around while working, asking me for my number, blah-blah and when I told my team leader she just said… tell them I’d give them my no. or that I’d go out with them if they buy my vouchers; and then do not turn up at the end of the day. The thing is I am 22, and most of the people there are younger than me, some just graduated from uni and didn’t have a full time job before this. I feel that they’re making a fool out of us, promising us promotions within 3 or 6 months and dangling the promise of “money and fortune” in front of us like a carrot on a stick. Nobody explained to us about self-employment registration, tax returns, insurance and other legal issues. I am going to my local Citizens Advice Bureau to get an advice regarding the matter. I’m not sure if any of this is legal and I have a feeling that it isn’t. Everything I’ve seen so far in the company is unethical and akin to a pyramid since you’ve got to have a certain amount of people under you before you could progress to a higher role in the business.

  116. isha mehta says:

    hi there,, new id studio……….argh,, i had photoshoot one month ago,, purchased voucher for 60 pounds paid 50 pounds deposit ,, and didnt receive any photograph till this date….!!!!

  117. isha mehta says:

    and yeah,, didnt even receive my deposit back…dont knw wht to do,, called them so many times but no luck…

  118. Beril says:

    I have complain about new id studios to trading standarts and I would advise you to do the same. This company has to be shut!

  119. mel says:

    Went there for just a haircut, not particularly fussy so long as its layered and they did an awful job. She barely used shampoo or conditioner so my hair was knotty. didnt trim lower level, lifted top half of my very thick hair up and just cut that. did not layer until after she had dried it when i said i hated it and she had not done what i had asked. she made an attempt to layer large chunks but because she had cut half of my hair short she could not layer it properly. I was also soaked on my back because she didnt towel dry my hair at all. When drying round my face she kept hitting my cheek with the hairbrush.

    Will never go again and will tell everyone not to!!

  120. […] is all a little fun if you were half drunk with a square bottom, but parting company with £100 for one photograph (£450 for 5) I would be expecting a super-transplantation of several breasts or a dib-dab on […]

  121. sue says:

    My experiences are much the same as other peoples. I had a poor experience in April at the Birmingham Studio; was subjected to high pressure selling and have had no real resolution via the Customer Solutions team. I have now rung Consumers Direct 0845 404 05 06 as per pervious suggestions on this site. Consumers Direct record all information and automatically pass onto Trading Standards as well as give advice on how to manage your particular case. If you have not received what you were expecting, then New ID are in breach of contract and you have a legal case against them. If you feel misled, then they might be a legal case of misrepresentation. Consumers Direct will advise on how to write a letter and take this further. I fully intend to and would urge everyone else to do so as well with the right support.

  122. Rachel Parkinson says:

    Hi everyone,

    I recently had a bad experience with new ID studios in Manchester yesterday. My mum purchased three vouchers from Virgin experiences for me and my two sisters to have a makeover and a photoshoot with one complimentary A4 print at the end. Upon ringing up to book, she had to leave a £25 deposit for each of us, which we were told would be fully refundable providing we turn up for the day. They also said we could use the deposit to put towards photos and could purchase some half price deals at the point of booking, which we declined as we knew how expensive these photos were and intended to simply get the free photo of each of us for our mum’s living room.

    Upon arrival, the staff were pleasant and the makeover and hair styling could not be faulted. Equally, the photographer was fun and pleasant and the customer service was fantastic (ironically, the people who are probably paid the least).

    Unfortunately, this was where the fun stopped. After hours of waiting around, we eventually got to view our photos and the saleswoman immediately informed us that the complimentary print we got, due to a change in rules, now had the COMPANY LOGO emblazened across the faces, “in order to prevent people just taking the free photo”. I thought this was disgusting as we had paid for the shoot and were told in the terms and conditions that the photo was FREE and we were under NO OBLIGATION to purchase rip-off additional photos. She then proceeded to show us the photos; we saved the ones we liked and zapped the ones we didn’t.

    However, when it came to the sales pitch, she asked us if we were buying CDs or actual photos. The photos were £70 for a wallet-sized picture and the CDs a whopping £100 for one photo! So naturally we told her we were not intending to buy any, at which point she got really bitchy and snotty, coming out with things like “well what was the point of you being here” and “well your free pictures will be made unuseable then” and of course “seems like you have wasted your day if you’re not going to buy any photographs”.

    The atmosphere then became very unpleasant, especially after we refused to secure our deposit against one wallet sized photo, choosing instead to keep the £75. She even tried to get us to take out credit, and I am a 21 woman saving for a house, whilst my sister is barely 18 and my youngest sister TWELVE. She then took £5 from us to post the “unuseable” photographs and left, clearly annoyed at us that we weren’t securing her commission.

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Or at least, until they decide to pack in the hard sales and reduce their prices.

  123. hui says:

    The worse ever experience!!!!

    I went for the hair cut, make-up and photo shot in London West End New ID studio. The staff there very rude, the service you get in the studio is different level to what they sale on the ad. Make-up was terriable, actually make you look 100 times worse!!!!

    Photograher not profession enough, therefore, photo is similar to what you can do for yourself!

    All they try to do is to ask you to buy photo, and it’s unbelievable expensive! 100 pound for 1 photo on CD. well, if you don’t buy any, they will reduce the price for you. but still, NOT WORTH FOR IT!!!!!!

    THE WORSE EVER YOU CAN GET!!! Don’t go!!!!

  124. sara says:

    NEW ID studious are rubbish, as well as the marketing company ‘MANCHESTER MARKETING INTERACTIVE’ who i bought the vouchers off! i have been contacting new id and the marketing company since i bought the vouchers in june and its now august for a refund, and they ar enot giving me a refund, how stingy are they..they are quik to take your money and dont even give you a chance to read the smal print off the vouchers,,both are the shittest companies i have ever had to deal with.

    i woudnt bother wasting time and money on this rubbish

  125. Daisydoo says:

    I must say, I had a generally good experience with New ID!

    I was stopped by a salesman in Glasgow on return from my holiday, offering me a ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ type dea, which was £60 for two people to have a hair treatment, cut and style, make-up applied, photoshoot and complimentary print. I didn’t actually have the £60 on me, as I had pretty much blown all of my money in Ibiza (naturally!) The salesman did actually seem quite a nice person, and offered to give me one voucher for £30, and said he would issue another one for £30, if I wanted to take a friend when I did book.

    I initially felt a little bit conned, it’s not every day you buy a haircut on the street, but decided to book anyway, prior to a family party. I called up the number given to me and attempted to book myself in. The operator informed me that the code I had given was for 2 people, and I began my well-practised speel. She interrupted me to tell me, that the offer was for 2 people, as a Bank Holiday special, and I could bring someone for free, 2 haircuts for £15 each!

    I brought my mum with me yesterday, and we arrived on time for our 11:30 appointment. I had lost the voucher, and we explained this at reception, expecting the worst! The receptionist was brilliant and we were seen to within 5 minutes of sitting down.

    My mum was given a treatment on her hair, but I wasn’t, then, I may not have needed one! The stylist used Moroccan oil on my hair, and asked for my input throughout. I was very happy with my haircut. The makeover artist, Nikki, was excellent and very friendly and chatty – also asking which make up I was comfortable with.

    The photoshoot was fine, the photographer was very friendly, and made sure to get plenty of shots of me and my mum together, which was nice as i’m sure that isn’t included in the price! It was a lot of photographs taken in front of various backgrounds, props weren’t used, but then again we didn’t ask. It may be something only more expensive packages come with also.

    Of course, the viewing session is where they make their money, but it’s simple. Either stick to your guns and buy nothing, or set yourself a complete budget and tell the salesperson this is your limit. We hadn’t planned to buy and extra prints, but as there were a few really nice ones of us together, we purchased 2 prints on a CD, which was on special offer for £100. My £50 deposit was taken in part payment, with my permission, and £50 cash was paid. You are given copyrights to the photos if you purchase the CD, which means multiple copies can be made.

    So in essence, my mum and I each had our hair cut, styled a makeover, a photoshoot (a great laugh in itself) and 4 gorgeous prints to take home, for £65 each.

    The only gripe I had, if I had one, is that the drinks aren’t as ‘free flowing’ as you would think. I was offered a drink once, and was given the water I asked for (I was feeling a little fragile on this day) and downed it in about two gulps. I wasn’t offered another drink at any point throughout the day.

    We arrived at 11:30, and were in Nando’s for lunch by 3:15.

  126. martyn says:

    my 18yr old son and his girlfriend have just been conned by new id in birmingham £ 570 which should have cost £50 plus £70 for the 3 foto,s there were gonna purchase , im so angry they have got him into a finance deal , we paid up front so he didnt have to take his bank details with him , so new id got him to fone his mom and got his bank details im so angry at this company i hope they cant sleep at night

  127. Wendy says:

    I feel quite surprised to be reading all of this. I had a Deluxe makeover with New ID at the Bristol branch and had a really good time.
    I was not subjected to any heavy sales tactics and I found the terms and conditions on the website to be very easy and straight forward and there was no problem with the makeover, the package, the price or anything else for that matter.
    I found the quality of the makeover to be very high and I was very impressed with the stylist who did a great job of my very curly and frizzy hair that most hairdressers no matter how experienced generally really struggle with.
    I was also very impressed with the makeup artist who was friendly and enthusiastic and did a very nice job of my makeup. I was offered both hair and makeup products to purchase and it was suggested that I could benefit from various products but I did not feel uncomfortable or that I was being pushed into buying things that I neither thought I needed or wanted. Having said that I would like to buy some New ID cosmetic products in the future because I was very impressed with them but on the day I was there I wanted to keep my budget for the pictures.
    I had a very enjoyable photo session with a very friendly photographer and it resulted in some very pleasing pictures.
    I did not feel pushed into buying anything during the viewing session, I was given time to choose the prints I wanted and I felt I had a very good deal.
    I think it is important to research the terms and conditions before doing anything like this but from my part I found the staff nothing but polite and friendly

  128. amanda says:

    had a makeover session from the glasgow branch yesterday everything was going well till the viewing session where me and my friend told the woman we only wanted the complimentry photo, after about 45 mins the woman began bullying us into a credit agreement which we declined stateing we dont make enough money to afford all the pictures so she put 8 on a disc then had the cheek to charge us for them after we had said no, she then went on and signed my friend up to a 12 month contract to pay for both mine and her photos which we never agreed to but were badgered and badgered, looked down upon and genuinely felt close to tears at this womans actions. i wouldnt reccommend NEW ID STUDIOS AT ALL.

