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The Pessimist is Never Disappointed

This is apt – for today.

New ID Studios Reviews & Reputation Management

New ID Studios are a company with a problem.

Way back in 2009 I wrote a post about their business practices – which essentially amount to bullying/pressurising people into paying around £1,400 a set of photos. That post continues to attract traffic and comments from disgruntled customers today.

There have also been posts like this from the Mirror – Maddened by New ID Studios

Their review SERP ain’t too pretty as a result (click to enlarge):

ruh roh

It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that New ID might seek to repair their damaged reputation… Sadly their quest doesn’t seem to be so much about making amends with those customers they’ve upset, or changing their business practices.


I’ve been receiving fake comments on my post.

How do I know they’re fake? They’re pretty easy to recognise. All the fake comments come from either a hushmail or gmx email account which is kind of unusual. Then I noticed that some of the comments originated from the same IP address.

Another *sigh*

I decided to check out some of the review sites too.

First up – their Qype reviews all look fabulously positive… At first glance – then I saw this (click to enlarge):

Yep – that’s the same review from the same reviewer for two different New ID locations… Spooky, huh? What are the chances?

With the exception of the user above, out of the remaining 37 reviews of the Manchester New ID on Qype – only one reviewer has reviewed more than one company. Everyone else just reviewed New ID Manchester.

It’s a similar story on Review Centre – lots of reviews from people who have only written one review. Wahanda? Same again.

I wonder what that could mean?



Should anyone from New ID Studios happen upon this post, I’m truly delighted that you seem to have an issue with your reputation online. You deserve it.


Hannah x

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This is a test –

Move along now, there’s nothing to see here.

I promise I’ll write you a proper post soon. With hactual words, and erm pictures and things. I’ve been busy.

Don’t look at me like that. Only my Mother gets to look at me like that. And you are not my Mother… Unless you are and you’re reading this.


*slams bedroom door*

Because Christmas Shopping Sucks

Christmas shopping… Bah humbug.

Every year I promise myself that I’ll have all my shopping done before December, and every year I fail utterly and completely.

If the idea of wandering around crowded shopping centres brings you out in hives… Or because like me you’ve previously sustained real injuries whilst out Christmas shopping (thanks to the crazed parents wielding 4×4 style  buggies) you’re probably doing as much as you can online.

Mmmm online. At home. No crappy Christmas compilation CDs assaulting your ear drums…

Anyways if you like shopping online, but hate paying delivery charges you should probably check out the Free Delivery Day site. Shop on Friday 9th December and pay nowt for delivery. Nice, huh?

They’ve already got loads of retailers on board including TopShop, L’Occitane, Apple, and Lego.

The idea is the creation of founder Luke Knowles, who developed the American Free Shipping Day in 2008. The idea took off and in 2010, the event became the third-heaviest day of online shopping in U.S. history with $942 million spent across the Internet – an increase of almost 60% over 2009.

Fill your boots… Or, erm stockings…

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a4uexpo Bavarian Beer and Sausage on Stand 50

I heart Bavarian Beer.

I heart sausages.

50 isn’t my favourite number, but as stand numbers go, stand 50 is pretty darn lovely because it has Bavarian Beer and sausages.

Bavarian beer is pretty nice because of the Reinheitsgebot Order which only permits the use of water, hops and malt as ingredients… Or at least that used to be the case, until it was repealed in favour of the rather more boringly named Provisional German Beer Law which now allows loads of other crap to go into Bavarian beer. Progress. Grumble. Moan. In my day blah blah blah.

What do you need to go with your Bavarian beer? Sausages my friends, sausages.

In Germany they love sausage long time. They have tons of varieties of sausage including Wurste, Frankfurters, Wieners (wieners is a word which will always cause me to giggle), Bratwurste, Rindswurste, Knackwurste and Bockwurst…

What’s the wurst that could happen eh? (D’ya see what I did there?)

Wondering why the fuck I’m blethering on like some weird automaton? It’s Paddy’s fault. Read all about it here – a4uexpo Bavarian Beer and Sausage on Stand 50