  129. Maria Rajpoot says:

    All i can say same thing happened to me as everyone has expressed above. Got into £1400 credit agreement with monthly payments of £40 and got only a CD with 20 pictures. they are really horrible, and sell photos like gold. Lure everyone into the deal and then get them to sign it there and then without giving 14 days cooling off period.

    Horrible horrible
    Does anyone know a way out of this silly agreement? We should all get together and sue them, i dont think they are even regulated by FSA for selling things like this.

  130. brazanne says:

    There have been HUNDREDS of complaints as far back as 2008 on New ID Studios and New ID Experiences. I cannot believe they can keep trading and upset so many people. If they are not stopped or change their policy, more and more people will be upset.

    If you have had a bad time, make sure you tell consumer direct and Trading Standards. They will forward these complaints onto Buckinghamshire Trading Standards.

    I saw Kelly Coleman on TV selling her New CID cosmetics on TV. I hope they see the bad reviews about her business.

    All I can say is do not give up and keep complaining and spread the bad reviews of New ID Studios/Experiences to as many sites as possible i.e. Watchdog, Newspapers, magazines, department stores, and anyone who advertises them etc. Hopefully this will warn the general public about the cruel business tactics Clive and Kelly Coleman use.

  131. June says:

    I am blown away by this thread, I sort of found it by accident and having had a really nice makeover at New ID just under two weeks ago I am totally in shock reading this and about all of the bad press.
    I had not seen any of this before I had my makeover with New ID, I would certainly have thought twice about going along but I have to honest, I did not have any of the problems that I have seen on here.
    I booked online and got a voucher for the fashion makeover, I arrived at 9-30, had a hot drink with my consultation that lasted until 9-40 then I sat an waited for the hair dresser who came to get me at 9-45, my hair took until approx 10-15, I then waited until 10-30 for my makeup, that was done by 10-50, I had a Bucks Fizz and waited until 11-15 for the photo shoot room to be free, I was in there for about half an hour then I went out to do some shopping and have some lunch, I came back at 2-30 as agreed, waited until 2-45 before the pictures were ready, chose them, it was a bit rushed I have to say but by 3-00pm it was all done and dusted.
    I really want to know why some people are having a good and trouble free experience here when others are having a nightmare.

  132. Jane L says:

    I cant believe how long this thread has been going on for, are people still getting a bad experience?
    I had a good time with New ID, I paid fifty pound for a deluxe makeover, I had to put down a deposit of twenty five pounds that I got back on the day by spending it on the photos and I also got the double your money roll over deal so I put down a deposit of two hundred pounds and New ID matched it so on the day I had a total of four hundred and twenty five pounds to spend and it only cost me two hundred and twenty five plus I got a free print worth seventy pounds so all in all I got a pretty good deal I thought. I have been to a professional photographer before, not part of a makeover deal, and the pictures were considerably more expensive.
    I was very happy with the way I was treated by the staff, I did not feel pressured or under any obligation to buy more pictures, I was offered frames but when I turned down the offer it was no problem at all to the.
    I don’t know what goes on in other branches but Cardiff was lovely, nice clean salon too

  133. Vera Jenkins Smythe says:

    I had a successful makeover with New ID.
    I did not find any hidden charges everything they charged me was exactly what it said they were going to charge me on the website and although I don’t think that the pictures are what one would call cheap, if you shop around other companies that offer a similar service you will find that they all charge about the same for the pictures.
    What I actually liked about New iD is the range of prices, if you want a cheap deal you can take advantage of one of their last minute offers or quite often I have seen things like five pounds deals on their site. There are also expensive makeovers that include pictures so you pay what you pay and that is the end of it. You get a free print and you can choose the prints you want by size and price so if you don’t have a lot of money you can get the smallest print at fifty pounds or all the way up five times that for the big one.
    I maybe have different expectations to everybody else but I think it is all fairly well laid out in the terms and conditions on line and when I went along I got what I expected at the price I had seen already and it all went very smoothly.

  134. Barbara says:

    My day with my sons girlfriend was long,7 hours long, the photoshoot only took 40mins, the photos i received were not airbrushed or retouched in any way,they were completely unflattering.
    Once the photoshoot was over,then the HARD SELL began (after waiting for another 90mins),we had to keep telling them we could not afford what they were asking,They were constantly trying different deals to make us buy them. Even though i told them what make up i wear,and what colours, they just did their own,and i was not happy with their make up and colours.
    We had to keep asking for a drink, we were only offered one drink when we arrived,we were left waiting inbetween sessions,up to 2 hours at a time. their customer service is a joke,we have been waiting for 6 weeks for the finished photos,and told every week that it is going to be sent out. WE ARE NOW LOOKING INTO LEGAL ADVICE TO GET OUR MONEY BACK. SCAM

  135. Ksenya says:

    I found the day very long at New ID, I was there for just over six hours. I was very glad they had told me before hand to take a snack because I would have gone out of my mind had I not been able to eat for that amount of time.
    The makeover, I thought, was pretty good, they did a nice job of matching my makeup to my colouring and to the clothes that I took along to have my picture taken in.
    I thought the studio was a bit hectic and seemed a little disorganized at times, but I cant really fault the quality of the makeup or the hair because they made me look very pretty even if I do say so myself.
    The pictures I thought were were very good quality, they had not been touched up or air brushed, I was offered that service as an extra, and with an additional cost. I managed to pick pictures that didn’t need touching up and I thought the composition was wonderful.
    Great team, great pictures, great makeover but very long day and needs to be a bit more organized.

  136. Geena McKarthy says:

    I was pretty impressed with New ID although I thought the price of the pictures was pretty unbelievable, the CD was crazy expensive, and boy do they do their best to try to get you to shell out for the pictures! But other than that, the sales team tactics I found the actual makeover to be really great.
    I thought that considering how many people were in the salon it was actually all pretty organized, however one woman seemed to be kept waiting a lot, think they may have been a bit double booked but from my point of view I had a great time, the makeup I could not have expected any more from, it was much nicer than I thought it was going to be and really showed off my blue eyes. I actually learnt quite a lot about eye makeup while I was there.
    The hair styling was lovely, I didn’t want much cut off so it was nice to have a stylist that didn’t cut much off, I have had a few that have been really vicious.
    I enjoyed the photos being taken it was lots of fun.
    I cant comment on the customer service because my pictures turned up and were fine.
    I think if they adjusted the pricing this would be pretty spot on.

  137. Sarah says:


    Myself and sister went to Newid on saturday.
    I felt completely rushed.
    The hair wasnt great, in the end i did it myself. I also thought the makeup was far too much, I know they kept saying it was stage makeup.
    Would much rather have walked in with my hair and makeup the way i usually wear it.
    We were rushed through the actual photoshoot, the girl even said that she was glad we were her last as she was really tired.
    Upon viewing the pics they wernt very good, and feel that i could have taken better myself.
    They took 70 photos which we whittled down to 16.
    the guy showing us the photos was very good at what he was doing and kept writting down what deals he could offer us.
    In the end we walked away with one cd (raw photos) and entered into a 24 month contract to pay £40 a month for 16 photos on a disc and 5 photo blocks.
    At the time i felt rushed and pushed into doing this. I really really regret signing anything as I left the building feeling completely Robbed!!!
    there was no actual mention of ever entering into a loan agreement which is what it it. if those words had been mentioned i think alarm bells would have been ringing.
    Paid £70 x2 for two gift vouchers
    £70 (rollover when booking appointment that should have been doubled)
    and £50 deposit that was never offered back.
    Will have spend in excess of £1300 for a disc of 16 photos and 5 photo blocks!!

    Never Again!!


  138. Claire says:

    Had a photoshoot on 2nd Aug, its now 12 October, and after 7 phone calls and in excess of £200 paid, I still havent even viewed my photo’s, as the store was closing when they were available to view. They promised, as they have done after every phonecall to to send me the contact sheets to view (I live 1.5 hours away from studio). I even asked for a refund – not forthcoming. Now going to Consumer Direct and Trading Standards. Ggggrrr – wish i’d researched this shambolic crew before I bought the shoot for me and children!

  139. nopainnogain says:

    New ID hmm well where do I start. I always research anything I do now on the inter web and so even though I had a very good friend of mine recommend New ID to me I still wanted to check out some reviews on line. I was shocked to see many people complaining, not about the service they received but about how they were bullied into paying a deposit which they then could not get back. But as I said my friend told me her time there was a good one so I backed her rather than some random reviews on the web. Thank god I didn’t believe what the bad reviews said because from the moment I arrived to the moment I left the whole day was a fun filled full time. From the bucks fizz while being consulted, to what it was I wanted from this experience. The polite staff except one, we all have bad days, could not try to please me more I didn’t agree with the hair style that they wanted to give me and when they had finished I said I really didn’t like it. Not a problem they re-washed my hair and a few more snips and the final cut was great. I’m not a make up man so I felt quite uncomfortable with any amount on my face and I’m no expert but I quite sure there was too much slapped on my face. I was told this amount was used to help highlight the photographs and you would never wear that much in the real world. Did I forget to say I had my first manicure to boot I didn’t know how much work went into just your nails when the way I have done my nails before I had only used my teeth. I now know this is not the way to look after your nails. After adorning my first set of clothes the shoot went well but I hadn’t brought a great second set of clothes and so was persuaded to get my top off and just pose in my trousers. Being a little insecure about my body seeing as I don’t have a six pack, the way the photographer made me pose the photos looked great even with my skinny little torso. I had gone for the deluxe package and with the one free photo I got I was so happy and I wanted more. The prices were a little bit steep but what a stylish way to present the 12 images in an album and a frame all in one.

  140. rockhardeddie1972 says:

    I wanted to treat my little sister for passing her exams with flying colours. So after sifting through my brain for the right present all girls like to be pampered. My wife had been to New ID studios for a makeover and photoshoot and she had had a whale of a time and come out with some great final photographs. I of course was the one to pay and she made sure that I went along with her to hold her hand. When we arrived at Oxford Circus tube station it was only a small trot from there to the New ID salon. I was very impressed with the salon and its staff. The receptionist was very pleasant and greeted us with a free drink. As I wasn’t having a makeover they gave me just the one drink but my wife had as many as she wanted. By the time she had been consulted and her hair and make up done and dusted she was ready for the photos to be taken. This was also after she had several more free drinks and was a little bit jolly which made her a much better model for the photographer. Who could see and used this to his advantage. The final results were great and I had time to go out and feed myself before I came back to sit down and face the hard sell. Which to be quite honest wasn’t that hard at all. My wife wanted the full monty but I managed to reign her back in and I spent what I wanted. We were happy so that’s why I chose to give a makeover to my baby sis for her birthday. Worth it I think.

  141. Mrs Donahew says:

    I don’t know what on earth all the fuss is about when it comes to this company, and by that I mean negative fuss, I wanted to have a makeover and like everybody else these days I never do anything without checking out online what everybody else has found when they used this service.
    I have read so much about the cost and I cant work out why, I don’t know how much everybody else spends on having a hair cut but the one I got at new id was way better than ones that I have spent up to two hundred pounds on and it came at the crazy price of only twenty five pounds and that is not even taking into consideration that I also got professional makeup application, free drinks, a photo shoot and a free picture at the end of it.
    I personally didn’t think that the pictures were all that good, a few of them were super and I was happy to buy a few but frankly it was more than worth the money for the hair cut alone and as far as I understand there is no obligation to buy any of the pictures and you only have to pay a few quid to get the free one sent to you.
    This company has such cheap deals going on for makeovers I am surprised that anybody has the gall to get upset about it.
    This days you get what you pay for and if its cut price it is normally cut standard, well here I got way more than I paid for the hair cut alone so you wont hear me complain about the rest of it!

  142. barbara says:

    I would like people to know that when they buy a package with New ID Studio sales team on the telephone or book with Virgin Experiences, Tescos,, and other companies, they should be aware of New ID Studios extortionate hidden prices and what happens when they enter the viewing room with the upsetting pressurized sales techniques New ID Studios use.
    Make sure the £25 deposit is returned and they receive the complimentary print and be careful of the ‘rollover double your money’ deal. If you have a complaint,it is very difficult to get it resolved. Mr and Mrs Colman who own New ID Studios
    do not answer any recorded letters addressed to them.

    Most of the images have to be retouched because the stairs are dirty and other items are in the back ground. You cannot cancel the credit agreement or change your complimentary print or other prints you have ordered the next day because the products are already being processed. I find this very strange because it takes three weeks or more to retouch images on a disc.

    I have telephoned three top photo shoot companies in London who charge £10 for a retouched image on a disc. New ID charge £100. The average price of a 8 x 6 print by three companies was £40. New ID charge £60.

  143. Sally says:

    I read all these comments on Friday, and yesterday I went along to my New ID make over with a certain amount of trepidation yesterday. But I have to say I really enjoyed it.

    I got a £10 voucher from Lastminute that included a hair cut, make up, a manicure and a free print, and added £100 for photos.

    My hair was lovely, I didn’t really get a cut but that’s because I said I didn’t want one and was happy for it just to be styled, and she made it look really beautiful. The make up was stunning, I’m going to go back for a lesson. The manicure was a bit of a joke I just had some varnish slapped on my fingers while my make up was being done, I could have done better myself (but I paid a tenner so really who cares !!! )

    I was offered a drink when I got there, and then the other times I wanted a drink I just asked and they got me one straight away.

    The photo’s were beautiful, and I went into the viewing room expecting a hard sell but actually the salesman was perfectly pleasant. Of course he was trying to sell me the photo’s that is his job but I didn’t feel pressured at all. All you need to do is say no, they can’t make you buy the photo’s. And they certainly can’t force you to sign a credit agreement.

    I was determined to just walk away from the 5 prints but at the last minute I changed my mind and got 8 photo’s on a disc instead. It cost me £100 more but for the photos I got it was well worth it, and after hearing all the comments about the how difficult it was to get the deposit back and the issues people getting sent their photos I was happy to have the photos in my hand and walk out with them that day !! (so actually it was the comments on this site that made me spend more money ….. not New ID!!)

    If I was in any doub(t that buying the photo’s on disc was the right thing to do the comments I got when I put then on Facebook have made my year !!

    So long as you go into the viewing room knowing how much you are prepared to pay and being prepared to keep saying no until you get the deal you want I would recommend this day to anyone.

  144. Victoria says:


    I attended New Id Studios this year and was forced to pay a £50 deposit for the “privelege” (had already paid £100 for the day). Having attended the session, I still have not had my deposit refunded. I have phoned multiple times and they never have a record of my request for it. The manager is always “unavailble” and apparently I can’t get my money back because the person who deals with it is on holiday!! What a joke!! I managed to obtain an email address: to which I wrote demanding that they return the money they are illegally withholding or I will take legal action. This remains unanswered and the money unrefunded.

    Moral of the story: if they don’t pressure you into handing over your money for poor quality photographs, the will find other ways to con you.

  145. Tinkerbell says:

    My mum and I have had problems with New ID, we have contacted our local Trading Standards team as e-mails and letters have been ignored and staff on the phone are rude and unhelpful.

  146. Shary says:

    What a con bussiness!!!!!!!!!!
    Do not fall for it unless you got nothing better to do with your money.
    Do not even but vouchers as you will never see your money back and try to get in contact will be be succesfull.
    Be very carefull!

  147. k dare says:

    went to studio in cardiff. (myself,partner and baby)
    on booking i was offered a roll over offer which ment whatever i paid in advance before i got there would be doubled on the day.( which i thought would be great as were only planning on spending about £150 which was then doubled to £300 credit)

    on the day Hair and make up was great BUT !

    little effort was made to make my 5month old smile (who is usally very easy to make smile)
    so grumpy baby in all photos.

    on viewing were put under pressure and she chucked so meny figures at us which we kept explaining we could NOT afford an when asked our budget we said the £300 was our budget it was completely ignored, so again she chucked more numbers at us and made us feel pressured, confused and i was quite embarassed.
    after 4hours in the studio/salon and with a tired and crying baby we just agreed on spending £450 package(which we had already said we couldnt really afford)but we just wanted to leave! and once i left burst into tears as i felt so foolish!

    once i got home and worked out that we had already paid £150 which = £300
    + £13 booking fee i had left
    +82.50 on the day
    i had already paid £395.50 of £450.

    ..So why was i paying £33.33 a month for 12months on top of this (0%)

    altogether the total after the year would be £795.46 !!???? on my reciept its just for £450.
    So we were lied to i guess.
    when phoned the company for an explaination they where rude and would not explain and so i said i want to cancel they told me NO!

    also thought i would be owing newid the rest of the money but once i looked into it it was a credit company which i was not made aware of!

    went to citizens advice and they told me cancel the credit company and not to pay them anymore money until its sorted out so will be taking it from there. NOT HAPPY! LIARS ARE THE WORDS I SUPPOSE.

  148. EG says:

    Guys, they are crooks.

    I own several makeover studios, and would be ashamed of their rep. I’m staying anonymous as not touting for clients.

    The positive reviews are planted by staff and clients offered free photos if they post positive comments.

    This company will scam you. Their biggest competitor just went bust. Hopefully they are next!!

    I’ll have more studios than them in 6 months. I’m two behind them just now 🙂

  149. Sally K says:


  150. Ray says:



    The haircuts by so called professionals could have been done by kindergarden kids they were so awful, I grew mine especially for weeks only to have it cropped to nothing and clumps taken out! My 3 friends were nearly in tears with their poor haircuts.
    The makeup was caked on and then they tried to flog us £200 quids worth of cheap stuff you could buy for a £1!

    The photoshoot was a nightmare we had a certain amount of time and that was it, we never got to wear all our outfits and she didn’t ask any of us how we would want to pose.
    Pictures even had heads cut off, long pics were done when only the tops were meant to be done so we had pictures done in jeans!

    We were kept hanging around all told for 7 hours whilst they blasted music out and left us sat on uncomfortable benches. The noise was so bad we asked them to turn it down but they refused and said we could go and stand outside!!!
    After around 6 hours we had to keep asking how much longer it would be and we were told it was our fault for having so many pictures taken!

    She then got annoyed with us when trying to choose out of 100 pics and told us to hurry up as it was getting late and she wanted to go! She was totally rude when wanting us to spend £70 on EACH PIC!

    We did buy some but she got our order wrong and didn’t send most of the pics my mate ordered and are refusing to refund us!

    They didn’t photoshop the ones we did buy as promised and we had to wait weeks for them to arrive only to find they hadn’t done all the work and had only retouched one of the 5 pics we asked for so now we have to reorder again and wait another few weeks and then they can’t get anything right!

    They were so quick to take our money and have not produced anything professional, infact many of the pics have a background of wood chip wallpaper which they promised would be removed but it wasn’t- how unprofessional.

    So we have ordered pics that they say would be made better looking but they haven’t done so and won’t refund us even though half of the pics were never even sent to us!!!


    If anyone has any further advice or bad experiences please keep posting on the review sites so the word spreads

  151. Erika says:

    All the positive reviews written here are by New ID stuff, read them carefully, it is unnatural way of writing things… I went to Oxford Circus branch and ended up paying 1,800 after unbelievable pressure from a sales woman in a small room for an hour. I’ve never been so pressurised in my life, I only realized what I have done after I left the place. The pictures which came late were so unprofessional, I could have taken them myself, with no brushing or photoshop used.
    Please avoid them at all costs – trust me, I can’t even look at those pictures now without remembering how nastily I was tricked into spending 1,800, they are stuck in the bottom of my drawer somewhere..I can’t believe these guys are still operating and nobody can put the end to this!

  152. Tony says:

    I am delighted to report that, at of yesterday, one of the national chains of “rip-off” makeover photography studios has ceased trading. Hopefully, sites such as this one will encourage the others to go the same way.

  153. Heidi says:

    Tony – I would be very interested to know which one it is! I have just won an ID voucher on ebay and after reading these comments am wishing I hadn’t bidded for it! I also had a shoot with Doubletake some years back which I very much regretted as was persuaded into paying too much and coming out with a huge print I didn’t need! I am hoping I will be firm this time though and stick to my guns!!

  154. Molly says:


    Makeup was horrible – The lady put too much on some parts and did not cover blemishes that I wanted covering. She said that New ID could airbrush them out afterwards on the CD but did not mention that this would COST £100 PER IMAGE.
    Nails took 2 mins and were just painted a colour – I can do that myself.

    Photographer was lovely.

    Photos were ok and I did buy a CD with 20 retouched images on, which I was given the hard sale on – at first I was asked for £4000 for all the photos – then £800 for 20 on CD – they even tried to sell me credit to spread the cost, eventually I AGREED TO PAY £150 FOR ALL THE PHOTOS on a CD, less my £25.00 deposit I had paid on my credit card. I had a very long wait for the CD, which I had to contact Buckinghamshire trading standards and my credit card company about. I got the images on the CD printed at boots from about 40p each depending on the size you require.

    You can take the disc away with you on the day but the images are NOT RETOUCHED so therefore all the blemishes on your makeup, the dirty stairs, cables on the floor, chipped paper, bra straps showing, moles, red eye, etc will be on your images. I do not know what New ID charge for an unretouched disc.

    DO NOT BY THEIR PHOTOS AND PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS because you can get then, like I did at Tescos, Boots etc .


    Leave a Comment

  155. Tony says:


    It’s your “old friends” DoubleTake! Their web-site now states:

    Doubletake Studios Limited was placed into administration on 15 November 2011. The Company is no longer trading or able to honour any appointments. The joint administrators are Philip Armstrong and Geoffrey Rowley of FRP Advisory LLP.

    But be careful, as this thread shows, other studios use high-pressure sales techniques to sell over-priced products and services. Look for a studio that clearly displays all its prices on its web-site, and, ideally, find an all-inclusive package.

    Good luck.

  156. elizabeth says:

    me and my partner went for a new id photoshoot yesterday in the west end branch in oxford circus. after reading all the reviews i was very worried about visiting, especially the hard sales part.
    we arrived at 9am and were the first ones there, on sitting down in the stylist chair i noticed lots of hair on the floor, thought this was very strange, obviously the floor hadn’t been cleaned from the day before! the salon looked very run-down, doors of cupboards hanging off and generaly unclean.
    a cut was included in my package but i decided to just have a blowdry, as im a hairdresser myself and didnt get a good impression from the reviews.when i was shampooed the water was freezing! because of this the shampoo didnt foam properly and i didnt feel my hair was very clean at all. he asked my what products to use?(shouldnt he know) i asked for a bouncy curled blowdry but after having to complain that the stylist had burnt my scalp twice with the dryer, one side was pretty much straight and the other was just flicky. my boyfriends hair was cut ok but not blended in at the bottom at all. my stylist went to his next client and practicaly hacked at her hair (i got off lucky). after this we were taken downstairs to wait for our make-up, we were given a form each to fill in about how we wanted our hair make-up and photoshoot, (after already having our hair done i found this quite funny) also a form to reccomend 30friends for a free shoot (which i didnt do). after a 10 min wait we were taken upstairs again to get our make-up done, my boyfriend obviously has no-idea about make-up she put some foundation on him and asked if he wanted anything else, he asked for her opinion on what he needed and she just said, its up to you, no suggestions given. with my make up, i think i got someone quite senior as she seemed to be ok. she asked me if i wanted false eyelashes, i said not if they are too heavy, can i have a look? she showed me them said there £12.50 and they are really heavy so i wouldnt have them, (why suggest then?) she showed me each stage as we went along which was good, but when i said one side of the eyeshadow looked higher than the other, she was very rude, gave me a dirty look and said its not finished yet! and then got a cotton bud and corrected it, the make up was ok although she had to keep going to other counters to get stuff because all of the products had not been replenished on our one. and half way through she changed her mind about my conceler colour as she didnt think she had the right colour, but then found it. i asked for my lips to be quite natural and she put a really deep red on with a gloss over the top, to be fair it did look ok in the pictures but was a bit of a shock at first.
    when it came to my nails they were already painted but a bit chipped so she said she would touch them up. they didnt have the right colour so she brought over two and said, we will touch up the colour with one and put a glittery one over the top. she slapped on the colour while saying this one isnt ours i think someone left it behind one time!?.
    next was the pictures after another 10 min wait the photographer came and got us, the photoshoot was quite fun, and we were given lots of direction so didnt feel un easy. wish i would have taken some of my own pics on the backgrounds when we were left to get changed as i had my camera with me but didnt think of it till afterwards :).
    it was about a 15min wait until the viewing (which i was very nervous about) but it wasn’t too bad at all. we had a woman who didnt make me feel intimidated. she done a slideshow of the pictures then went through them asking us to say yes no or maybe she deleted the no’s and kept the rest. then went through packages we could do. i told her the only thing i was willing to spend was my £50 deposit and asked about a disk. she said that the pictures are £100 pounds each on disk. so i told her that there was no way i was paying that much. in the end i managed to come away with 4 pictures on disk 2 of me one of my boyfriend and one of us together for my £50 deposit. i really wanted one more which i asked for but she refused to put it on the disk, all she had to do was drag it across but it was going to cost me another £50 so i left it. i had to give up my 2free prints (which was fine as i didnt think they would ever get sent anyway) and my deposit (again wasnt confident it would be refunded) i would reccomend doing the disk as you can take it away on the day and dont have to worry about if it will turn up.
    all in all i would say burlingtons is awfull but new id is actually ok and would give it a go again in future, maybe i was one of the lucky ones as my complaints are minor, only thing i was disapointed with was the hair. and the pictures are quite good.
    as long as you tell them what you want to spend and what you dont want to you will be ok.

  157. Racheal says:

    I am due to attend a New ID haircut, maveover and photoshoot with free photo at the end on the 15th December after I purchased this from Groupon. I’m generally not the type of person to believe in bad reviews and prefer to gain some insight but remain unbiased until I experience it for myself.
    Being a recent Law graduate I will certainly not be swayed by any salesman. And I find it ridiculous how much people are willing to pay for photos and so easily agree to sign contracts without reading them fully beforehand. Regardless of pressure if you can’t read a contract then you DO NOT sign it.

    I myself intend on taking no extra cash for anymore than the free one I am to recieve with my deal. On the phone I did pay the £25 “fully refundable deposit” but opted out of any rollover deals. I do NOT intend to leave without making sure that my deposit will be refunded after having the makeover etc. I am more interested in the haircut and makeover rather than the photoshoot to be honest as I am not exactly photogenic. Although I will be alone for the experience I don’t intend on being pursuaded to pay for things I don’t want nor have the money for, and I will simly say NO firmly. (Really its not hard to say no I’m not interested)!!!

    However, I will be sure to leave another message on here to let everyone know of my good or bad experience. Hopefully it shall be good.

  158. Gail Reed says:

    Can we not report them to Trading Standards, as you all say that even when the disc came not all the pictures had been airbrushed, just a total rip off and just do not want anyone else like ourselves to be taken for a ride and feel embarrased to be taken in!!!!!!!!! Even when the prints came they were the wrong ones total rip off how can Virgin let them advertise on their website??????

  159. Maria says:

    I’ve decided not to bother using my ‘gift’!!! I need to pay their company a deposit of £25, to book me into their diary. I need to book 3 weeks in advance and my deposit will be returned within 10 days, (that will will mean 10 working days, therefore 2 weeks). Interestingly enough, they have held the deposit for over one month thus allowing them to collect on the interest. Lots of £25 deposits = Lots of interest!!! Remember, the deposit will be worth £5 less if you wish to receive the ‘complimentary A4 print’ worth ‘£70’ (doesn’t include airbrushing).

    When I book a hairdresser appointment, which I have still to pay for once my hair has been cut/coloured/styled, I am not required to pay a deposit. So why would I wish to pay a deposit to ‘book’ a treatment which has already been paid for?

    A deposit amount would only be required where the company will loose money if the appointment is not kept. This company already made the money by selling the gift package. Oops, my mistake, obviously they have more to sell and therfore more to loose if you don’t show.

    Please stop this con in it’s track and stop purchasing a con disguised as a gift. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  160. sally k says:

    New ID apparently went into administration and then 2 days later were trading again through a new company.

  161. Lyn says:

    So glad I have read all your comments!

    I saw an offer on Groupon which seemed amazing for £16 for the haircut, make-up and photoshoot but it wasn’t til after I paid that I saw the small print – that a £25 deposit was needed and alarm bells went off. Unfortunately I wasn’t well soon after and missed out on getting a refund from Groupon as you have to contact them within 7 days having paid for an offer.

    I am now going to put this down to experience and steer well clear – some things are too good to be true it seems.

  162. sophie says:

    me and my best friend decided to.have a photo shoot together. we got a voucher of groupon which was £14 each then you receive a free print eachand hair and macup.. when we got.there for our appointment at 1.15 at the Birmingham branch we were greater with a.very rude lady and was told to just down our first fort to each other was.shall we.just go. were wasn’t offered a drink until about an hr after waiting. 2hrs later we had our hair done andi had a trim.where the lady only did two cuts across the back and a trim on part of my fringe very unprofessional style.i had was all curls which i did.really like was done really nice. another hrs later we had mover which to ne honest was made to look fake i said would like natural and the ladybsaid well were go different when looked marrow was disappointed and embarrassed i even had a.patch on my face where they had missed. i can’t say bad word again the photographer he was brilliant very professional that was the best part of the long day so far. we then waited 45 mins to view our pictures we had only one.drink through the day and was starting to get headaches we then managed to get some.squash. when viewing the lady was very over friendly i think it was more of an.act to make u feel relaxed but bait over we view our pictures and they were fab we were told all the prices and discussTed by £100 for 1 photo. then were told if we go for one cd and split the cost it would be cheaper and she said she would good deal. she made it sound very good that we couldn’t say no.eventually we were offered all photos on a cd for 500 each witch if we did direct debit would work out to be 35 a month after taking off the deposit. in the end we agreed and she gave us two cd anyway with all photos. when we got home all excited we viewed our pictures and to our discuss there was none.of our individual photos on their just our grout photo we were gutted then all of a sudden.flicking through we had among else’ this was really bad talk about confidentiality. we have sent an email of complaint and waiting for reply
    can anyone help with advice

  163. Dawn says:

    Hi All,
    See my comments on 5th Jun 2011 @3.21pm.
    Update to everyone who have been conned by this company, fight them as I did and got my deposite back and my credit agreement cancelled within few weeks.
    I involved consumer direct and financial ombudsmun and after 8 weeks of stress writing letters to them they finally gave my money back.Report your incidents to consumer direct they are very helpful and like me if you have been conned into signing credit agreement contact financial ombudsmun they are on our side.
    People please don’t give up and pay into this con company.
    I was very disappointed with a big company like Debenham to let this crooks operate from their store as they did not want to know,and they are still operating in the store at Westfield as I was in the store few months ago and was approached by them so told them what I thought of them and walked out.
    Hope this helps everyone, you can win, I didn’t think I could.
    Good luck.

  164. Dawn says:

    Oh my comment no was 104…

  165. Paul says:

    For anyone considering purchasing one the Virgin Experience Pamper Day (supplied by New ID Studio’s) for Manchester, I have one simple message. DO NOT TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE!!!

    I booked the above for my wife and mother to attend together for their respective Birthdays. My wife had to pay £50 deposit (after I had already paid the the day in full). Their hair was not done. the make up was so bad the photographer had to call someone in to re-do it as so much light was shining off my wifes face, and then they were pressured and bullied into using the deposit to purchase other photos – being told that ‘they would not be making any money on them if they just had the included one photo each’ – I kid you not! The photo’s were supposed to arrive within ten days. A month has now passed, no photo’s, no reply from their phone number, no reply to numerious emails sent to them. This is a complete rip off. My wife and mother left there feeling as such. It cost me over £60 for the package, my wife £50 in the form of deposit, £20 for the day’s car parking in the centre of Manchester plus the cost of fuel (we live some 65 miles away) and for what? A bit of make-up badly applied, and nothing else to show for it. How a company like Virgin can associate themselves with people like them is beyond belief

  166. Dawn says:

    I sympathise with you Paul and your family, I was in such a state last year when they tried to con me and was ready to give up but due to them falsifying to obtain credit for me I knew I had to do something so fought them with help of Consumers Direct and Financial Ombudsman and managed to get my money back and have my finance agreement cancelled….they are a total rip off and like you said company like Virgin and in my case Debenham are allowing these crooks to con innocent people like us.
    Everyone should report this to Trading Standards and don’t let them win by taking your hard earned cash.
    I have also got in touch with watchdog…..sure they will investigate them in the near future.

  167. Rachel says:

    After reading some of the horror stories on here i thought i’d post about my experience with the New ID company. We went for our makeover/photoshoot yesterday at the Birmingham branch after buying a voucher from Groupon a few months ago. It was originally brought for a friend as a birthday present but it seemed like such a good offer, myself and another friend decided to get one too and go as a group. When i called to book i was offered the rollover payment, where i had the option to put a certain amount down in advance and it would be doubled on the day, so £25 paid in advance would work out at £50 in photos. I initially said i wasn’t interested but the girl i spoke to said i could go away and chat to the other girls about it and give her a call back that day, as the offer was only available on the day you booked. I did this, we all decided against it so i didnt call back. I’d paid out deposits, which were apparently fully refundable, and left it at that. A few days before i was called by New ID to confirm everything was ok, which i was expecting, but was once again offered the rollover deal, which i again refused. Turns out it wasn’t a ‘one day offer’ after all!

    Our actual makeover day went quite well. The lady who greeted us was very friendly, took our bags, coats etc… offered us drinks and generally made us feel at home. We were having our hair done within about half an hour of being there, which i thought was quite good. I seemed to draw the short straw with the stylist though as she was quite young and didnt seem to have been doing the job too long. She asked me how i wanted it done and when i said i wasn’t sure and was open to ideas she didnt seem to have any so i said i’d usually have it in fairly big, open curls so thats exactly what she did. It was ok, looked nice enough but nothing other than what i would do myself. I didnt say anything as it did look nice. I would however like to point out now that the stylist my friend had, Paul, was excellent! He was lively, had loads of ideas and made her look amazing!

    We waited about another half an hour to go to make up, which again i thought was quite quick. Both of the make up artists were lovley. I dont tend to wear much so my make up artist went through various colours with me, asked me what i liked and suggested what would suit me and i was very happy with the outcome. I couldnt fault this stage of the process at all.

    About 40 minutes later we went through for photos. Once again, we all enjoyed this stage. The photographer was very friendly and made us feel at ease as none of us had done anything like this before. We had three outfit changes, had some individual and some group photos and the photographer directed us really well and got some lovely shots.

    The only part that really let the whole experience down was the viewing and sales pitch at the end. The gentleman initially came over very friendly, showing us the photos and giving us time to look through and choose our favourites. When it came to the actual sale, he spend very little time going through the prices, just what was included in each package (cd, number of prints etc..) In fact i dont believe he actually gave us a grand total for any of the packages, just broke it down into how much we could pay each week. We initially just wanted the free shot that was included in the package, and a few group ones to take away. There turned out to be lots we liked, so he said he could do us a deal and for £8.50 per week each over 12 months (interest free) we could have a whole CD and set of prints. This sounded like a good deal and £8.50 didnt sound like much on the spur of the moment so he rushed ahead, did a credit check on me, which included falsifying the length of time i’ve been in my current job so it would allow him to do the check, and printed all the contract agreements and finance papers out before we actually had chance to think about it and work out how much it would actually cost. After seeing the total down on paper (about £1250!) we said there was no way we could justify paying that and wanted to change our minds. It was at this stage the atmosphere changed, he spent about 10/15 minutes typing various things into the computer, telling us we could have it for £5 per week over 24 months, and then £3 per week over 36 months (also failing to tell us this wouldnt be interest free so would end up paying far more than that, I only knew as i was reading his computer over his shoulder! At no point was this mentioned) We ended up saying one of my friends was on an apprentice wage (stretching the truth slightly, but trying to make him see we couldnt afford it) and the other has a young child to support and a job thats less that safe (truth!) and yet he was still pushing. At one point when we had been in there quite a while he even said to us he was hoping to finish work early that night but there was no hope of that now! My friend was very close to tears at the end of the whole experience and we ended up buying 2 group shots. I know the whole point of a salesman is to sell, but had he explained the actual cost of these shots in the first place we would never have seriously thought about buying the full CD and would have saved around an hour of everyones time!

    All i could say to anyone using NEW ID studios is be very careful! Double check everything they try to sell you, take your time, work out prices and dont allow them to rush and push you into anything you dont want. It is very easy to get carried away in the moment when you first see your photos, which they then take advantage of and you end up regretting later.

  168. Dawn says:

    Hi Rachael,
    Sorry to hear about your ordeal with this awful company.
    They know how to con peiople,my credit agreement was falsified too as they put the details of the company I use to work for who no longer exists to obtain credit.
    Although I fought them and got what was due to me I feel so annoyed to think that they are still operating and connng innnocent people they need to be exposed.
    If more people write to watchdog,trading standards and financial ombudsman this company would no longer exist,I did all of the above.
    I want to encourage everyone who have been conned by New id Studios to take action and report them please.They should not be allowed to operate at all.

  169. Jade says:

    I had an amazing day yesterday in Manchester, the staff treated me and my mum very well.
    But now after reading these comments I feel sick! I spent over 175 pound on photos which I should get in ‘3-4 weeks, but it normally only takes 2 weeks’
    Has anyone actually recieved their photos from this company?
    I’m only a student and saved up for months to afford these pictures, i’ll be more than angry if I don’t recieve them! 🙁
    Any help would be greatly recieved!

  170. Rosheena Saeed says:

    Attended in march 2011 in newcastle. I have been a previous employee for this company as a sales person and I’m only 20. Do you really think a 20 year old will be able to afford 250 pounds a month for 12 months for just some stupid images??

    I have been back to the studio to see the manager several times and have written a letter to confirm what had taken place and I haven’t heared anything back. The company sucks! Amount of times I have called up and them not getting back has been ridicolous! What sort of professionalism is this? Last time I has gone back they couldn’t get hold of the girl that had dealt with me as she no longer works for them. I wanted only 5 images on a CD I got told one image is 100 pounds on a CD. And I was told that she would give me all the images 72 of them on a CD for 30 a month and I agreed. Agreement on the paper was for 1500 for the cd and images she had told me that the amount on the documents is what its suppose to be, but you will only be paying 30 pounds a month for 12months as I had already paid a deposit of 25 for booking and 500 towards images prebooked as a birthday present. On the day she took 200 off my card and 200 cash which didn’t make sense, she took full advantage of me because she knew a was in a hurry. And she had said that she will update all the information up on the system. I was asked if my images could be used at London studio for advertisement and I agreed to it! After 2 to 3 payments of 250 out of my account I cancelled my direct debit as I couldn’t afford to pay 250 a month when I thought it was 30 a month I went straight to see the manager and iv heared nothing back. Spoke to collections and they said only new I’d can deal with this matter. Its nearly a year and nothings been solved. I hope this company flops! And the cow that ripped me off gets ran over! Its not nyc what she’s put me in.

  171. Nadira says:

    Hi everyone, and my friend had a makeover at new ID last week. And I thought I’d put my view across.

    I paid £30 for a voucher from a salesperson on the street, indeed he was pushy but to be perfectly fair I actually wanted to go! So I paid for it. A year dragged on by and I decided I should use it before time was up and when I rang in they said I could bring a friend for free as long as she also pays a £25 deposit like I had. So she paid through her debit card and we were booked in for the following week in Manchester.

    We arrived about half an hour early but because we went during the week it wasn’t too busy. We filled out the form on how we would like to look and what we wanted from the day so about 15 minutes later we went through to get our hair done. My package said I would get my hair washed but the hairdresser asked me when I washed my hair and I said the night before so she said she would blow dry it, cut it and then style it so I wasn’t to fussed (my hair is very thick and hard to manage and I didn’t want to be stuck there for ages), so she cut my hair (very well i should add), then straightened it. My friends hair looked really nice, she had it curled.

    So we went and sat back down in the waiting area for about another 15 minutes before we went through to make-up, my friend didn’t want a drink but I asked for one because they didn’t offer themselves, after I asked the first time the receptionist did start to ask every so often if we wanted a drink.

    The make-up part was fine if you ask me, yes they do but a hell of a lot of make-up on you but to be fair when I saw my pictures at the end you couldn’t tell that I had so much on. Me and my friend were given the option and every now and again we would tell them if we wanted this or that, my make up artist was sweet and we talked for quite a bit while she was working on me.

    We then waited around 20 to 30 minutes and were taken to see the photographer, he understood and spoke english perfectly so I think the people who said they had a foreign photographer it must have been a different day but he was funny and took loads of pictures. He gave us all the time in the world to change and do some poses. maybe because we went during the week they weren’t so pressured with loads of people there so they took their time with us.

    The longest wait we had was when we waited to see out pictures (the bit me and my friend were dreading the most after reading half these posts!!), we waited for about half an hour and when we went in we were shown the pictures by a woman who let us decide which ones we liked and which we didn’t. to be honest again most of the pictures of myself I didn’t like but some came out really nice. The same with my friends. She then reminded us that we had done the roll over payment thingy and we could have 3 pictures each of the medium size and one free A4. but we ended up wanting an extra picture each, so she said she would keep our deposits and we could have another, we decided to go with that because we remembered the posts about never getting your deposit back. Anyway, she did mention the monthly payment plan and the C.D and said if we were interested we could do that but we said no and she said no problem and carried on showing us our pictures!! to be fair to the saleswoman she told us straight away about money, sizes, monthly payments so that when it came to looking at our pictures we just picked the ones we liked and she wrote them down.

    We then got out of the viewing room, she told us it would take 2-3 weeks normally for our pictures to arrive and we picked up our bags and left. I’m not sure if they give deposits back but me and my friend won’t be getting them back anyway because we put them towards ours pictures. And the saleswoman told us all of our options and then at the end told us if we didn’t want to pay any more we were entitled to 4 pictures each which is what we went for (minus the 5th picture which we paid for with our deposits)

    I’m sorry to hear that a lot of people had such bad experiences but me and my friend actually enjoyed ourselves. Maybe they have sorted themselves out since all the complaints? I don’t know, whatever the case just thought I’d provide some feedback on our day.

  172. Lynn Prior says:

    I attended New ID studios in Glasgow in December for hair make up n photo shoot(present from mum) I could not understand why I had to pay £25 deposit when my mum had already paid for the voucher….
    I had a nice time. The hair package catches you as they asked what I wanted but the package included head massage cut n blow dry… If you want hair up, that is all you get, so I got my shampoo/ massage ( well after the second attempt…)
    Then it was makeup, heavy but everyone who knows me said it was stunning (hair too) Bit of a sales pitch but no hassle.
    Then pics… all fine but wierd posing…
    ( I also had to keep asking for refreshments.. or they would say I’ll get you it… I’m still waiting!)
    But viewing photos, yes lovely pics… wish I had someone with me to look too ( bit of vanity if I was buying..) I narrowed it down to approx 8 and hard sell came on.. about how it would only cost… cos I had already paid deposit, she didn’t like me stating the fact well actually it is the total cost incl deposit I would be paying as they already had my money… She became very hard and aggro, not happy that I was cutting down on pics( seeing her commission slipping.) So much so I asked only for my free print.. ( she asked for money for p+p but I told her in small print I could get it taken from my deposit, didn’t plan to give them any more of my hard earned money…)
    If prices had been less I would’ve bought probably, but the aggressive sales pitch made me stick my heels in and just said NO.
    Would never use them again.. got the rest of my deposit back but still waiting on pics…

  173. Amy says:

    My sister and I went to the Newcastle branch last week and nearly a week on I still cant believe how stupid Ive been. We went with the intention of having a nice day, hair and make up done and leaving with two photos each-the complimentary one and the additional that we had paid for prior to going after someone from the studio rang us several times to sell us ‘rollover credit’. The make up artist was fab, as was the photographer-but thats where the positives end. To cut a long story short we ended up signing a credit agreement for £540 for 31 photos on disc after half an hour of high pressure sales and bullying-I know this is much less than what others have paid but I still feel this is very expensive. Yes the photos were nice, but we are now paying for them for a year! I will NEVER go here again and would advise others to steer clear!

  174. Karen says:

    My mum bought 2 vouchers on 14th feb for a deluxe makeover at the glasgow salon as a gift for me and a friend. She was given completely incorrect information by the 2 little rats that went to her workplace and hounded her for over an hour until she bought them. When I phoned to book our appointments alarm bells rang after a few minutes of speaking to the halfwit receptionist who told me I had to pay £50 to book a time slot. so I hung up and googled new ID. I found this forum and many others like it. There was no way these cowboys were getting another penny from me and I was furious my mum had been conned, so I rung back, told them I knew all about them being in the paper, reported to trading standard, etc and that they were a disgrace. I demanded a refund of my mums £60. They told me to ring G10 Global in Wellington street Glasgow, who deal with refunds. I spoke to naomi who admittedly had the warmth and charisma of a wet shammy, was willing to guarantee me a refund if I sent my vouchers and complaint letter directly to her by recorded delivery. Basically the letter had all the above in it and a promise that if I didn’t get my money ASAP I was prepared to go to the salon and cause a huge scene/approach all their customers/contact police and trading standars and the papers and basically escalate it to the highest level.

    My refund arrived 3 days later. I am so grateful for all of your warnings and was so angry reading about the bad experiences you all had I really had to tear them a new one just out of principal!

    Basically they will ignore you, fob you off and refuse you a refund as its not “policy” but, everyone grow a pair, turn up at your nearest salon cause a huge scene and do not leave without your money, they don’t want the bad press.

    If you are reading this please don’t go to these con artists!

    Do just to reiterate, New ID = total pish!

  175. Gemma says:

    What they do is this:
    They come up with a package for what you want – prints, CD, whatever – and they tell you how much it will be. Then they print out a thing that says how much it will be (in our case on a really bad printer which made it very hard to read) and when you look at this CAREFULLY, you see that they are charging the amount they said PLUS the deposit. It’s not clear, you have to look carefully, but in our case the total should have been £800, but on the paperwork it was £900 – £800 more to pay PLUS the £100 deposit we had already paid. If you point this out then they make out it is a mistake and run off and print you a new one – but reading through all the stuff here that other people have said, this is NOT a mistake, this is something they do as standard. In other words, they are COWBOYS who RIP YOU OFF.

  176. Nadira says:

    Hi it’s me again, just thought I’d update you all and let you know I received my pictures on the weekend. To be fair, I didn’t get them air brushed or anything done to them so you could see marks on my face etc. They looked alright, nothing special, if you airbrush them they would have looked a lot better. But me and my friend are going to do that ourselves on photoshop so its all good. It’s just normal photograph paper that they are printed on so you could easily buy yourself a new camera and take pictures then get them printed from a photo place. Me and my friend might go again but we wouldn’t spend a lot of money. Now that we’ve been once we know what to expect. Anyways, like I said in my earlier comment they might have sorted themselves out?

  177. Dawn says:

    They are still conning lots of people,Watchdog should investigate them if enough people complain about this scam comapny( I know I complained to them )

  178. Linda Stuart says:

    My daughter age 17 at that time was in Glasgow last Jan/Feb and was given the hard sell by their sales promotional staff around Buchanan Street trying to sell Mother’s Day Specials for £50 for the two of us to have a makeover and photoshoot. Unsuspecting, my daughter was taken in by the sales woman and purchased a voucher. The company then phoned my mother (a pensioner) to cover the booking fee – another £50. We were asked to confirm a date and time as soon as possible. We had booked 26 March, but unfortunately had to cancel due to my son coming out of hospital. We were unable to rearrange a further date due to mutually agreeing a convenient date with my daughter and with other holidays in place. We eventually managed to book for 28 December. When I phoned to confirm the date the salesman tried to get us to purchase as many photos before the day as a special offer and he indicated that it would be more expensive on the day. I was told that we would get a complimentary photo each and if we paid a further £50 each we could receive two more photos. We went for the makeover and everything seem to go well with the hair but when I was getting my make up done the girl suggested that I should get false eyelashes (£10 extra) which was taken off my deposit. After the photoshoot we went into a room to view the photos. We chose a CD with 5 photos at £265 we chose 6 photos – 2 complimentary and four photos. Total cost £405. The saleswoman asked how we were paying. I tried both credit cards and my daughter tried her debit card and all were declined – this reeked of suspicion as I know we both had more than enough funds in all accounts. My daughter then went out to get cash. I wished I had acted on my suspicions and decided not to take any photos – only the complimentary ones. I was told by the saleswoman that the photos would take 5-6 weeks. I have phoned up on numerous occasions and their excuse was that they had changed printers. Sorry, this excuse doesn’t wash with me. Two weeks ago I was told that the printers had sent them out the week before by second class post. Last week I was at the end of my tether and demanded a refund. Sorry no can do I was told and that I had received my disk and the photos had been sent out – Kim the person who I had been dealing with told me last Thursday that she would send a further set of photos out by first class post and that I would receive them by this Mother’s Day. They didn’t arrive on Saturday so extremely disappointed – almost lost the plot on the phone demanding a refund – they couldn’t even be bothered to listen to the details you are giving and got my name and order completely wrong. They suggested that I had not placed an other and that there was only a Complimentary photo on its way. I repeated my details for the umpteenth time and told them to look at their order form. My husband received a call after I had to get out to calm down. They apologised and said that the correct order had been sent and would send me a voucher for Glam & Go. Four photos arrived yesterday. Sorry too late – I have already sent my complaint into Watchdog and hope that they will take the complaint seriously. As for the Glam & Go voucher (if and when I receive it), will be going in the bin. The photos are not much better – background all blochy, cheap and nasty photo paper. Totally duped and angry that we both fell for it. Sorry for the lengthy comment had to get this off my chest before I have a stroke.

  179. Doreen says:

    Wished I had seen these comments before I went for my photoshoot with my daughter in November at the Manchester branch. I dont know how you did it Dawn but at the moment its an ongoing thing for me. I went through the same experience as everyone else. Hair, makeup and photoshoot were fine and then it was the hardsell. I was never offered a deal less than 18 photos for £1200 even though I kept insisting I couldnt afford it. The saleswoman just kept saying that this was the best package for me and she would even throw in some glass blocks and signed me up for the finance agreement.I felt rushed and pushed and finally caved in but on returning home I find that they have several packages cheaper than £1200 so why wasnt I offered any of these. I cancelled my credit agreement before my 14 days cooling period which I am in my legal rights to do so but now I have the finance company chasing me for the money. The photos I have received are terrible. They have not been airbrushed in the slightest and they have just put any old photos in the glass blocks. I have written to the photoshoot company to complain but have heard nothing from them. I have contacted trading standards, the financial ombudsman and watchdog and at the moment the finance company are still hounding me and threatening to take legal action and generally making my life a misery.

  180. Kelz says:

    I purchase a New ID voucher for a make over, photo shoot and one free standard size picture online for about £25 over a year ago. I then booked an appointment and went for the hair styling and make up. The hair styling was great but wasnt excellent and so is the make up. They took quite a number of pictures, i would say more than 50. Then they’ve asked me to select the pictures that i like. I selected quite a few and to my surprise they quoted about £1500. I am only a student and there is not way that I could afford it. I then reduce the amount of pictures that I like and finally I’ve decided to take the whatever which is free in my package, which is one free standard size picture. I was then told that I will need to pay some £5-£10 of postage fee and also £20 for the cd. Being a student I felt ripped off as I bought the voucher and thought that it would me all inclusive! Now, they are calling me that they have a deal about the pictures. I dont know if i should call them back or will there be any cache again.

  181. Margaret says:

    I was conned by this company in January this year. I was subjected to extremely hard sell to buy one of their cards (was supposed to entitle you to all sorts of extras when you went for a haircut with them). This product was not right for me and I still feel a mug to have bought it – and am not quite sure what came over me to do it, to be honest. I always avoid anything like this like the plague. Any attempts to cancel have been met with a blank wall of silence – despite going through routes which their representatives have suggested and despite having actually gone to the New ID studio in London to give the hair cut a go and being told by the hairdresser (with whom I have no problem – the actual hair dressing staff are not necessarily part of the scam) that a decent hair cut for me would not be covered by the things involved in the deal as I would need highlights and things for it to look any good – I would be disappointed if I did not have them and it would cost a lot extra. basically, he could not do a decent haircut for the offer price on the card (one that he thought would look better on leaving the shop than on entering). I was glad that he was honest as I did not want a bad haircut, but that is the only moment of honesty in the entire thing. The company just refuse to get back to you if you have any sort of complaint or wish to have a refund even when they are not offering what they tell you when you buy the card. Just a regular, common card scam, in other words. The additional factor in this is that I bought it in Debenhams, who are allowing them to trade in their store. I was approached and pestered just as I was about to leave the store – nowhere near the New ID – related ‘Burlingtons hairdressing salon’ which is based there. This does not seem right to me and I have complained to Debenhams who have also done no more that send a short note to say that they have referred the letter to NEW ID to whom I had already written. Aren’t Debenhams also compromising their household name by allowing such dubious practises in their own stores? It seems even worse than being approached in the street.

  182. Margaret says:

    Just to add, I did not go ahead and have the hair cut – I wouldn’t be trying to get my money back if this was the case.

  183. Charlotte Wilson says:

    I had a photoshoot bought as a gift which I attended yesterday in manchester. Idid not think to look for complaints prior to attending I only wish I did. My haircut was awful, she blow dried my hair before cutting it and did not even section it off, just cut around the bottom. My makeup was nice, couldn’t fault him for trying! By the time I had my photos done my hair looked a frizzy mess but I assumed they would airbrush the images to look good. The photographer was good and let my boyfriend be in a couple of pics for free. THEN I went in to view the images…. My intention was to buy 1 nice image on top of my free image for my mum. He told us the prices £70 per image but that he would do us a deal. First we looked through all of the images and deleted the 1s I hated. Then he counted up my images 23 in total and worked out a price of £1650, I said I didn’t even want all them pictures and couldn’t afford it but then he lowered the price to £1000 again I said I couldn’t afford it. He asked what the most I would pay would be and I said £200. He explained that the cheapest u could do on the finance offer was £400 and if I signed up to that then he would give me all of my 23 images on a cd and also send me 7 a4 images in the post. Again I said I didn’t want them all but he continued to pressure me telling me it would only be £33.33 per month for 12 months and that’s the equivalent of £1 per day almost etc etc. he honestly made me feel like a cheap skate. At one point he told me he had to watch what he said as CCTV would catch him givin me too many photos and he could get sacked!!!! He was saying anything and everything to get me to agree. In the end I felt so pressured I stupidly signed up to it. I was so rushed I didn’t have time to read what I was signing and had to trust what he was telling me! As soon as I left I regretted it and when I got home tried to ring and cancel however was told they were now closed and I should ring back tomorrow. I tried to ring today and was told to send an email which I have done. I have now read the contract which states that I cannot have a refund on a cd, which I will continue to fight for as I was bullied in to buying it and have absolutely no use for 23 photos of myself!!!!! Also, they dont airbrush ypur pictures instead told ne to download a free proframme called gimp and do it myself!!! My deposit was also taken and in total it will cost me £460. I will take this to trading standards as the man was a lier! I will also write to watch dog! I just wish I had read this sooner! I am now awaiting a response which will apparently take 24 hours! I was stupid to sign it but when u r put in that kind of position you feel like you have no choice!

  184. Karen says:

    Just read in the daily record that new id studios in Glasgow has gone into liquidation and all staff have lost their jobs (ha fu***ng ha!) and now any customers owed money will struggle to get this back. The owners and people responsible for this scam should be sued. Disgusting. Hopefully the rest of the nationwide studios follow suit putting the conning staff out of work and making sure no other innocent customers are duped. What does this mean for people still involved in disputes with the company?

  185. Dawn says:

    It really upsets me to know this company is still conning innocent people.
    Linda, Doreen and Mmargaret I do feel for you please don’t give up fighting, I was in the same situation this time last year as you all are and at times thought I didn’t have a chance in hell to fight them, and the finance company, I was ill with worry as the finance company was threatening me with demands for the money as I stopped my direct debit.The luck was on my side as they used my ex employer who don’t exist anymore) to get me financial credit…as I was unemployed at the time and told them so.Also I did not get credit agreement contract or 14 days cooling off period as I didn’t sign any papers except for the disc, I was advised by the trading standards to return the disc recorded delivery.The financial ombudsman wrote to the finance company re the matter and within a week they cancelled the agreement.Please do keep calling trading standard and financial ombudsman, they will help….I also wrote to watchdog but didn’t hear anything, more people write to watchdog the better.
    I was also approached by New Id rep in Debenhams I felt atleast they would tackle the situation to retain their customers so was very disappointed when they washed their hands off the matter.They are still based on their premises in Westfield.I use to shop in Debenhams but feel reluctant to go in their store to be pestered by these scam company based in their stores.
    Just tell them Trading Standards and Financial Ombudsman are dealing with it now and cancel all your dd’s etc.
    If there is anything you need to know please let me know…..I feel very strongly about this as they had put me through hell too so I want this company to stop trading.

  186. Maggie says:

    8/5/2012 Myself and my friend booked the Kids Photoshoot Makeover in Glasgow for our daughters 10th Birthday which was yesterday. We travelled to Glasgow (approx 100 miles from home) on Sunday, spent the afternoon shopping for the 4 changes of clothes they said we needed, turned up yesterday for the photoshoot to find the place in darkness and a big iron gate over the door. Called New ID up on the main number and was advised that the Glasgow Branch of the Franchise had gone into liquidation…thanks for telling us beforehand!! Not only was our trip ruined, they had our £50 Deposit and also a further £100 we paid which they said would give us double to spend on the day. The guy on the phone said all we could do is either a) make a claim with the liquidators – which we would prob never see a penny of!! or b) travel to Newcastle for the photoshoot!! Absolutely ridiculous that they have been in Liquidation for 2 weeks and nobody bothered to inform us. We met a couple of very friendly ladies that had been trying to get their photos for past few weeks but were met with the response “All you can do is email them” to which they never got a reply!

    I feel so cheated by this company. I am a single parent of two young children and this is a lot of money to lose, let alone the cost of the new outfits, hotel etc. Feel absolutley sickened by the whole ordeal and would never recommend anyone purchasing from this company again!!

  187. Donna says:

    Im still waiting on my deposit of £75 back from new id studios in glasgow which has now gone into liduidation! absolutely raging…. if anyone has any info on how to get this money back please contact me
    glad its been closed down so no more people get conned (boyfriends little sister go conned out of £500 for a few pics on a cd…) shocking! I knew it was going to be a disaster before i even went but it was a christmas present from my brother.
    So angry how they can do things like this

  188. Ashley says:

    Absolute Scam! took my money and now in liquidation! PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN FLEECED contact your bank and streamline who will refund your money

  189. Yvette says:

    My daughter and I visited New ID’s in Glasgow on the 10th of Feb, 2012 using a £50 voucher purchased (and money paid to) Debenhams in Silverburn, Glasgow. My daughter is 14 and was really looking forward to the makeover and photo’s which were going to have pride of place on our wall. We paid another £50 deposit to reserve our makeover, I wish I had checked New ID’s out more carefully but to be honest I thought they were a respectable company with Debenhams selling their vouchers.
    After the makeover we were shown the photo’s and chose an extra one which was covered by the cost of our deposit. 6 weeks after the photoshoot I was contacted by New ID’s and a very unprofessional sounding lady said that they were having printing problems and asked if she could e-mail the 3 photo’s to us. I said no, we wanted the photo’s. Alarm bells were starting to sound.

    Unfortunatly the photo’s never arrived and I have been informed that the New ID’s studio is now closed and the liquidators have been called in. I have phoned New ID’s reservation number, which is the only number that I can get someone to answer. They were really unhelpful, telling me to e-mail the customer contact center and despite 4 e-mail’s no responce has been received. I phoned back tonight as my daughter is so disapointed and they gave me the name of the company dealing with creaditors its Accura Partners 0208 444 2000 for anyone else.

    On the New ID’s website they make you a promise, unfortunaitly as the studios’ are a franchise they have no interest in helping or honoring any money paid. They are nothing but a bunch of crooks who have left a 14 year old girl very dissapointed.

  190. Wilma says:

    I am still waiting my deposit of £50 plus £60 for the photoshoot and have not received any photos. I have been advised that the Glasgow franchise has gone into liquidation, and don’t believe I will get anything back. However, just a warning, I have today received a text from Burlingtons & New ID Studios saying that they are under new management. I telephoned them today to be advised that the previous franchise was an English franchise and to contact the liquidators, as this was nothing to do with them. I am now going to contact my credit card provider to find out if they will come good for the sums paid over to New ID.

  191. julie-ann says:

    I too was stung by the glasgow branch and did not receive any photos. Thankfully I.have managed to get my money back credit card company.but I wanted people to be.made.aware. New Id in Glasgow has reopened for business again. They are trading under a different company but are not interested in.dealing with the hundreds of people who were left out of pocket prior to this. PLEASE PLEASE dont use this company the offer is a total rip off and I could have took better pictures with my own Nikon camera! There haircut was someone running a pair of.scissors over my hair, no washing n.blow drying or hair up just a few quick snips and a couple of rollers in. The makeup.girl was friendly but I felt she used far too.much on my fair complexion. They make out its a great deal your getting but if u wanna sit around.for 6 hrs be ripped off then ne my guest.

  192. Kate Ritchie says:

    My 20 year old daughter and I booked our Glasgow make overs for 01.06.12, they honored our vouchers which were out of date in April 2012 and we had a fab day. The staff were excellent, the experience was a pleasure. Yes it was explained that the franchise company were in liquidation and unless we had paid by credit card we would need to submit a claim for our £50 deposit and a further £70 for an additional photo each which were paid for upfront. We ended up choosing 12 photos on a disc and requested an additional disc in black and white. We paid a £60 deposit and a further £40 x12 months contract which we will half but no complaint from us we had a great time and the lady (Vicky) who did the viewing with us was very open and honest with us about the situation.

    Yvette – contact the Glasgow branch and see if Vicky can assist you as she appeared genuinely upset at people loosing out on their experiences and money

  193. jayne says:

    8th june 2012
    we went to new id studios on the 5th of june a couple of days ago in Bristol. Me and my two teenage daughters were really looking forward to our day out as we dont get to do anything often with me being a single mum and my youngest daughter just getting over an operation, this took us alot to save up.
    After seeking legal advice today i have been told i have a good case against New ID studios. Also taking them to trading standards, watch dog, and fake britian.
    i would just like to warn anyone who is thinking about going to this hell hole as it has all left us upset and with sore throats and colds due to being kept in a so called ‘salon’ with no windows only a grotty air con.
    We also got nearly got forced into buying photos that we could have taken better ourselves on a credit basis costing hunderds!

  194. Dawn says:

    his time last year I was going through the same….I fought them and got my money back and credit agreement cancelled which was falsly obtained by the assistant on my behalf but thanks to trading standards and Financial Ombudsman being informed and their advice and support I felt the stress was worth it.I also wrote to watchdog, can’t believe these crooks are still operating and conning innocent people…..please keep reporting them, they will soon be on watchdog or fake britain with everyone doing so.FIGHT THEM and you will WIN!!!!!

  195. wilma says:

    I recently visited the salon in glasgow on the 9th june 2012 with my 14yr old daughter. my husband payed £60 for what was ment to be an enjoyable experience for my daughter and myself.
    I was contacted by phone to pay £25 per person to book my appointment only to be told after viewing my pictures that the company had went into liquidation and that I had actually lost my deposit money which I was obviously enraged about. after a long and tiring discussion over my deposit money i was given a disk with 3 pictures of myself and my daughter as a means of a good will gesture. the day was totally ruined by the pushy sales woman joanna wanting me to take out credit for pictures, thank goodness I was able to stand my ground and totally refuse what she was offeriong me or i would be in a much worse off position. My friend is also had a bad experince. this company should surely be closed down.

  196. gaynor says:

    Completely disgusted with this company, took out a finance package which i was pressured into and gave them a cash sum on the day. tried to cancel within the 14 day period and have been told i cant! the only way it states in the contract that you cant cancel is if you take the photos away on the day with you, which i never did as the branch didnt have printing facilities!! i have sent letters recorded delivery, emails and phone calls well within the time, and they have just dragged it out so they think im over the 14 days
    I am now in contact with trading standards


  197. Dawn says:

    Hi gaynor,

    They did it to me too… standards were wonderful also get in touch with financial ombudsman as they helped me get out of contract which they were trying to say was over 14 days which wasn’t as like you I kept all my recorded delivery receipts so kep fighting… will win in the end…..good luck

  198. Dawn says:

    Forgot to add I won in the end and got my money back and finance cancelled took 3-4 months but was worth it….so don’t give up.

  199. Katherine says:

    I wish I had never even heard of New ID. They are DISGUSTING. Me and my friend were pressurised into signing credit agreements. I was charged £400 and my friend £300 for 12 photos on a cd. Why the differnce in price is unknown we only realised after.They told us it was cheaper if they put all our pictures on one cd. There are supposed to be some photos but they have never been received. So £700 for 12 very ordinary photos on a cd. As with many of the other comments figures were thrown at us and I was completely confused. I believed the £400 was the total amount I did not realise my friend had also agreed to pay £300. I know I was stupid to have signed the agreement but when they told me I had 14 days to cancel I believed them and just wanted to get out of the place by then I had had enough. You can cancel the credit agreement but if you do you still have to pay for the goods they seem to have forgotten to mention that!!!! I withdrew from the credit agreement within the 14 days cooling off period but Creation Finance still debited my account with
    the £13.76 so have contacted the Financial Ombudsman for help now as New ID will not answer any of my letters. According to Trading Standards as I cancelled within the cooling off period I should only owe money to New ID but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. My local Trading Standards will not take my case as they do not have funding for civil cases and they suggested I advise Buckinghamshire Trading Standards who again will not take my case as it is not my area. They did write to New ID to start with but as New iD are not replying they seem to not want to help me now.
    But having read all these comments and seen so many people being conned by this company I cannot believe that they not interested.
    My only hope now is the Financial Ombudsman.
    Dawn if you read this did you say you didn’t sign an agreement and is this why you won do you think ? Only I have signed although it was under pressure and was misrepresented. If I do not get anywhere with the Financial Ombudsman I would like to sue them through the small claims court has anyone tried and if so how did you get on.

  200. snouber sharif says:

    Total crap avoid at all costs just come back from them now total comedians especially the photographer wont refund my 25.00 as its their policy duuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  201. Angel0204900 says:

    Avoid avoid avoid. I wish I had. Agreed to pay £400 for 13 images on disk. After signing was told that the touch ups promised could not be done and told to do them myself on photo shop! have been trying to get out the credit agreement since October 2012 and they refuse to answer emails and when you phone they hang up on you without talking or promise someone will call you back. Absolute joke of a company who use very aggressive sales techniques! Am getting help from the Citizens Advice to argue my case.

  202. Dawn says:

    Sorry Katherine just read your comment as not been on the site in ages……hope you have it all sorted by now, I didn’t sign any forms as she filled all the info on the computer and put lots of false info on it, luckily because of that and I returned the disc to them with advice from Trading Standards I had a good case…was talked into finance agreement and they were hounding me too, I got in touch with Financial Ombudsman who were amazing regarding the finance company and got it cancelled, Don’t give up fight them till the end, I am glad I did……..Good luck

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